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Archer: Part 1 - Adelwyn

I'm so sorry for not posting in FOREVER! (like seriously, I haven't written since The Cry of Humming Bird :P {I am going to try and finish that by the way....})
I'm going to try to get my newest story down until it's done.  So on with the first part of the story!

Title:  Archer
Main Characters:  Adelwyn (girl), *Gordon (boy) and Elendor (boy)
(*Gordon and Elendor aren't mentioned in this part!)
Kingdom(s): Gwindola (this is where Adelwyn lives.) and *Keitt
(*Keitt is only mentioned...)

Part 1:


I walked through the forest, making my way back home.  I had my bow in my hand and an arrow on the string.  
I fingered the feather fletching.  I heard the tree next to me creak.  I heard a sound and whirled around, ready to shoot if it was trouble.
"Etta! Aey lono mylana endos drabach?"  I whispered.  
I smiled and lowered my bow.  It was Etta, one of my squirrel friends; Ett meaning Speed and just add a to make it Speedy.  
Etta (or Speedy) bounded over and ran up my cloak.  He perched on my shoulder and chattered in my ear. 
I had asked him in ancient Klorinan why he was here instead of the Eastern wood, his usual occupation.
Klorinan was a language that all animals understood, and if you knew that language, you could have yourself a very interesting conversation.
As it turns out, my Uncle Iack had sent him to find me.  
My uncle told him that I needed to be home to receive his instructions, as he was getting ready to leave on urgent business.  
His work calls him away quite suddenly and often.  
Even though I've lived with him for my whole life of 15 years, I was never allowed to know his job.  I never questioned it, but I that doesn't mean I was any less curious than any other person in my situation.
I hurried along the well worn-path.  
"Etta!  Tell Iack I'll be there quickly."  I said in Klorinan.  Etta chattered his okays and goodbyes as I slowed to let him down.  He scurried up a nearby tree and leaped from branch to branch ahead of me.  
I wanted to stop and rest because I had been walking all day.  But I didn't.  It had to be very important for him to send Etta to get me.  
Any other time he would have just left left a note on the table saying he'd be back in a day.  But this time, It meant he would be gone for a week or two.
Its crazy. I thought.  Why do I have to be gone for this kind of thing?
My uncle had told me this morning he was going to take me on a trip to Keitt, the neighboring country, this week.  He had sent me to town to get food and clothes for traveling.

"Uncle!  I'm home!"  I shouted as soon as I could see our gates. I raced up the path to our front door.
"Addie!  Your home!  I was afraid I would miss you!"  My uncle ran to meet me outside our door.  He gave me a hug.  "Addie, I have some bad news-"
"I know uncle, I can guess... You'll be gone for a while and we have to post-pone our trip?"
My uncle laughed a deep belly laugh, the kind that makes you smile and your heart happy.  "That's my girl!  Sharp as a whip and prettier than the summer sky!" 
I smiled.
Uncle Iack put his hand on my shoulder and walked me into the house, got me out a chair (where I gratefully sat), set a plate of delicious venison stew in front of me and spent the last hour and a half telling me everything I needed to do while he was away.
And now?  I watch him gallop away and quickly vanish from sight.

I hope you enjoyed the 1st part of Archer!    I personally enjoy Adelwyn (I know...  I'm the only one who knows everything about her...) and I hope you do too once you get to meet all the characters!


Writing about Wars {by the way, this is 101th post}

*THIS POST ISN'T GOING TO BE GORY OR ANYTHING OF THE SORT. If you are uncertain about reading it I would suggest having a friend or family member read it first and then tell you if they would suggest reading it {Or just skip it. That's good too. It's all good down here where our subs are made fresh.}.*

I wanted to post about this.
As some of you may or may not know, most of my second Snow White is where my character are living in a war zone. Obviously, people die in wars. It's sad, yes, but it's the truth.

Back to topic. Writing about wars can be hard. I have a very, very soft heart and I know it was hard for me.

A few things:
I don't add the gory details. I try to make my characters' deaths as quickly as possible. They lived a happy life, they died a noble death. I note that they die, my main character was a part of that scene, and that's it.

I think there's something about this:
I honestly don't want to write about wars in modern time. Obviously, they happen as often as medieval wars did {the time period of my story}. But I think it's easier to write about wars if you write about them in a different time period. Or in space, with weapons that don't even exist. I prefer to have my characters armed with swords. Not guns.

I stick to the basics. My characters die swiftly with hits to places that will make them die as soon as possible. They die ONLY with a sword. It's simple, and a whole lot easier to write about.

I keep to a minimum how many main-ish characters I kill off. In wars, people do die. Lots of them. I admit, I tend to have more ''mentioned only once or twice'' characters die than my main characters. It is easier to read and write if most of the dead characters are characters who weren't too important {to the story}. Of course though, I can't keep all of my likeable main characters safe. For my story's sake, I have to sacrifice a few of my favorites.

