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Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate: Part Two

Hello there again! I have my story here below.
 {sorry it's so late, but I had to fix some stuff in it}
{If you see this *, please see the bottom of the post}

"Uh, Warren. Th-there's a puh-pirate ship, like, right next to us." I cupped my hands around my mouth and called down to Warren, who was taking a break in the mess hall.
 "A what?" Warren came thundering up the steps. He snatched a telescope off of a barrel and squinted towards the wheel of the ship.
"Oh. Boy. Not. Good. Not good, not good, not good, not good." Warren tossed the spyglass back onto the barrel and raced up the steps to the wheel.
 D was in her own little world, humming-oh what a surprise-A Bottle of Rum song. Warren wordlessly shoved her aside, grasping at the wheel as if he couldn't stand up and needed support. "HEY! Warren! I was steering!!! Why'd you push me like that?!" D shrieked at him in anger.
 Warren wordlessly-again-pointed at the flag. D gasped. "Oh. Bad. Oh, bad, oh bad, oh bad, oh bad." Warren muttered to himself as he tried to turn the ship about. "Come on, come on! Work!" He hissed at the wheel. I could tell that the cheese was obviously slipping off his cracker.
 "Man the cannons!" He yelled down. "Not you, Will! I need you to use your bow and try to confuse them! That'll freak them out a bit!" Warren spun the wheel frantically.
 "Right!" I called up, already rushing below decks to fetch my quiver.
 Now, you must understand that I carry my bow with me everywhere. It's a *Via bow. It doesn't need me to carry around a quiver.
 But I keep a quiver that was given to me by *Galadriel in *Middle-earth, with real arrows. I had left it on my hammock below decks.
 Quickly snatching it off of the hammock, I raced back up the steps.
 Stringing my bow, I aimed randomly into the crowd of pirates. Woosh! The arrow struck the wheel. Nice. I thought. Uh-oh.
 Now the pirates were swinging toward our ship using their ropes. Wonderful.
Swords clanged. The thundering of boots hitting wood echoed through the air.
 I pulled my two slim black swords from their sheaths on my back. Bring it on.

