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The first chapter of a new series

Chapter One

I knew there was a dragon here. I could smell him. You can always tell when it's a dragon, because they smell like rotten eggs and... well... dog #2. (If you don't know what that is, please don't ask me to explain.)

I ran across the courtyard and launched myself over the wall, landing stealthily like a cat on all fours before taking off running across the cobbles and rushing up the stairs to the outer wall. I was glad that Gideon wasn't here, because otherwise he'd be telling me how stupid I looked.

I heard guards rushing through the castles, looking for "the invisible intruder!" that that fat old lady who called herself Lady Ulmidady had called me--right after I'd stolen her collection of dragon eggs, of course.

Which was why I was getting nervous about the dragon smell. There shouldn't be a smell!! I only had eggs! Right? I glanced down at my leather pouch. It looked like oozing egg mush on the bottom outside of it. I groaned. Great. I probably had a baby dragon inside of my pouch that was probably going to burst me into flame any second.

I jumped off the wall and landed without a sound in the water of the moat. I let myself sink to the bottom, staying still so that the creatures in the water wouldn't be disturbed. My feet touched the ground, and I started to move through the water towards what looked like a dark hole. What was it really?

It was a portal, of course.

Something squeaked, and I looked up.

My eyes grew wide in horror.

A baby dragon was swimming towards the surface!

Friday, December 21, 2012

I finished it.

That's right. I finished it. BOOM. {;D} {READ IT HERE}

Now that I'm finished with Into the Forest, here's how my book life is going to go for what I can see of it:

finish Lies of Lives

finish the 1.5 book of the series Snow White {the first is Into the Forest}, The Elven Tales of Lore

write and finish the second Snow White book, still unnamed

and there we have it. And yes, there is a book between the first book and the second book in the series. Because that's how I roll.



P.S. Guys, obviously Noah wanted Jessie's sandwich. ;D


‘’Wasn’t that story just fascinating? I enjoyed it much,’’ Harold the Elf said. Hearing little ‘’pit-padding’’ feet, Harold the Elf turned to the sound.
       ‘’Sir Harold the Elf, it is I,’’ a small, childish voice says. Harold the Elf chuckled {he had not been given the title ‘’Sir’’ ever in his long life}.
       ‘’And who is ‘’I’’?’’ ‘’Sir’’ Harold the Elf asked. ‘’Jimmy,’’ the small voice yet again said. ‘’Ah, young Jimmy, yet to be given the title of ‘’the Elf’’,’’ Harold the Elf chuckled. ‘’Climb up to my lap and I’ll tell you a story,’’ Harold the Elf offered. Eagerly Jimmy climbed onto his great great grandfather’s lap. ‘’New?’’ Jimmy asked. ‘’New,’’ Harold the Elf confirmed.
       Now, before I dare go any farther with Harold the Elf’s The Elven Tales of Lore, I should first describe Jimmy’s looks and his connection to Harold the Elf {though Harold the Elf is willing to tell anybody his exciting tales}.
       Jimmy is a very young elf. He has straight, short brownish-golden blonde hair {that glitters in the sun like real gold, thieves have been reported trying to steal his hair more than once}. One of his eye’s ‘tis a misty blue {from his mother’s side, who, as you will see farther below, is family with Harold the Elf}; and the other a clear, metallic gray. Jimmy, only of the age of fourteen yerms {seven years of age for you human folk}, is rather small for his age. He makes up for it with his contagious laughter, and bright wit {completed with a bit of sass}.
       Enough about Jimmy, though a wonderful elven child he is. Let’s start on his roots.

Marilla Cram – Isacc Jonf
Harold {the Elf} Jonf – Amelia Goth
                          Allan Jonf, – Kathrine Kelmers
            Harold Jonf {junior}, – Janie Kelmers
                                             Kelly Jonf, - Jon Galme
                   Amber May Jonf – Sir Kiggly Benners
                                               Sarah Benners – Kaleb Quirm
                                                               Gamley Quirm
                                                              Minney May Quirm
                                                                  Jimmy Quirm
                                            Issac Benners {the 2nd} {remaned unmarried}

{Elves on the very left-i-est side more children of Harold the Elf Jonf and Amelia Goth :}

