When we began this blog, we had eight bloggers. However, a few had to drop out because of school and such. I think that eight bloggers is a pretty good number for a writing blog!!! :) So, right now we have 7 (Noelle's pending), so if you'd like to be an author, let me know!!! Even if we already have eight, I'll keep you in mind just in case we have a drop out.

Update--Hadassah has come back to the club and Noelle has also joined, so that bumps us up to nine bloggers. However, we're not really thinking about adding anymore. But still feel free to talk me to just in case somebody wants to drop out!! :)

If you want to become an author, I will have to know your email. However, I'll have it on a comment that I shall delete, if you don't want it to be seen. (I have done this before.) :)



  1. Can you add me soon, Storyteller?

    1. I'm sure she will, Willow, but she won't be on her blogs for a while.

  2. Replies
    1. Emma,
      Hey! :) Unfortunately, we just filled up our last two spots. If one opens again, I'll try and see if I can get ahold of you! :)

    2. Thanks for understanding, sorry about that... =P

  3. I would like to be an author, when you have an opening. Don't know how good my stories are though... but I'll get more practice before hand. :)

    1. Well, as you can see, we have several people already wanting one, but I'll keep you in mind... ;)

  4. Hey!

    lov ur blog!

    would love to be an author when u have an opening....

    but, it would have to be after I get a blog account... (sometime next year)

    abrielle lindsay


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