Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Would You Rather: Pirates or Bad Dreams: by Willow

 Willow is logging back on again! {I'm sorry it took me so long, but I'm still here}
 I'm wondering if you want me to continue my A Pirate's Life for Me series {read the P.S. at the bottom of this post}, or give you a preview of my new story blog's stories, with a story from The Labyrinth series called Bad Dreams? It contains many of the same characters form A Pirate's Life, but in a different setting, and 2 years younger, minus the pirates {pirates eventually come back in The Curse of North, another pirate story in progress}.

 Anyhow, here's a preview of Bad Dreams;

Hehheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh.... Remember, there can only be two, and..."

 Willow stared dramatically into the distance-well, over near that clock there-and held her gaze steady. Several seconds past.
 "And...?" D asked impatiently. "And what?" She tucked a lock of short dark hair behind an ear impatiently.
 "And...," she shrugged, "That was it." Three pairs of eyes, four grey, two brown, bulged at her.
 "That's it? That ended it?" Darren leaned forward with interest.
 "Sorry, but yeah. That's it."
 Warren fiddled with his fingers while D chewed a nail, and Darren drummed his fingers on the table.
 "So this was only one part, right?" D asked finally.
 "I think so." Willow shrugged. "I dunno."
 "Sooo.... you think that there might be more?" Warren wondered aloud.
 "There could be more then. Something significant." D started on the next nail.
 "I suppose."
 "What do you mean, 'you suppose'?"
 "I suppose. I meant what I said." Willow shrugged again.
 "This is important, you know. This could be the end of the world for all we know. It could be anything."
 "Uh huh. Like the end of the world is announced by 'Heheheheheheh, there can only be two, and....'?"
 "Shush up, Darren!" D narrowed her eyes at him.
 "Guys, don't fight." Willow sighed. This was why she didn't bring her dreams up a lot.
 "Willow's right, we're not gonna get anywhere with fighting." Warren interrupted.
 "Oh, so now you're just mister peace and love now, aren't you?" D folded her arms.
 "Guys." Willow held up a hand. "Please. Stop fighting. And you wonder why I don't tell you guys about my dreams as much as you'd like."
 All six eyes blinked at her. "You've had other dreams and not told us?" Warren broke the silence.
  "Maybe. Maybe not." Willow folded her arms. "So... what's everybody doing today?"
*******Much later, but a climax********

Willow said nothing but ran as fast as she could. If she didn't make it, he would fall.

 She tried to stop, but couldn't. As Willow slid down the ragged cliff, she grasped at a root sticking out from the rocks.
 "Help!" A weak voice croaked beneath her. Glancing down, she saw him hanging by one arm. His other arm reached up, trying to claw out another handhold.
 "I'm slipping..." His eyes were frantic.
 Willow threw her arm down and caught his wrist, just as he lost his grip. She breathed a sigh of relief.
 "I can't hold on much longer." She clung tighter.
  Her grasp slipped a bit, and his fingers intertwined with her's, as she held on tightly to their lifeline - well, liferoot.
 Then, they were no longer hanging from a root on *Quarzite.
Dun dun dun!
*Quarzite: Planet in Star Wars, featured in the Clone Wars Episode called Bounty.
P.S. I cross my heart that I will finish Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate. I have not quite come up with the ending, so it may be a little while.


  1. Hmm.... I would like you to keep on doing Pirates, but I don't mind if the ending for that takes a while. :)

  2. Do whatever! I love all your stories!!! :)

  3. I agree with Storyteller. Either would be awesome!

  4. I, as your sister and story assistant, think you should do Bad Dreams first. We should develop A Pirate's Life for Me series a little bit more. And I really like the mystery boy in the climax :)


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