Madeline B.

I get my very own 'wiki page'! WOOT! I feel special. :)

My blogs:
This is a Test {my design blog}
Instantly British {my main blog}
Katie in the Spotlight

About Moi:
I am currently into blog designing, so I made my design blog. I would be happy to design your blog! Click on my 'Need to Know {FAQ Page}' on This is a Test, and comment! I am not 'offical' or anything, though. ;)
I speak a little bit of French, and I can mimic a British and Irish accent pretty well {well, I am Irish... {part Irish, that is}.
I like 1D {though the more I find out about them, the less I like them... :(}, and tacos, and I will chase you with a spoon if I feel threatened.
I have long, thick, dark eyelashes for which I thank the Lord for! When I smile they make me seem like I'm wearing mascara. ;) {Picture proof below:}
I also like my hair.... it's soft. :)

All photos via pinterest or google images (including used for designing & favicon) unless otherwise stated.