Friday, November 30, 2012

warrior princess is back!

Hey everyone! I finally got a little more written on Warrior Princess!

Chapter 5

                Lendra’s black hair swished as she sat on the floor, watching Neece pack things for their trip. She couldn’t see the reason for half the things they were packing. Cloaks, yes; food, yes; but why was Neece packing those strange bags that were as long as a man was tall? “Are you done yet, Neece?” she asked impatiently.

                Neece smiled. “Almost. I just need to gather the maps, and then we will be on our way.”

                Lendra sat up straighter. “Where are the maps? I could get them.”

                “They’re just over there in the top drawer. Make sure you get all the ones of Southern Adainia and the Crawdon Mountains.” Neece nodded her head toward the chest with the two drawers in it.

                Shuffling through all the maps in the drawer, Lendra caught sight of a stack of Southern Adainia maps. She took them out and looked them over to make sure. A large range of mountains depicted on the map caught her eye. “Are these  the Crawdon Mountains?” she asked Neece, showing her. “They’re huge!”

                Neece nodded gravely. “Yes, those are the Crawdon Mountains. It is only possible to cross them at certain places. One of them is fairly close to Castle Syntafa. We will attempt to go that way.”

                Frowning, Lendra thought about that. “Attempt to go that way? Why just attempt? Why couldn’t we just do it?”

                “There are…dangers,” Neece admitted. “Wolves are rumored to live in that pass. But it’s only legend. We should be able to do it just fine.”

                Unconvinced, Lendra nodded. “Alright. If you say so.”

                Neece gave a small, quiet, laugh. “Lendra, you don’t need to worry. The King will be with us.”

                Lendra nodded once again, this time feeling a little better.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Explanation of Pirates: by Willow

Warren is the Leader of the Chosen Four, and the eldest. He is the first gold ring-bearer. His job {for now} is to help with the battles, mostly on the ground, but sometimes the space battles. When he first entered that world, he found himself on Sparra, a seventeenth-century style planet, cut off from most of the galaxy. He joined the crew of Taise's father, then was taken in by the Jedi Order.

Willow {along with friend Cole} is a 'senator' for the Codebearers, in the Rebel Alliance. The 2nd gold ring-bearer, and the Prophet of the Four. She {and Darrion} first came into that world by a 'doorway' door {thru a doorway}. she was taken in by the Jedi, and made padawan of Obi-wan Kenobi.

Darren is the younger brother of Warren {2 years} and is the Teacher of the Four. He bears the first silver ring. He came into that world later, after his elder brother. He too was taken in by the Jedi, and was made padawan of Saesee Tiin.

Darrion is the Protector, and also the youngest of the Four. She bears the second silver ring. She entered into the galaxy about the same time as Willow, and, as with all the rest, was taken in by the Jedi. She became the padawan of Plo Koon, became an excellent pilot, and a capable mechanic. She prefers the battles where she can fight, not direct from a war room.

The planet that these teens find themselves on is called Sparra {spoh-ruh} and is basically 17th century Earth. Sparra has a very thick atmosphere, which makes it nearly impossible to send or receive communications off-planet. They haven't yet figured out how to build communicators, so they live rather, ahem, without technology.

 The four teens {the Chosen Four, but more on that later} came to this planet {Sparra} to seek a palentir, a seeing stone from the world of Middle-earth. The Four are from our world {Earth} but have been called into that world {the Star Wars Universe} by the Author {God}. They get caught by Taise, who's angry at Warren {read part two}. Hope that helps!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Special sneak peek of the second Time Travelers book from my blog Dragonmaster

I know lots of you guys have read the first book of The Time Travelers series on my blog Dragonmaster. Here is a sneak peek of the first chapter of the second book.

