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The Protecters

First of all, for those who are frustrated with all the posts:
Don't worry, once more people get into the grove of school it'll die down. :)

Second of all, I didn't finish the chapter in the post before, so it's going to be the end of the last one and the start of the second. ;) Sorry if that confuses you.

But it’s good not to dwell on that. Ha, I sound like a bitter old grandma. Let’s just get back to the story.
We were there in an instant. Within a blink of an eye, the roads transported us above ground. I stuck my arm out of the window, enjoying the warmth on the sun on my skin. ‘’Just because you have a cat suit doesn’t mean you need to act like one,’’ grouchy Chrissy said. ‘’Just because you are grouchy doesn’t mean you need to act like one,’’ I spat back, frowning. Chrissy was always like this, or at least around me. Once I heard her laughing with everybody else, but that was before I joined. She had tried to lose me when we were in Egypt, which plainly showed her dislike for me when I came back.
‘’Where are we going?’’ Jack asked, breaking me out of my trance. ‘’8th Avenue, West Wall, four blocks down, to the right. Barge into the gate, or get little miss catty to get it open for us,’’ Chrissy snarled, looking perfect in her Greek goddess outfit. ‘’No, that’ll be fine. I’m sure, if anybody can, I’ll get it open,’’ I say. Liam sighs and throws potato chips at us. ‘’Stop! Or feel the wrath of BATMAN!’’ He screams, closing his eyes. ‘’Oh, Gosh no,’’ Chrissy says sarcastically. She ducks under the curtain that is covering the girls’ room. The only time Chrissy and I have ever ‘’bonded’’ is when we decided to hide candy there {it’s a no-boys zone}.
The Blue Moon stops abruptly at an newly built house, still reeking with the smell of paint. ‘’Do your magic,’’ Jack says, pushing me out.
My senses tell me what to do first: climb the gate. Iron – it’ll hold me. Wicker – harder to find foot holes. Never the less, I tell myself, it’ll be easy. I climb determinedly up the wall; only once or twice to I falter.
The gate is high up, and it takes me a good half hour to even reach the half point. I place my foot in a foot hole, only to lose it. I am left, dangling, with only one hand on the gate. My muscles are screaming, and my mind is burning with a single thought:
I am going to fall.


‘’Here, grab this,’’ a husky, male voice says, sending a rope sliding. I clutch to it. ‘’Thanks, and um… who are you?’’ I mumble. Either he doesn’t hear, or he pretends not to. He drags me up, and I settle on the slender top of the gate like only a cat would. ‘’I never imagined robbers to look like cats,’’ he says in a quaint, quite voice. I felt like pushing him off. ‘’Never mind, only how do we get down?’’ I ask. ‘’Oh no, that would never do. Introductions first, if you don’t mind. I am Robert Downey Jr., the third,’’ he says, trying hard to bow.
If you’re wondering what I was wondering: Does Robert Downey Jr. time travel, too? No, we, or at least, I, were wrong. He had grayish blueish eyes, and dark black hair. But that supplies us with the question: How much of a jr. is Robert Downey Jr. {the famous one}? Never mind. Back to the story.
‘’I’m Queen Elizabeth, future queen of England. Let’s move on, shall we?’’ I say, not bothering to curtsy. ‘’Fine, but I believe girls shouldn’t make it obvious they haven’t had any schooling!’’ Robert says, waving his hands wildly in the air to prove his point. To his mistake. He plummets down to the ground, screaming ‘’I hide the money under the…’’ 

Apparently I'm not the only 'slightly' sarcastic one, after all. ;)

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Hey, guys!

Yes, this is Storyteller again.

I wrote more on my story yesterday, so I decided I might as well post it. Willow, Hadassah, Madeline--great stories, guys!! (the rest of you guys have awesome stories, too, I was just mention those because they just recently posted) =D

OK, story time!


Old Man to the Rescue!