Jinger Jonf, - Gladden Kelmers
                 Lilly {the 2nd} Kelmers
                 Amelia {the 2nd}  Kelmers
                 Ginny Kelmers
                 Ronald Harold Kelmers {later to be given the title of ‘’sir’’}
                 Jonathan Kelmers {later to be given the title of ‘’The Majesty Elf’’} – Jennifer Pins
                                                                                                                              Quarter Kelmer
                                                                                                                               Chariety Kelmer
                                                                                                                                 Anna Lee Ginny Kelmer
                                                                                                         Willy Kelmer – Christina Limbers
                                                                                               Ginny Kelmers {second} – Nilly Limbers
                                                                                                                                     Jimmy Limbers
                                                                                                                                     Nellie Limbers

Albert Jonf,
Lilly Jonf,

As you see, Jimmy has a very long ancestry on his mother’s side. I’m afraid I didn’t mention a lot of who married who, and the children. I was running out of room too fast, you see.
       Due to that fact I’ll give you the basics on Jimmy’s father’s side.

       There’s three generations of dukes, two of kings, all five of princesses and knights, and the last two peasant girls. Very many merry children, who grew up and married other grown-up merry children, and had merry children. The line goes on.

       And so here is Jimmy {he must have walked an awful distance to get to Harold the Elf’s house}, waiting for a new tale.
       ‘’Well, there once was a king, a village, and an exotically pretty--,’’ Harold the Elf starts. Just then a cry comes from outside the door.
       ‘’That must be Nellie,’’ Jimmy said, scrambling off of Harold the Elf’s lap and running to the door. Jimmy opened it. ‘’Why, Nellie, you must have followed me!’’ Jimmy said, not in much shock. He carried his little sister to Harold the Elf’s lap. ‘’Tell Nellie and me a tale?’’ Jimmy begged. Laughing, Harold the Elf agreed. He picked up Nellie and Jimmy and settled them both on his lap.
       Jimmy gave Nellie his dirty thumb to suck.

‘’There once was a land,’’ Harold the Elf started again…

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Empty Throne 2

Chapter Two:

The sun glistened off the hatchet as the boy swing at the piece of wood. The hatchet glistened in the midday sun as it swung downward and split the log in two. He straitened his aching back and stared up at the sky. What a place to live! Virtually no people lived there, and with good reason. The summers were blistering hot and the winters freezingly cold. Storm rose up in a moment, dust storm came and went as they pleased. Nothing would grow. There was no such thing as soil here. There was rock. No trees, no grass, bare ground, flat. For miles around. The boy, Josht, picked up his armload of wood and headed into the low stone hut that sat, squatting against the earth. He stooped to enter and laid the wood in a corner on the ground. He bent over a cot, were two tiny sisters lay under an old horse blanket, sleeping. Then he turned to the other cot, were his father lay. His father looked up as Josht stooped over him and felt his fevered brow. He said in a raspy voice, "Josht, listen to me, son."
    The boy nodded. "Yes, Father."
     "I must tell you something. After I am dead,"
    The boy grasped his fathers hand tightly. "No, father."
    The man raised his hand for silence. "Yes, I am dying, and I know it. No son, you must take the girls and go to the forest. Find a better life than this for them. Your mother would have wished it." he fell silent.
    The boy grasped his father's hand, the tears running down his face. "Father," he choked out.
    "Go son. Go now. Do not wait, there is not much time."
    Josht rose and wiped the tears from his face. He grabbed a sack from the table and stuffed some bread, meat and water in it. Then he carefully lifted the two sleeping girls and wrapped them in the blanket and hoisted them onto his back. He paused at the door. There lay his father. Dmaa raised his hand to salute his son. "Josht," he said, with tears in his voice. "You are a man now. Just remember that." Josht nodded and stepped out the door.

I'm not finished, but...

