Friday, November 30, 2012

warrior princess is back!

Hey everyone! I finally got a little more written on Warrior Princess!

Chapter 5

                Lendra’s black hair swished as she sat on the floor, watching Neece pack things for their trip. She couldn’t see the reason for half the things they were packing. Cloaks, yes; food, yes; but why was Neece packing those strange bags that were as long as a man was tall? “Are you done yet, Neece?” she asked impatiently.

                Neece smiled. “Almost. I just need to gather the maps, and then we will be on our way.”

                Lendra sat up straighter. “Where are the maps? I could get them.”

                “They’re just over there in the top drawer. Make sure you get all the ones of Southern Adainia and the Crawdon Mountains.” Neece nodded her head toward the chest with the two drawers in it.

                Shuffling through all the maps in the drawer, Lendra caught sight of a stack of Southern Adainia maps. She took them out and looked them over to make sure. A large range of mountains depicted on the map caught her eye. “Are these  the Crawdon Mountains?” she asked Neece, showing her. “They’re huge!”

                Neece nodded gravely. “Yes, those are the Crawdon Mountains. It is only possible to cross them at certain places. One of them is fairly close to Castle Syntafa. We will attempt to go that way.”

                Frowning, Lendra thought about that. “Attempt to go that way? Why just attempt? Why couldn’t we just do it?”

                “There are…dangers,” Neece admitted. “Wolves are rumored to live in that pass. But it’s only legend. We should be able to do it just fine.”

                Unconvinced, Lendra nodded. “Alright. If you say so.”

                Neece gave a small, quiet, laugh. “Lendra, you don’t need to worry. The King will be with us.”

                Lendra nodded once again, this time feeling a little better.


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