“Guys!” yelled Sam. “Over here!”
       The dark brown haired boy jogged up. “What is it? Did you see them?”
       Sam’s eyes narrowed. “I can smell it.”
       “Smell what?” snorted the surfer dude.
        I nearly gulped but stopped myself—I couldn’t make any noise. Logan seemed petrified beside me. I had to think of something, and I had to think of something really fast.
         “They’re close,” continued Sam.
         I tried to recall some defense moves that Dad had taught me, and the limited karate that Mom had taught me, but couldn’t think of either. This wasn’t going to be good.
       Think, Jessie—think!
        “Come on,” urged Sam. “Let’s split up and find them. They can’t be far. Whoever finds them alerts the others and we’ll take them on together. Hunter, go towards the right. Calvin—you can take the left. OK, let’s split!” the boys took off running.
      “Let’s go, let’s go,” I urged, tugging on Logan’s arm.
       As far as I could see, the boys had left to go investigate other corners of the school and we needed to get out of there. The Zodiac Public Park across the way from the school seemed like the perfect choice. There was plenty of places to hide there.
     “No!” hissed Logan.
     “Ah-ha!” shrieked Sam, grabbing Logan’s arm.
      “Hiya!” I yelled, suddenly remembering one of Mom’s karate kicks and kicking him right in the stomach.
        He groaned and crumpled. I grabbed Logan’s arm and sped off towards the park. Logan was shrieking and whooping at the same time. I was just trying to focus on not falling and getting captured.
      “Come back!” yelled one of Sam’s goons from Sam’s side. “Come back and face us like men!”
      “She’s a girl!” Logan shouted over his shoulder. “And I’m a boy! Sorry, losers!” he chuckled. Not a good idea, Logan.
       “That’s it!” shouted the surfer dude.
        The ground literally pounded as they zoomed off after us. It was scary how fast they were. I knew I could go faster, but Logan was trailing behind.
        “Keep up, Logan!” I hissed. “They’re going to catch us! Hurry! This isn’t a game, this is life-or-get-beaten-up!”
          “I’m trying!” cried Logan.
          I pulled him behind a tree as Brownie—what I’d decided to call the brown-haired boy—tried a swipe at him. I rushed us underneath the side just before Surfer—the surfer dude—jumped on Logan.
         “I’m going to die!” shrieked Logan.
       “Hush up and run!” I commanded.
        I lost them behind in the maze of bushes and pulled Logan to a stop behind one of the trees, scrabbling for the branches and pulling myself up. Logan followed, panting heavily.
      “Quiet,” I warned. “They’re still close by.”
       We waited silently. I could hear Brownie and Surfer looking frantically for us through the maze of bushes and trees that went throughout the park.
       “They’re not here,” Surfer came up with.
       Brownie grunted. “Come on. We’ve got to report back to Sam.” As if we were in some kind of magic movie and we were like orcs and they were tracking us. Thanks, Aragorn and Legolas.
       That’s when it struck me—Sam—Samwise Gamgee. Brownie has brown hair like Aragorn. And Surfer has blonde hair like Legolas. Man, this really does make me feel like an orc!
 “Come on,” urged Logan in a whisper. “I think it’s safe. Your Mom’s probably in the parking lot by now.”
        I didn’t want to get out of the safety of the tall tree, but Logan had already jumped from the branches. I sighed and jumped off, too, landing shakily on my feet.
      “Come on,” urged Logan.
      “Gotcha!” cried Aragorn. (Hey, I couldn’t help but think of him as him.)
      “Quick!” Logan yelled. “Jessie! Do your hiya thing again!”
       “Not so quickly,” snorted Legolas, grabbing me. “You guys can’t escape about the stunt you pulled!”
       “I didn’t do anything!” tried Logan. Thanks, Logan. We’re real best friends. Not.
      “You’re her friend. It’s your fault.” Aragorn yanked his head towards the waiting Sam by the school. “Come on. Let’s go.”
      That’s when the weirdest thing happened.
      There wasn’t any time to think about what happened. It was so sudden. An old man just stepped out from behind one of the trees and hit both of them. They dropped without a sound.
     “Quickly,” he whispered. “Follow me.”
      He took off military style through the trees, going on his stomach and army crawling all the way towards where a beat up old Ford truck was sitting, rust taking over the blue coloring.
     “Where are you going to take us?” Logan asked nervously. Then he frowned. “Hey, you’re that guy who runs the Sinclair in Rain Heights. Jake, right?”
     “Not now, Logan,” whispered Jake. “Kids, meet Harry Ford. Hop in—this is going to be a ride to remember.”

Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate: Part Four: by Willow

Written by Willow and Assisted by Darrion

"Untie us, Will!" D yelled urgently.
 "I'm trying! It's tied too tightly!" I called back, insatiably frustrated. The stupid rope. It connected our ship to Taise's ship. Our ship was being towed behind theirs.
 "Then cut us loose!" Darren shouted. Why didn't I think of that before?
  "Right!" I cried. Sliding my slim, black sword out of it's sheath {attached to my back}, I started sawing at the thick rope holding our ship captive.
 Which is really hard to do in the poring rain. In the dark of night. On the sea. In a storm. What luck.
 "Hack faster!" D shrieked. "We're never gonna live if we don't disconnect!"
 "I'm trying!" I yelled back. "Ugh!"
 Twang. The rope broke. I lurched forwards, as the rope I had been sawing at I was also balancing on.
 Grasping the prow, I swung my legs back onto the top, gripping the wood hard. My fingernails would be ruined.
 The ship dipped sharply in the lurching waves, making a sharp turn to the left of it's former tower.
 I threw myself to the mast, and hugged it for dear life.
 Now you must understand, I {like Darren} usually have 'sea issues'. But surprisingly on this voyage, I'd hardly felt ill at all. Of course, on all former voyages, I paid no attention to the way you ran a ship. Why should I care?
 In the Star Wars Universe, all you need to know is how to wield a lightsaber, shoot a blaster, and how to fly a starship. I was pretty good with #1, getting better at #2, and was horrible at #3. I hate flying. Ugh.
 So of course, whenever I had the bad luck of getting carted around *Solondria in a *Sky Ship, I tried to stay inside. I had no such luck now.


By the time we had ridden out the storm, and the sun had peeked out over the glistening water, we had absolutely no idea what to do.
 Option #1 was to try to make some kind of distress signal to *The Valiant, the Codebearer's flagship, and getting out of here.
 Option #2 was to try and accomplish what we had come here for. To find a palintir. A palintir is also known as a Seeing Stone. In Middle-earth.
 Back when we had been in Middle-earth, *Aragorn had told us that all of the Seeing Stones were not accounted for.
 Then we heard of one here. And here we were.
 Option #3 was to go back and get Warren.
 "I propose we vote on our options." I shoved a now straight lock of hair behind my ear, and looked at the other's faces.
 D shrugged. "Sure."
 Darren nodded. "Fine with me."
 I tossed my hair over my shoulder. "Ok. We know our options. What shall we do?"
 "I know, we could go find the treasure that Teeza's looking for, then trade it for Warren!" D's face brightened.
 "How are we going to do that?" I asked in disgust. "We don't even know what this treasure thing is called!"
 D nudged Darren. "Darren does. He memorized the map. I heard what it's called to, 'The Treasure of Stones'."
 "Great. A treasure of stones? How's that gonna help Warren?" I rolled my eyes.
 "It's probably just called that, no biggie." D shrugged. "It's our best option. All in favor, say 'aye'."
 "Aye." Both Ds' voices rang together.
 "Oh fine. Aye." I joined in. "Let's get on with it then."
 "What should we do then?" Darren asked, about to start chewing a fingernail, but dropped his hand quickly.
 I twitched a smile. "Easy. Look through the 'pirate lore' storybooks. Look for anything with a 'stone treasure' in it. While two of us look through the books, the other one will steer the ship, kay?" The Ds nodded eagerly. "Okay, Darren. You first. Your dad is in the Navy right?"
 Darren nodded. "Yeah. But he's lost at sea..." Darren's voice trembled. I patted his back.
  "I'm sorry, Darren. I hope they find him soon." I felt sorry for Darren. Poor guy.
 To Be Continued...

{Hope you liked it!}

*Solondria: The Codebearer's Hunter Brown Series, their other world

*The Valiant: The Codebear's Flagship {we made it up}
*Aragorn: Lord of the Rings- Member of the Fellowship

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Blades of the Warriors 3

I had this chapter ready, so I thought I'd post it! Now it switches back to Halla's point of view. Hope you like!

