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I picked this photo because I know Willow loves AG!!! :) Willow has lots of awesome blogs. The Fellowship of the Dolls is all about AG dolls and lightsabers. :) In the Eyes of American Girlz is a blog by several different AG characters. Everything AG with Silence and Willow is an awesome AG blog!!! The Spy-ness of Dollduction records the secret lives of AG secret agents. (I love this one, just going to say it now.) =D And finally, her AWESEOME main blog In the Words of Willow (I LOVE THIS ONE!). It's definitely worth your while to go and check out all of them!!! :)


  1. Storyteller, would you mind changing the "A Spy's Life" to "The Spy-ness of Dollduction" please?

    1. And the "Force Sensitive Dolls" to the "Fellowship of the Dolls"?

    2. Oh, and maybe put my new blog button from my main blog on the sidebar?

    3. The links have the names you would like on them now, Willow. =D


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