Sunday, June 23, 2013

Please Read

My eyes water as I lean against the oak tree.
It doesn't matter that they hurt me physically, kicks and punches matter only so much against words.
They still echo in my mind. ''You're stupid. Do you even know what 1+1 is?'' ''I know why your dad left. Cuz he saw your face!''
It still burned. Mom had told me that Dad died shortly after I was born, but I'd never told anybody. They didn't need to know.
I breathed heavily, and tried to think of happy things. Rainbow, ponies, cupcakes and sprinkles. But the pain from my wounds and the words still stuck in my mind wouldn't let me. A tear slipped down my cheek, and one by one they started falling freely.
Inside I exploded. ''You never knew my dad! Your filthy eyes weren't and aren't good enough to even see him!''
I stayed there, leaning against the oak in my dejected fashion long after midnight.
Nobody came to look for me.


I'm sure none of you enjoyed that story. 
This past week, something hit me hard. Bullying happens often. Physically and verbally. I had a chance to escape from this because of my sheltered, good life.
But the truth is, whether you see it or not, it does happen. Please help stop bullying. A person can be hurting so badly and you'd never even know. A smile, a kind word or standing up for a person can stop a suicide. 
Share this, please.


For the girl Maddie May talked about. You can read the full post on her blog. Please pray for her and victims of bullying around the world.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Prologue of Flannery!

Flannery is actually the unofficial name of Snow White three, and that may change, because it's also the main character's name. Anyway, here is the prologue! Also, it will not be written in the tense that the prologue's in.


He watched wearily as the pretty black haired and blue-eyed girl moved gracefully into the trees. He watched also as a taller, also black haired older woman followed the girl. He sighed as he watched them, as if he was about to do a rather annoying and useless task.
‘’Here goes nothing,’’ He muttered to himself as he plunged into the Forest, his hand resting on his sword hilt.

It was eerily quiet. The woman made no sound as she stepped on brown, fallen leaves; but that wasn’t odd. What was odd that the girl, born and raised in the castle, made no sound as she walked.
She hasn’t been taught how to mask the sounds of her steps. How does she do that? His tired mind pondered.
As he thought the woman had stopped and he had not noticed. He continued on, bumping into her.
‘’Theo! Why are you here?’’ The woman hissed, holding Theo away from her.
‘’The same reason you’re here,’’ he answered solemnly. The woman looked into his eyes. She was good, very good at telling the truth in your eyes.
She finally broke away from his gaze and blinked. ‘’Come then,’’ she said.

Do you like it?! :D

I finished! *Woot*

I finished Snow White 2. YAY!

I'm not going to put it out immediately, however, I'm going to roughly edit it and then put it out. So, once it's out, it'll be in the first editing stage.


Work on third snow white.

Edit Second while doing Third.

So, I think I'm going to change the name of the series. It hasn't been based off of the original Snow White enough for it to be actually recognizable as a Snow White ''cover''. I said early that I planned to fix this and make the Third one a real cover, but I've already drafted it lightly and that hasn't happened.
For those of you who have read the first book, what do you suggest for the series name?


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Check it.

I've posted bits of the second Snow White before, but they were all small things.
Nothing reveling was in there.
Because of that, you basically know nothing of what happens to Alissa after Into the Forest {Snow White one}.

I posted on RubberBoot Girl and did just that--gave you a piece that shows you a sneek-peek. Check it out here!!!!

Love and goldfish,


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Give a Little Time To Think

give a little time to think,
we'll turn this around.
we'll play hide-and-seek,
and turn it around.
{~Ed Sheeran and I forgot the song}
I think this will probably be one of my more deep and meaningful posts. I haven't actually really started the post yet, so it could totally turn around. :P
In my writing, I really am turning things around. Once I finish the Second Snow White {as I've christened it}, which, actually, will be quite soon {yippie for those followers who are waiting for it. :D} , I'm writing the third SO differently.

1) It will be written in a different character's view.

2) That second character will be a person that, if in real life, would annoy me. She'll be flirty, flighty, un-mature, and just plain annoying. She will, thankfully, be maturing in the book. Whew. Also, it'll improve my writing. That's one plus, right?!

3) There will be some more *coughing awkwardly to delay* erm.... romance. Nothing inappropriate, but of course, but like the first Snow White is sorta what the book is built upon. 
For example, if Prince Andrew hadn't needed a wife there would be no book. 
In the same reasons, there would be third no book if there isn't some romance in it.
Also, if you are/were planning on reading it, I do intend to keep it on a low. Just before it was low-low. Now it's just low. {Ya get me?}

So, obviously, I don't think this was one of my deep, meaningful posts. Whatever.

Cheerios, loves! {a new British habit for me: calling people love}.

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