Chapter Three: Jadis
I stood in a courtyard near an auction block, waiting to be sold. One by one the slaves were taken up and sold to the highest bidder. My time was up, and one of the guards pulled me roughly up onto the block. I stared straight ahead over the faces below me. The auctioneer rapped his hammer. But before the bidding could begin a chariot drove up to the yard. And riding in it was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She had long dark hair, flashing eyes, and she was of great height. She was strong, and she basically forced the chariot to a stop by almost pulling the horses off their feet. The stood, panting and blowing, lather flecked on their necks as the woman ascended the chariot. Every one bowed low before her. I was jerked to my knees by the auctioneer. The queen, for she was a great queen, walked through the mass of people laying at her feet until she was near the action block. She looked over all the slaves, then looked at me. She stared at me, and goose bumps raised on my arms. Then she pointed, with a long white finger, at me and said in a proud, cruel voice, "This one." Then she turned and walked back to her chariot. One of the lower slave traders lept forward and undid my chains, placing in their stead a single pair of bracelets with a chain connecting them. He pulled me down off the block and over to the chariot. I stumbled behind him, over the bodies laying prostrate before the queen.
In his haist the slave trader dropped his hammer onto the stones. It clattered in the silence. The queen's eyes stared at him cruelly as he shoved me into the chariot and bowed low. Then he turned to pick up his hammer, but the voice of the queen stopped him cold. "Chain him in her place." and then to the head slave driver, "Now your slave has been paid for by Jadis, Queen of Chaun!" She turned to me. "Take the reigns, slave, and we'll see how we'll you drive." I took them, and before I knew what was happening she cracked the whip over the horse's backs and we were off. I gritted my teeth against the pain and tried to hold the horses back. They were panicked, and this was easier said then done. I wrapped the leather around my hands and hauled back. They slowed a bit, enough so that I could direct them where the queen said to go. She would scream, "Left!" and then "right!" and I would do my best to stay on course. On and on we drove. I ws so tired, I could not have made it much longer, when at last we came to the great golden gates of a great palace. They opened, and we drove inside. I slowed the horses to a walk as attendants ran up to take them. I unwrapped the reigns. My hands were cut and bleeding. As were my wrists. I stumbled off the chariot and I began to follow the queen, who was walking quickly up some stairs to the west. I had to trot to keep up. We went up the stairs, through halls, down passageways, and through great rooms until I was dizzy with the size of the place. We came at last to a golden door. This the queen threw open, and I found myself in a very different sort of place. It was a huge room with a great forge in the center where fire glowed red underneath the bellows. The walls were hung with all sorts of weapons, spears, pikes, bows, shields, swords, daggers. The queen walked to the forge. "Put your hands here, slave." she said to me. I laid them down on the anvil. Then the queen raised the hammer high above her head. I closed my eyes as the blow fell and completely severed the shackle off of my right hand. Another stroke and the left was off. They fell, clanking, onto the floor. "Now," said she, as she walked to the racks upon the walls. "Can you use a sword, slave?"
I replied, humbly, "No, my lady."
"We shall teach you."
I nodded. She lifted down a two-edged sword with a black leather handle and a long, silver blade. She tossed it up into the air. I caught it. She took down a shield and also slung it my way. I caught it and strapped it on. It was round and black with the standerd of the great house of Chaun in red and gold. The queen picked up another sword, but did not bother with a shield. Then she came at me in a flurry of strokes and I was put hard to defend myself. On and on she drove me, around the room, out into the hall, and back in again. We fought that whole evening, till the sun was low in the west and the fires of the forge glowed red, the only source of light in the dark room. The Queen kept on drilling me, screaming out to do a certain thing, and when I messed up she would scream again. She taught me many things that night, and not the least of which was to hate her. Finally, when I thought I could not lift the sword another time, she put up her sword and left without a word. I caught me breath, and tried to lay the swrod on the ground, but blood from my cuts and dried on the handle, and only after some tugging did it come off. My hand burned like fire as I unstrapped the sheild. I laid down on the cold stone with the sword next to me and watched the fires of the forge burn low until I fell asleep.
     The next morning I was awakened by a young serving girl who bore food and drink. I sat up painfully, and took the food. I thirstily drank all the water. My parched lips stung as the dry bread touched them. "Please," I asked the girl, "could you tell me where I am?"