I'm not finished with my current story, but I have one for you to read. :D It actually has something to do with my Snow White story. :D

The Elven Tales of Lore

Chapter One:

‘’Some say I am as old as time, but I dare think not. I was a young elf when you first meet me, at the inn. Now I am old and withered, with only tales of happiness and sorrow, and tales of things that should never have happened. New tales begin, with traces of me woven about them,’’ the old elf said. In his old red rocking chair, carved so beautifully {as only the elven folks could do}, he sits. Harold the Elf {now with the official title, ‘’the Elf’’}, looking not like what he once was. Now, his eyes being blind, they have turned a misty grayish-blue. His hair has turned into a pure white, with only a streak of blue to represent his rank among the elves. He is even thinner than we last saw him.
       Gently Harold the Elf stares unseeingly at the pictures of Alissa and Andrew, smiling together. ‘’Ah, what a joyous couple they were! It only took a while for them to see that they were, long before, woven for each other.’’ Turning to you {Harold the Elf can tell these things}, he says: ‘’let’s start with that ancient story of love and things in between, won’t we?’’
       Drawing a long, rasping breath, Harold The Elf begins.

Chapter 2:

‘’There once was a time where you could not decide your future. The Creator wove you a future, sometimes out of golden red thread, and sometimes as black as the night.
       ‘’Though He ever wanted to change the black thread to the golden red, he could not unless your future bid him so. But your future was already planned out, and there could be no changes. In some ways, it was perfect.
       ‘’But Alissa’s future had colors like non before. There has not yet been a future even near with the same colors. Black was heavily woven in, but the thread changed many colors, including, more than once, a bright, girlish pink for love. The Creator smiled as He wove this one, for He saw things yet to come, and they were pleasing to Him.
       ‘’Just at once Andrew’s thread was golden red. The Creator went upon this one as He did the others, but they changed quickly, just at the bridge of future that Andrew meet Alissa, and understood she would never love him. Then it turned heavily black for a while, but Andrew changed yet again. Though he knew there would be no hope Andrew set out to retrieve Alissa, and let her live the life she had hoped to live.
       ‘’But you see, there was a problem with the threads. They ran out before they were due to finish. This was magical thread, you see, and it could not be replenished, unless taken from a finished weave.
       ‘’The Creator, in aghast, tried to see if He could not find any weave to give up their thread, finishing the owner’s life more quickly.
       ‘’After having asked all weaves, the Creator sighed. Alissa and Andrew’s life would end there, with too many knots yet to sort out.
       ‘’But behold, a tiny weave, speaking of a future child’s birth and death soon after, volunteered. Using the weave’s threads, no child would ever be borne or ever even known of.
       ‘’Looking at the small weave and reading it’s future, the Creator sighed. This was to be the child of Alissa. But, so willing a weave {and the fact that the weave was needed for a better use} could not be wasted.’’
       ‘’The Creator could feel everything the weave was going through. Pulling it’s threads apart to become new threads, it hurt! The Creator did it as quickly as possible.’’
       ‘’The child’s future then on never existed, but He sighed, for he know what the child would have been and done. It would have been great things.
       ‘’But Alissa and Andrew’s lives were restored, and because of the thread left, more of their tale were woven. There was, of course, to be great pain they would have to bare {either physically, mentally, or both} where the weaves were supposed to finish before.
       ‘’But all in all, the Creator was satisfied. Time to turn to another weave. With a chuckle, the Creator knew he couldn’t wait until it was time to weave Andrew and Alissa’s children’s future.’’

I hope the love didn't disgust you too much. I tried to get that first story with over quickly. So, basically ''The Elven Tales of Lore'' is a bunch of magical stories, all supposedly taking place within Harold the Elf's long life {and before}. Some of them are connected with Alissa and Andrew's story, but some are just to get to know their world better. :)

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Empty Throne

Hello everyone! 
In case you don't remember me, I was the one writing Blades of the Warriors, but now I am going to start a new story. I asked Storyteller to take me off the blog for this fall because I had a lot of work to do with school, and a program called the Bible Bee. But now I'm back! Hope you like it!

Happy writing!

Chapter One: Racha-Traitor
It all began late one night. Such a simple thing-and yet it changed the world forever after. Racha, second in command to the General looked into the mirror. His heart became proud at his beauty, and right then and there he decided that he would kill the General and succeed him, and the world would be his! Forever man would talk of the glory of Racha and how he overcame the tyrannical rule of the General! Why should not he be in command? There was no logical reason why not. And so he plotted and schemed, waiting for just the right time. He gathered followers secretly, until a third of the army had taken up their lots with him.