One thing I like to keep in mind:
This is fiction. Wars are real, but most often the wars you're writing about are fiction. When I think of that, it also makes it easier to kill main characters. None of my story happened, or will happen {I seriously doubt talking mutant animals will fight wars in the future, but I could be wrong ;)}. 

So what do y'all think? {and happy Easter!}


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I finished part one {if that means anything to you}.

Do y'all think I should post it or keep it until I finish the second Snow White and then post it as a whole? Just tell me. Anyway, I'm giving you another snatchit. Because that's what I do. And this part is fairly interesting.

I hold his hand while he sleeps.
Or maybe he’s dead, I wouldn’t know.
But I think a healer would have noticed by now if he was dead.
They never told me what certainty they have that he will live.
And maybe if he does go limp, and never open his eyes again, I will live through the pain of losing him and ******* *****.
But nothing has been dependable of late. 

The stars are a part that I can't revealve to you yet {it's not swearing, I promise. ;)}, because this is the end of the first part.

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Maria Hudson-Rebel Spy 2

Ok, so I know I just posted the day before yesterday, but I just couldn't resist doing another. =D

Chapter Two: In The Right

Later that night, the dinner guests all gone, I slipped tiredly up to my room. Moonlight streamed in through the window, and it was so bright I decided not to light a candle. I gazed at my reflection in the mirror. Dark brown hair, flashing blue eyes, and few freckles here and there. That was me. I grinned at myself. I had pulled the dinner off! I had been a charming hostess. My dress had held up splendidly and, miraculously, my hair had stayed in the comb. I got ready for bed quickly and slid beneath the covers, then lay there, reflecting on my day. I sighed. Tired though I was I couldn't sleep. I closed my eyes and folded my hands. There had been one blight in my day. As a young lady, now 18, I was eligible. As in of age to marry. Father had always teased me when I was a little girl about how the suitors would come a calling and he'd get out the rifle. I had always remembered the way he said, "Shoot the first one and the word will spread!" Mother had laughed heartily, and with them. But that was a long time ago, and suddenly I had started realizing how complicated life was. And the one blight in the day? A suitor. At dinner. One of my father's friend's sons. He was alright, I suppose, but I wasn't looking for this. Life just sprung up on me. I had resolved to help America, and for now she was my cause.
     Suddenly I sat bolt upright in my bed. I had forgotten to pray! I laid back down and started. "Father, thank You for this day. It was great. Thanks that the package was delivered and all that. And LORD, You know what's on my mind. Father, I don't know what to do! I just......." my thoughts trailed off. Then suddenly, like a whispering in my ear, it came to me. "Of course! Arranged marriage! You're my Father, and I'm your daughter. You will pick out the perfect one! And if there isn't one, well that's fine with me! And since you're a King that means I'm a princess, which means I will marry a prince-another one of Your children! Awesome!" There was a tap on my door. I clapped my hands to my mouth. My thoughts had been spilling out so fast that I had SAID THEM OUT LOUD! How embarrassing!!!!! My door opened a crack. "You alright, Miz Marii?"
     "Yes, ma'am," I answered the cook. "I'm fine. Sorry about that."
     "Das alright honey." She closed the door. I collapsed back on my bed. Oh how awful! I was tempted to cry but remembered what my grandfather had once told me. "A sense of humor begins when you can laugh at yourself." I giggled. What a day!
      That's when the pebble bounced off my window. I stopped and listened. Another pebble. Then another. Then a pause and two more. I groaned but bounced out of bed as fast as I could. I grabbed an old calico dress from beneath my bed and pulled it on, brushing by hair back into a braid. Why, tonight of all nights, did the Revolution call? I opened my window and dropped silently to the ground. I felt down beneath the mulberry bush that stood beneath my window. There is was. Another packet. I checked to make sure that no one was watching, then quickly scanned it.

British dropped anchor. Be ready.

So it had come. The British had landed. I didn't know what it would mean. I didn't know what this would start, nor the part I would play. But I knew one thing. We were in the right. And with that in mind I climbed back into bed and fell asleep.


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Maria Hudson-Rebel Spy

     If you have lived back when and where I did, you will well remember the way the sun sets over Boston, glinting off the buildings in the fading dusk, turning the streets to gold and the ship's sails from a forest of white blankets to a crimson and gold standered that shout out "Look at me!". But that was back in 1776-and it has been a long time since I saw that harbor. As I sit here and write this I remember how the white cotton fields of the Carolina's waved in the breeze, and I remember every foot of that muddy road between Philadelphia and Boston. I remember how white and beautiful the snow looked that winter in valley Forge-oh so long ago. I remember how green the grass was on Lexington Green when the "Shot Heard Round the World" was sounded. I remember it all. Why do I remember it? Because I was there. I have stood on the same road and walked in the same footprints of George Washington. I heard Patrick Henry say "Give me liberty or give me death!". I heard the hoof beats of Paul Rever's horse as it galloped through Concord. I saw it all. 
     Now I am old and grey, and my strength is failing. But I shall endeavor to write down for you a true and accurate account of my adventures. Treat it well, for it is not just my story-but America's. I simply helped to write her story. But the honor and glory really goes to all who believed in a higher calling and made this country great. "Prudence, indeed, will dictate, that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all expenses hath shewn, that mankind are disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same Object envices a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government and to provide new Guards for their future security." -Thomas Jefferson-from the Declaration of Independence.