"You are in the court of the Queen," she said. "You will be her Majesty's bodyguard, and ride in her chariot." She did not look at my face once, but kept her eyes downcast. "You are to come with me. Leave the weapons." She rose and walked towards the door. I placed the sword and shield on the rack and followed. An hour later we were back in the room. I had been given a bath, and was dressed in a long, cream dress with red and gold down the center. My long brown hair had been brushed and braided back. It felt wonderful to be clean. How long had it been? She left me in the forge room, but before she went I asked, "What is your name?" she smiled and said, "Anahl."* then, for the first time, she met my eyes. And the next moment Anahl was gone. As soon as she left the door banged open. I turned. There was Jadis, queen of Chaun. She was dressed magnificently in rich robes, with a sword at her side. I knelt and bowed my head before her.
"On your feet, slave." she commanded. I rose as she strode to the rack and flung me a different shield and sword. These had the insignia of Chaun on them. I slung the shield over my back and belted the sword at my side. "Come with me." she said. And so I did.
She led my outside, into the courtyard where we had left the chariot the day before. It was waiting for us, and fresh horses were harnessed. Just as we were about to get on another chariot drove up. In it was a woman very similar to Jadis in many ways, the same eyes and hair and bearing, but she was shorter and plumper. I guessed the two must be sisters. They held their heads high and did not glance at each other. A tall man with dark skin drove her chariot. He reined it in, and the woman got off. I glanced at the man. His stare was penetrating, and I turned my eyes away. The Queen had me take the reigns, and again she cracked the whip over their heads. I wrapped the leather around my hands again, but the horses were fresher, and there was no way I could hold them in for long. My hands screamed for relief, but the leather dug into my hands and I could not have let go if I wanted to. The Queen was angry, and again and again she cracked the whip. They were out of my control now, and I could do nothing but try to steer. We raced on and on, until, finally, we came to the end of the city. Outside on a straight stretch of road I managed to slow them to a reasonable gallop. We passed carts, wagons, and merchants going to the city. But most of the mercantice going up to the city were long lines of slaves. Wretched beings, urged along as fast as their aching feet could carry them. I looked in pity, but the Queen saw me, and I turned away.
It is amazing what small things can change the fate of a world. In my case it was an unruly donkey breaking away from his master. If that donkey had not broken away I doubt that this story would ever be told. My life would have been quite different, and so would the lives of all the people. But as it was the donkey did break away, and history was changed.
I reigned in the horses as quickly as I could, and managed to stop them in time. It's owner ran out and caught hold of it's halter, but when he saw who was in the chariot, he paled, and knelt, quivering on the stones. The Queen's eyes blazed with fire. She turned to me and said: "Kill him, and his miserable beast. They will know better next time not to stand in the way of Jadis, Queen of Chaun!" All traffic stopped when the Queen said these words. Everyone held their breath. The man quivered on the ground. I slowly stepped off the chariot.
I drew my sword and took a deep breath as I walked over to the man lying prostate on the ground. I raised the sword high above my head. Time stopped. I saw before me the faces of my father, mother, and younger sister. I looked at the man and saw them staring up at me. And I knew, right then, that I could not do it. Not to save my life. I brought the blade down, and it stood, quivering, in a little tuft of grass between the cobblestones. I stepped back, dazed. The man gave a little gasp and looked up. "Run, you fool!" I screamed. "Run! Before it is to late." He got up and scurried away as I turned to face the queen.
"How dare you disobey my orders, slave!" she said in an inhuman screech. "You shall pay for this-- with your life! Your blood will be spilled on this ground today!" I turned to run, but some merchants had ringed me in. They drug me by my arms to the spot were the man had knelt a minute earlier. "You will rue the day when you disobeyed me!'' screamed the queen. She picked up my sword, which still stood, upright in the ground. Then she broke it over her knee and let the point fall to the ground. Holding the hilt with half the broken blade, she came and stood before me. "You shall die this day!" she screamed. I closed my eyes as she drove the point into my chest. My eyes popped open. I stared at her with a face frozen in horror. Her yes showed no regret, only hate and cruelty.Then my eyes dimmed and went dark as I went limp and dropped to the ground, the blade still sticking out of my body.