That went well.
I thought, attempting to blow my now limp curls off my face. It's kinda hard though, when you're being dragged by your arms onto a pirate ship. I also found out that it's hard to keep your dignity intact while you're being dragged onto a pirate ship. Plus the fact that about every seven seconds I tried to kick one of my draggers.
 It would have been so much easier if I had been bigger. Being five foot three makes it hard to intimidate people. Ugh! I struggled as hard as I could, wriggling and pulling. I even might have gotten away if it hadn't been for a tall, red haired, violet eyed girl.
 "Hold her tight, boys. She's got spirit." I blew more hair out of my face and looked up at her.
 She wore a really awesome looking hat, with a really awesome feather.
 Warren was dragged onto the ship last. He seemed to be trying to not look up.
 I was looking up, alright. Glaring a hole through Red Hair's forehead. Well, a hypothetical hole.
 Red Hair folded her arms. "Warren Jones. I never thought I'd see you again." She glared at him, but I noted that her face muscles twitched, as if trying to cover another unwanted emotion. Or she was just really mad. Probably the latter.
 One of Warren captors grasped his jaw and yanked his head up until it as level with Red Hair's. What is going on here?
 "*Taise." You could barely hear Warren's voice, it was so quiet.
 The silence broke with Taise stepping forward and punching Warren in the nose. Great. She hates him.
 "Oh, you remember me? Funny, you didn't seem to remember me when I was in prison!" Taise growled it with such cold sarcasm that I could tell she really did hate Warren's guts.With extreme venom. Great. I thought. Now we're all in for it.
 "I didn't know you were in prison, Taise!" Warren insisted. "Besides, they wouldn't have let you out even if I asked! Even if I begged! Plus, there's the Pirate Code." He had obviously gotten himself into quite a lot of trouble. Brilliant.
 "Uh-huh. Right. Like I believe you! My father DIED because of you!" Taise shrieked at him. "We all were going to be hanged because of you!!" Now I moved on to dead certain that she hated his guts.
 "And the Pirate Code is.... uh... guidelines! Not a 'real' code you insolent heart breaking little..... little...."
 "Scum?" D suggested perkily. What is with that girl? I wondered.
 "Yes, thank you! Scum!" She smiled with satisfaction. But her smile was fake.
 "Heart breaking?" The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them.
 "Yes!!" Taise shrieked. Her cheese was now officially slipping off her cracker. I wondered how crazy she really was.
 "What do you mean by 'heart breaking'?" I asked again.
 Taise glared a hypothetical hole in my forehead. "Just ask your buddy Warren here. I don't want to talk to you." She tossed her mane of red hair. "Wait a minute. Who are you three anyway?" She squinted her violet eyes towards D, Darren and me.
 "Two words." Darren muttered. "Anger. Management."
 D choked a bit and tried to cover it with a cough.
 Taise glared at Darren so hard I was sure that she was going to burst a blood vessel in her eye. This girl has issues.
 Warren looked nervous. "Uh, those are my-I mean, uh. I, hired them from-uh, that, bay place."
 Taise squinted at him. "They don't look much like pirates." She smirked, looking us up and down.
 I was wearing a dark-sky blue loose long sleeved pirate-type top, with matching loose pants. Then over that was a sleeveless black lace-up vest, that attached to a lower skirt, that split down the front and back, revealing my blue pants and black lace-up boots. My hair was curly, mainly from the curlers I had used earlier.
 D was wearing a short-sleeved very light brown top, with a black sleeveless top with some cute buttons down the front over it. Her matching pants were coordinated with dark brown sword sheaths, and brown boots.
 Darren wore a top like mine, but cream-colored, with a brown sleeveless vest over it. The outfit was topped off with brown boots and brown pants, with a leather sheath for his sword. Very simple and very pirate like. D helped him pick it out.
 "Those don't look like real pirates' outfits. They looked like you picked 'em out from a costume store." Taise rolled her eyes.
 Now Darren had been watching Taise closely the whole time, as if he remembered her from something, and was trying to figure it out. Then he did.
 "Hey, I remember.... I read about you! In Warren's diary-uh, yeah. He liked someone who had red hair and violet eyes-" Taise snapped her head around to look at him.
 "Excuse me?" She asked, rather threateningly.
 "Uh, I mean, um... Brown hair, and green eyes?" Darren mentally picked random hair and eye colors.
 "Really? He liked me?" A brown haired green eyed girl asked, poking her head around a rather large teen.
 "Quiet, *Latvia." The hulking teen shushed her.
 Taise glared at Warren. Warren gulped.
 Then she turned to her underlings, "Throw them all into the holding bay!" She ordered. "But not Warren, I'll deal with him in my cabin, Lars." She jerked her head at the hulking teen who had shushed 'Latvia'.
 I was pretty sure that Latvia was a country somewhere, like maybe Asia, but wasn't about to ask why some girl in another world was named after a country in our world.
 The two guys holding my arms started dragging me down the steps to the hold. I was quite tired by now. Attempting escapes every thirteen seconds uses up all my energy.
To Be Continued...

P.S. I know you're confused, but to be honest, I am too! But this part weaves into the rest of the stories, so keep it in mind. Next week's will be cool though. We get to meet a famous pirate. 
Taise: Tie-ee-ss
Latvia: Lat-v-ee-uh
Galadriel: An Elven lady in LOTR
Middle-earth: The world of LOTR


  1. Love it! Yeah, I just watched Lord of the Rings, so I knew that you weren't off your rocker. ;) JK I knew you weren't anyway! =D

  2. Replies
    1. You're welcome!! "This girl has issues." hahahahaha lol =D

  3. Lol! Yes, I think I got a view from Latvia on my blog. Lol. Oh!!!! It makes more sense now :3


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