Chapter One: The Rebel Spy      

     The was war in the air. Every since the tea had gone overboard in Boston harbor the British had been on their way. And now they flooded the city and spread out into the countryside as well. I couldn't help but worry as I slipped on my riding clothes and boots and headed out to the stable where my mare-Liberty- was saddled and waiting. I nodded my thanks to the groom who held her and mounted. My riding dress was SO uncomfortable, and as I rode out of Boston I muttered under my breath "Bear witness. I wear this awful suit for the cause of Freedom." There was no one around to hear me, and that was just the way I liked it. I felt beneath my saddle for the hidden packet. I felt proud and pleased that Mr. Hancock would trust me enough to deliver messages. Proud as a peacock, in fact. I kicked Liberty into a gallop. We flew across the grass towards Concord. As we rode, I couldn't help thinking about it all.
     I-Marie Patience Priscilla Hudson- was a rebel spy! Who would have thought that one of Boston's richest merchants and his lovely motherless daughter were involved in the rebel's cause! I never though of this but that shivers ran down my spine. It was so thrilling and adventurous and wonderfully exciting and romantic! But all my thoughts were cut short as I rode up to the bridge. Two British soldiers stood armed at the dock. I slowed Liberty to a walk and put on my best smile and tried to think charming thoughts, but all I could think about was the package under the saddle. 
     The older of the men had a round middle, and was sweating with a red face that matched the red wool of his uniform. The younger looked just as uncomfortable. "Good day to you, gentlemen," I said as I rode up. 
     The older straightened up. "Now who are you and where are you going, little lass?"
     I smiled and looked as proper as I could. "My name is Marie Hudson. I am going to visit my aunt in Concord-just for the afternoon." 
     He didn't look pleased or happy. Who could in his situation? He wiped his forehead with a dirty hankerkief. "Well, you can go." he waved me on. The younger soldier was busy cleaning his riffle as I rode slowly across the bridge. Once across I kicked Liberty into a canter. That was too close. But, you know, there are advantages to being a lady. No one suspects you. No one. 
     Two hours later I was done with my "visiting" -having slipped Aunt Mary my package. I rode back by the same bridge, and the older soldier waved my through without even saying anything. I was a pleased as a peacock as I rode back home. Andrews-the groom- took Liberty when I got home. I rushed upstairs and took a quick bath, changed into a lovely purple evening gown and some silver slippers. We had company for dinner- and I of course was the hostess. I turned my hair up with a turquoise comb and slipped out into the hall. It was five minutes before the guests would arrive. I checked to make sure no one was watching, then hoisted my shirts and slid down the polished oak banister. My hand was on the nob when the first guest knocked.  

-Hope you like!

I have been drained of my instant-writer elixir...

Or, in other words, I gave up coffee for Lent.

And, besides a foggy head, I have actually been doing well in my story. Here are the stats:

BUT before that, for all you following newbies {It's okay to be a new follower} who:
1. Aren't quite sure who I am
2. Are scared of me already just be this little bit of post
3. Aren't sure what I'm talking about....

I am one of the older writing members who hasn't posted on here in a while because I gave up my story on here to work on my Nano which turned into a series. So basically, I write a lot on a story that doesn't get posted on here. Except for the little tid-bits I feed you guys. So.... ya.

Back to the stats on the second book:

  • I just finished a ''good part'' {It was awkward for me to write, but I know people who will like it}
  • 45 pages
  • 8,602 word
 Anyway, I give small tiny tid-bit now, yes? Yes.

‘’Help has fallen,’’ Blinber gravely states, standing on top of the broken wardrobe. ‘’The wardrobe has broken, also, which is a first in our history. We were told the wardrobes would not brake, so let us take this as a sign to celebrate tonight and prepare to fight tomorrow!’’ Blinber says to the cheers of the creatures. 
Later gator. {For those of you who are interested, this is my blog: Click this and cheeze-its around the world shall be happy. CLICK IT!

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Introducing Me (Lindsay)!


My name is Lindsay, and I am one of the newest members of The Story Club!  I am 10 years old and I love to write stories!  I also love to dance!  I have been dancing since I was three, and I have always loved it!  I enjoy blogging too!  Blogging is a great and fun way to write about your thoughts, feelings, stories, etc., and to interact with and get to know other people better!  Blogging is a great thing!  If you'd like to read more from me please visit my blog Stories By Me.  I write on my blog often, and I have some great stories up that I'm writing right now!  I'm so excited to be posting on this blog, and thanks to Storyteller and the rest of the gang for giving me this chance!  I can't wait to get to know you better!  Have a great night!
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