The Protecters

Hey, y'all!
I'm trying out a little twist on my new story, please comment about what you think of it!
1. Different members of the Protecters will write chapters
2. I'm adding pictures!!!! :D

Are ya ready? Cuz' I sure am.

The Protecters: Greece {''Book'' 1}

Chapter 1: Lillian:

‘’What are those,’’ Jonathan asked, staring at my ‘’elvish’’ barefoot sandals. I sighed. Boys never knew anything. Thankfully, I was spared the expense of explaining when Chrissy walked in. ‘’We’ve got a mission, troop. We’re going to Greece. Lillian, get your cat suit on,’’ Chrissy said. I almost squealed with excitement. Since I was the newest member to the ‘’troop’’, I had just gotten my suit. After our designer side-kick noticed how fascinated I was with the Egyptian cat god, Bast, {when we went to Egypt – but that’s a different story} he made me sort of a ‘’cat woman’’ suit. It could do all kinds of things:
For one, I had claws. They were fashioned out of real gold, with only little points sticking out. But if I chose so, five inch claws could come out. I had a beaded belt, which held little bags all around it. Jonathan joked it was for my diamonds and pearls. I had a mask/hood, with cat ears at the top. One ear held a speaker, and another a small light projector. Need a picture? Here ya go:
‘’I don’t like the crown,’’ Chrissy says, the moment I step out of the changing room. Of course she doesn’t. Jack {our designer}, was probably having a laugh in the boys’ changing room. ‘’Sorry,’’ I shrug, ‘’it’s part of my cat suit.’’ I could feel Chrissy burning inside. She was use to being the only girl. Well, I thought, change is good. ‘’Here, take this,’’ Jack says, throwing a small thing towards me. Without thinking, I stretch out my claws to catch it. I’m sure I can hear Chrissy grudgingly admit it was impressive. ‘’Lipstick. Really?’’ I ask. ‘’Not just any sort. It cost me about $100. Anybody who you kiss, or kisses you, will be poisoned. For some odd reason, you won’t die if you lick or lips or anything. A twist on the whole Ivy woman thing,’’ Jack says. Chrissy took it from me, and applied it to my lips. The color was a dark, murky brownish red. ‘’I don’t like it. Couldn’t you have gotten it in pink?’’ Liam asks. Liam was the oldest, and basically the ‘’daddy’’ to us all. Me being the youngest, of course he thought this. ‘’If I could have gotten it in any other color, I would have gotten one that didn’t compliment her face,’’ Jack says. I hiss at him. Another one of my ‘’amazing’’ cat abilities the suit gives me. ‘’I’m sorry, I don’t find cats very threatening,’’ Jack coolly says. ‘’Who cares, let’s just get in the Blue Moon,’’ Liam says, sighing.
The Blue Moon is our van. On my first trip, I tricked a man into giving it to me*. Just because he was well known, we re-painted it blue, and knocked one of the window-shields on the back off.
We all did our best to stroll casually into a park, and jump into the Blue Moon without raising any suspicion. Of course, that’s rather hard to do when one of us are dressed as Batman*. All the kids happen to run to you and ask for a picture. And apparently, you can’t say no. Oh yeah, and then there’s Catwoman. One of the littlest kids told me to ‘’hand me your pearls now, and nobody gets hurt’’, raising his tiny fist. I walked away.
Once we entered the Blue Moon, it sank underneath to our own ‘’roads’’. But here’s the catch:
Using our roads, it will take us only five minutes to get to Greece. Using anything above our roads, it would take us a lot longer. This, my dear friends, is the prospect of being a super hero.
I suppose I should have explained earlier. Why we are super heroes and heroins. How we became them. Together, it is a long story, but I guess those are what books are for. Maybe one day I will explain farther, but for today this will have to satisfy you:
Jack is from a different world, or so we believe. No Protecter has ever explained much about themselves, because to become a protecter is a sad, dangerous thing. You can’t force it. It chooses you, and once it does, you don’t have a choice anymore. When we’re asked about our pasts, most of us can only shiver in reply. We know, of course, our own pasts, but prefer not to talk about it. There are better subjects to put into words. Chrissy was an orphan, or so she tells us. Leaders can only give out so much information out about themselves. We all know there are people who will change our words. Liam came from a happy, whole family, unlike the rest of us. Sure, his mom and dad had fights, but they always came back together in the end. He had a puppy. Sisters and brothers. A house full of practically anything he wanted. He talks about more of it than the rest of us do, but when some questions are asked a dark look comes over his face. He never says it, but his parents must have been important people. And that means he is not who he was. Or is. Jonathan says: ‘’I appeared out of dumpsters. I don’t know who I am.’’ Jonathan is the only one who suffers from anmisa. The older protecters almost always never knew who they were, so this doesn’t surprise us. Most of us had something to wish for, something to tear us away from the hard life of being a protecter. Protecters are bound together, their strings woven together. You’re only bound must be with the Protecters. Me . . . Well, I have my secrets, too. The longer you stay with the Protecters, the easier it is to loosen up. But I . . . I’ll never be that way.
But out of our tragedies, the Protecters came together. We swear to protect certain people from all time periods, so the things that happened to us will never happen to them. But sometimes we don’t get there in time. Darkness over comes a person, sometimes faster than it would for another. Then they vanish. When they come back, they crawl, slowly, out of a shell, looking for the Protecters. We welcome them, because like us, they have no life anymore. We help them gain it, and sometimes they are so committed as to joining the Protecters. But sometimes darkness comes back. Because there will always be an empty hole in life*. Where darkness comes, begging you to escape with it. To the things unspeakable. 


 Footnotes from Lillian:
*That's not really what my costume looks like, but hey, I had to use one of these free design thingys. Please don't expect pictures from that place to be correct. 
*Or rather, he just gave it to me. I'll never know why, but now he's saying I took it. DID NOT!!
*Not saying who.... LIAM!
*I don't necessarily believe that, but I believe there will always be a part of darkness in our lives. