Madeline May

(Page created by Storyteller. Maddie, if you would like to add stuff, or do it yourself, please tell me!!!!) :)

Sorry, I just had to do this as her picture, because I think it totally describes her personality!!! =D Maddie is a bouncy, funny person who has lots of fun blogs that you should definitely go and check out!!!!! A More Beautiful You is about real beauty. The Star Wars Gazette is just that!! :) The Star Wards Geekette is much the same thing. 100% Bookworm is a blog all about books and book reviews!!!! :) Prayer Warriors Club is her prayer blog. And her awesome Totally Me! is her main blog. Make sure to check out all of them!!!!!!!!! =D

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  1. Hey Anna, I just wanted to ask I you had time to update this? :) if you could just put up my photography blog, ink stained pages and totally me I'd appreciate it:) your friend, Maddie (haha you could just put Maddie as the page name too I you wanted:))


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