A month later a young man burst into the General's office and slammed the door behind him. The General looked up from his paper work. He was middle aged with golden hair and deep, deep eyes. His shoulders were broad and his whole form showed both the outer strength of a leader and the inner quiet strength of a man at peace. The young messenger burst out, "My lord, Racha is a traitor! He is besieging the outer gate even now! A third of the force is with him!" he paused for breath. 

"My dear young man," said the General in a quiet calm voice, "Are you absolutely certain?"

He nodded frantically.

"Don't worry, Lerrod. He will be vanquished."

Lerrod bowed his head.

The king hurried to the outer gate. The fighting stopped as he mounted the ramparts. "Racha!" he cried out. "Show yourself."

"Here I am!" called Racha. "I will conquer you, General! You are not worthy to lead these men!"

"Is it true then, Racha, that you are a traitor?" he asked, compassion in his voice.

"Yes!" Shrieked Racha. His insane laughter filled the air.

The General's voice boomed out over the castle, "Then I hear and now banish you from this place! Let not man call you and yours friend for the rest of your days! The soldiers who have deserted are now commanded to wander the world with you, doing your evil deeds. They too are banished."

Racha's laughter filled the air and rose to a shriek. "Know you that the heir to the throne fights with me?"

The General gripped the edge of the battlement, his fingers turning white and fingernails breaking against the stone work. "Is it true, Dmaa?" he asked in a voice barely above a whisper.

A small voice rose from out of the enemy's ranks. "It is true, my lord."

The General reeled and nearly fell. He steadied himself. "Then," he said, weakly, "you too are banished from this place. But perhaps one day.... one day....." he shook his head. "No, never may you enter this place again, Dmaa. But I do say this- that you have a choice before you-to follow Racha or to go off by yourself. Which do you choose?"

The small voice spoke again, this time choked with grief. "I will go off by myself, my lord, and work with my hands that I may make atonement."

"No, Dmaa. You can never make atonement. But go and do as you say, work the ground. It will teach you."

A sob rose from Dmaa. Then he grabbed the nearest horse and galloped away into the wilderness, weeping.

And so it was that the heir to the throne was banished from the castle of Deeine. And Racha was sent with his followers to wander the world and to do what he could to take revenge on the one who, or at least he thought, had wronged him. He sought for Dmaa, but could not find him. 

The world of Thevann became a dark place and the General's forces had all they could do to keep Racha down. The king wept over Dmaa, the one he had loved, and resolved that, somehow, someday, he would find a way to restore him. 

Friday, November 30, 2012

warrior princess is back!

Hey everyone! I finally got a little more written on Warrior Princess!

Chapter 5

                Lendra’s black hair swished as she sat on the floor, watching Neece pack things for their trip. She couldn’t see the reason for half the things they were packing. Cloaks, yes; food, yes; but why was Neece packing those strange bags that were as long as a man was tall? “Are you done yet, Neece?” she asked impatiently.

                Neece smiled. “Almost. I just need to gather the maps, and then we will be on our way.”

                Lendra sat up straighter. “Where are the maps? I could get them.”

                “They’re just over there in the top drawer. Make sure you get all the ones of Southern Adainia and the Crawdon Mountains.” Neece nodded her head toward the chest with the two drawers in it.

                Shuffling through all the maps in the drawer, Lendra caught sight of a stack of Southern Adainia maps. She took them out and looked them over to make sure. A large range of mountains depicted on the map caught her eye. “Are these  the Crawdon Mountains?” she asked Neece, showing her. “They’re huge!”

                Neece nodded gravely. “Yes, those are the Crawdon Mountains. It is only possible to cross them at certain places. One of them is fairly close to Castle Syntafa. We will attempt to go that way.”

                Frowning, Lendra thought about that. “Attempt to go that way? Why just attempt? Why couldn’t we just do it?”

                “There are…dangers,” Neece admitted. “Wolves are rumored to live in that pass. But it’s only legend. We should be able to do it just fine.”

                Unconvinced, Lendra nodded. “Alright. If you say so.”

                Neece gave a small, quiet, laugh. “Lendra, you don’t need to worry. The King will be with us.”

                Lendra nodded once again, this time feeling a little better.
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