The Time Quest

The girls woke up all at the same time. The oldest sister, Jennifer, flicked her hazel eyes open, staring around the room. She flicked a piece of long brown hair over her shoulder and got off the couch she’d been lying on.
   The second oldest, Victoria, opened her blue eyes and looked around. She blew a strand of long blonde hair out of her face and got off the sitting chair she’d been sleeping on, coming to join Jennifer in standing.
     Katherine, the second youngest, burst awake, her fierce green eyes staring around at her sisters in disbelief. Lying on her lap, almost hidden in her piles of black hair, was the Book—the huge, aqua colored book that contained the secret of Time Travel.
     And the youngest, Elizabeth, screamed and then burst out of her sleeping state, huge gray eyes blinking around and bright red hair flying as she cried,
  “Where is he?! Where he is he?!”
    “Relax, Elizabeth,” Jennifer smiled gently. She shrugged lightly, a wan smile on her face. “We’re home.”
  The sisters all looked around the room—she was right. They were home, in the girls’ own special sitting room upstairs. There was Katherine’s pile of books, and Jennifer’s table full of scientist goo, and Elizabeth’s pile of balls and play swords, and Victoria’s wrap lying on the couch.
     “We’re actually back,” breathed Victoria in disbelief. “But remember what the person said? About the question for the four original Time Travelers?”
    Jennifer narrowed her eyes and stared off into space, clenching her teeth. “I bet my life that that was Father Time.”
   “Jolly mean fellow, wasn’t he?” snorted Elizabeth, staring out the window over the rooftops of London. “I say, wouldn’t the four original Time Travelers be our parents and grandparents?”
   Katherine sent Elizabeth a look. “Snap out of your snooty accent, Elizabeth. And, yes, I think you may be right.”
    “So maybe the book will guide us,” whispered Victoria. She looked up at her sisters, her eyes bright. “Maybe all we have to do is touch it again, and the Book with take us to where we need to find the person. We’ll still have to find the person and bring them to Father Time, of course, but still…” Victoria started pacing. “The possibilities….”
     “Victoria is right,” Jennifer nodded. “It’s time our Time Quest began.”
   Victoria nodded, carefully taking the book from Katherine and placing it on the floor. She looked up at her sisters. “Grandmother’s obviously not here. If she was, then she’d be yelling at us to get up. Come on—we’ve got to get started.”
   The other sisters nodded, and they arranged themselves in a circle around the book. At the same moment, they pressed their four hands together on the book.
    Everything seemed black, at first. Then all of them could see a dim light, like a tunnel appearing out of the never-ending darkness. The light seemed to swirl all of them into its light, taking them from the clutches of the dark.
   Then there was a blast of light, and then they saw something that never before had been seen by the human eye.
  They were in space. But they were moving forward, and rapidly. Moving towards a thing that none of them knew what it was. It looked like an eye, to them, at least.
   There was a blast of light as they drew closer to the thing that looked like an eye. It had in their first journey, too. And then there they were, standing on the stone platform that hung weightlessly in space.
   The stone was black, just as it had been before. They looked towards where the door that had led them to Greece had been. Instead of the huge door that they’d seen, they now saw a wooden door.
   Surprisingly the rest of them, Victoria stepped forward first.
  “Wait!” cried Jennifer. “What if…”
   “Remember last time,” Victoria smiled. “We’ve got to go. We’ve got to find everybody and bring them back to Father Time.” She shuddered. “Who knows what will happen if we don’t.”
        Victoria turned to the door, reached out, and touched it. Light sprayed out and blinded them.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Would You Rather: Pirates or Bad Dreams: by Willow

 Willow is logging back on again! {I'm sorry it took me so long, but I'm still here}
 I'm wondering if you want me to continue my A Pirate's Life for Me series {read the P.S. at the bottom of this post}, or give you a preview of my new story blog's stories, with a story from The Labyrinth series called Bad Dreams? It contains many of the same characters form A Pirate's Life, but in a different setting, and 2 years younger, minus the pirates {pirates eventually come back in The Curse of North, another pirate story in progress}.

 Anyhow, here's a preview of Bad Dreams;

Hehheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh.... Remember, there can only be two, and..."

 Willow stared dramatically into the distance-well, over near that clock there-and held her gaze steady. Several seconds past.
 "And...?" D asked impatiently. "And what?" She tucked a lock of short dark hair behind an ear impatiently.
 "And...," she shrugged, "That was it." Three pairs of eyes, four grey, two brown, bulged at her.
 "That's it? That ended it?" Darren leaned forward with interest.
 "Sorry, but yeah. That's it."
 Warren fiddled with his fingers while D chewed a nail, and Darren drummed his fingers on the table.
 "So this was only one part, right?" D asked finally.
 "I think so." Willow shrugged. "I dunno."
 "Sooo.... you think that there might be more?" Warren wondered aloud.
 "There could be more then. Something significant." D started on the next nail.
 "I suppose."
 "What do you mean, 'you suppose'?"
 "I suppose. I meant what I said." Willow shrugged again.
 "This is important, you know. This could be the end of the world for all we know. It could be anything."
 "Uh huh. Like the end of the world is announced by 'Heheheheheheh, there can only be two, and....'?"
 "Shush up, Darren!" D narrowed her eyes at him.
 "Guys, don't fight." Willow sighed. This was why she didn't bring her dreams up a lot.
 "Willow's right, we're not gonna get anywhere with fighting." Warren interrupted.
 "Oh, so now you're just mister peace and love now, aren't you?" D folded her arms.
 "Guys." Willow held up a hand. "Please. Stop fighting. And you wonder why I don't tell you guys about my dreams as much as you'd like."
 All six eyes blinked at her. "You've had other dreams and not told us?" Warren broke the silence.
  "Maybe. Maybe not." Willow folded her arms. "So... what's everybody doing today?"
*******Much later, but a climax********

Willow said nothing but ran as fast as she could. If she didn't make it, he would fall.

 She tried to stop, but couldn't. As Willow slid down the ragged cliff, she grasped at a root sticking out from the rocks.
 "Help!" A weak voice croaked beneath her. Glancing down, she saw him hanging by one arm. His other arm reached up, trying to claw out another handhold.
 "I'm slipping..." His eyes were frantic.
 Willow threw her arm down and caught his wrist, just as he lost his grip. She breathed a sigh of relief.
 "I can't hold on much longer." She clung tighter.
  Her grasp slipped a bit, and his fingers intertwined with her's, as she held on tightly to their lifeline - well, liferoot.
 Then, they were no longer hanging from a root on *Quarzite.
Dun dun dun!
*Quarzite: Planet in Star Wars, featured in the Clone Wars Episode called Bounty.
P.S. I cross my heart that I will finish Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate. I have not quite come up with the ending, so it may be a little while.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I sympathize with you, Evil Queen. Alissa should *totes* die.

At the NaNo Dare Machine, one of the dares are to write {create!} a chapter/scene in which the reader sympathizes with the villain.
Since my villain is lov-ER-ly evil, I decided to write that chapter before you got to know her. Enjoy.

Chapter 4:

‘’Life has crept on me,’’ the old queen realized as she looked into her fading face. The war against wrinkles had not been won, and her skin had started to sag. Pitifully she lifted what was once her cheek. 
       She heard the walk of the king. Strength and proud thoughts fell with every step he took.
       ‘’I can’t let him see me like this,’’ the queen muttered to herself. She walked into the old closet, with the thatched door. She plunged her face into the wide pot. ‘’There we go,’’ the queen said, approving of her now-lovely face. The years of old age were taken off her face, and her eyes burned as brightly as if she was still just a child.
       She smiled at herself, and to her satisfaction, no wrinkles appeared. ‘’Lovely,’’ she said to herself. ‘’How do you keep so young?’’ She giggled as if she was a child, and joined the waiting king outside.
       The king took note of how is lovely wife never seemed to age. Soon he would leave her far behind in the game of oldness. 

Doesn't that just want to make you wail? Maybe it's because I'm the author, but it made me! 


~Madeline :)

P.S. Would y'all like the NaNo updates? If not, I'll just post them on my blog. :) 

P.P.S Alissa is the re-named Snow White. She is the main character of the story. 
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