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Yes, this story is extremely short

Sorry. I finished it on Word, so I'm eager to start another story. That's why this will be rather a bit longer, and then I'll start a much longer one after this.


Amanda walked shyly up to me while I was eating lunch. ‘’Can I sit here?’’ ‘’Sure,’’ I answer, trying my best to smile. ‘’I was surprised when I got Belle, because I was sure you would get it,’’ Amanda said, staring fixedly at her apple. ‘’I still feel like you should of got it. So, I’m saying this: I know they’ll give you Belle if I ask them to. I don’t mind taking April.’’ Amanda paused for a second. ‘’I just want to know if I really got this part,’’ Amanda said, her eyes blurring a little. I couldn’t help myself—I hugged her {I’m not the hugging type—not all girls want pink ponies}. ‘’I really don’t mind. I never really wanted Belle, anyway,’’ I say.  Amanda looked into my eyes, shocked. ‘’Thanks,’’ she quietly said.
‘’So I’m Dominic,’’ Dalton quietly says, staring at the ground. It was after the announcement, and we were walking home. ‘’And I’m April. What about it?’’ I ask, frowning. ‘’Don’t they get, um, married,’’ Dalton says, staring even harder at the ground. ‘’They do!’’ I almost scream worriedly. This is horrible, I thought. Dalton and I were just friends—I promise. And I wanted to keep it that way. ‘’Well, Mom says next year I can date,’’ I say awkwardly, kidding {I was sixteen}. Dalton stares at me, mouth hanging open. ‘’I was kidding, I was kidding!’’ I practically scream. We part awkwardly at our houses.
That night changed my life.
‘’Dears,’’ Mom says, leaning on Dad. We were eating our favorite dinner—sugar snap peas, mashed potatoes, and chicken {yes, we even like the peas}. ‘’Y’all are going to have a baby brother or sister!’’ Victoria’s mouth hangs open, and mine, too. You might think my mouth was hanging open because of the news. Um, no. It was because Mom said ‘’y’all’’. ‘’You know we aren’t southern, right?’’ Victoria asks, thinking the same thing I was thinking.
          The rehearsals passed quickly. Nobody made any huge mistakes, as we were all fairly good singers. I can’t say I remember any that well, except for the last one:
Amanda was singing one of Belle’s lines, missing all the notes. ‘’For the last time, Amanda, hit the notes!’’ Drama Teacher yelled. ‘’I’m sorry!’’ Amanda sobbed. It was a bad day for everybody—we were all missing up. ‘’Nicole Patterson, please report to the principle’s office,’’ a cool voice came over the loud speakers. Courtney, my understudy, took my place.
          In my head, I counted anything that could be called to the principle’s office for. Nothing. ‘’Nicole,’’ Mr. Mattern said, face stricken. ‘’Your mother is giving birth. Your aunt will be here any second to pick you up.’’ ‘’But my mom isn’t due for at least two months!’’ I said, frowning. ‘’I’m sorry,’’ was all Mr. Mattern said. I walk to the front of the school and put my head in my hands, not thinking.
          ‘’Aunt Maeve says she’s going to buy us ice cream!’’ Victoria exclaims. ‘’Where’s the best ice cream shop?’’  Maeve asks {she’s only two years older than me}, driving nowhere. ‘’Ben and Jerry’s,’’ I say blankly, staring out the window. ‘’That it is.’’
          Maeve and Victoria were playing Scrapple, but I was drawing my feelings out. I drew a tearing heart, two best friends, babies, and ice cream. Yes, I thought, I can officially be labeled mental.
          ‘’Hey, girls,’’ Dad said, sitting wearily on the sofa. ‘’Girls, why don’t you go upstairs?’’ Maeve asks. ‘’No way,’’ I answer, ‘’I’m almost as old as you.’’ Victoria, though, ran upstairs obediently. ‘’Your mother is doing well. The doctors say she’ll live,’’ Dad says, grinning. Maeve sobs a little.
          Later, Dad hugs us all and puts Victoria to bed. I sigh, and go up too. Maeve stays down and watches the latest dance show she can find.  I sleep well, knowing that everything will be alright. After all, it was in God’s hands.
          I wake up early, and hear cries. Victoria, I think instantly, throwing my comforter off, and getting ready to comfort her from a bad dream. But no, those are a newborn’s cries. ‘’Mom!” I whisper as I run down the stairs.
          Maeve is bended over a small, wrinkly and pink baby. With a head full of fiery red hair, and greenish blue eyes. Victoria is there, also. ‘’Why did Daddy bring home a baby troll?’’ She asks, twitting her short strawberry blonde hair. Dad steps out from the shadows, with purple lines under his face. He is unshaven, with half a cup full of coffee in his hands. ‘’Vicky,’’ he sighs, ‘’Mommy is going to be gone for a while.’’ His eyes meet mine, telling me the untold truth. Mom isn’t coming back. My knees  weaken, and I struggle to get to a chair. ‘’Lily wanted you to name her,’’ Maeve sighs, gently kissing the baby on the forehead. ‘’Annabelle, then Lily, after Mom. But we should call her Belle for short,’’ I say, touching Belle’s hair. Her eyes open, and stare unblinkingly into mine. Within her eyes, you can see it. The gentle fingers she’d use as a doctor, the spirit as hope, the loveliness, the beautifulness—she is more like Mom than we’d ever know. 

          I was wrong—Belle wasn’t a doctor, but a dancer. She twirled on her toes, and seemed like she was floating when she jumped. Then she decided to become an actress, and then after that a farmer… who knows what will be next for my fiery little sister?

If you're wondering what happened to the play, I don't gather info before writing a story. I know, I'm horrible, but whatever. :P
  I haven't decided what's going to be next, but it'll be exciting. I'm really into Greek Culture {and I have almost 30 WORD pages done of a book}, plus I like Percy Jackson, so I'm thinking there might be something like that. It's currently name-less--Just like my other book. Oh, well. :P
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  1. LIKE! =D So what will you be posting next?

  2. Storyteller, I don't think i will be able to post here anymore. I still love the Story Club and it has been really fun, but I'm just going to be really busy and preoccupied with other things. Thanks for understanding.
    ~ Jess

    1. I'm so soooooo sorry, Jess!! :( :( So you want me to X you off as an author? Sorry, I've been really busy lately!! That's so sad, Jess!! I totally understand. You can only be on so many blogs.........

    2. Yes, so sorry! :( Yeah, I'm trying to cut back on some of my blogs. So if you try to go to one of my blogs and it says you have to be invited or its been deleted, it's only temporarily.
      Thanks, Jess

  3. Cool! Can't wait for more stories!!

  4. H- That's a secret for now, but I plan on it having some pictures! :)
    J- NOOOO!! Are you taking yourself off??? :(
    S- Thanks! :)


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