Piano Bookworm

Hi! I am Piano Bookworm, and this is a little bit about me.

I have two blogs besides this one, Piano's Stories, and Ramblings of a Real Life (Writing) Ranch Girl. There I have several stories that I have written. I am not as good a writer as Storyteller, but I do my best.

As my name reveals, I am an avid reader of good books. I love Christian Fantasy, historical fiction, and some biographies and autobiographies.

I also am musical...I play the piano and sing. I am not in a choir as of now, but I do like to sing.

Random facts about me:
I like lemon chicken; it's one of my favorite foods.
Actually, I like almost anything lemon. Lemon is a wonderful flavor!
Ludvig von Beethoven is my favorite composer. I suppose you could almost call him my hero, but not exactly.
I have a girl dog who is named Pete. Interesting.

I think that is all I have to say for now.

Piano Bookworm 


  1. Thanks, Piano. You write AWESOME stories!!! I love them!!!!! And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your Agent Bookworm parts on The Agent Files. =D Without you, the squad would be mush. Just saying. :)


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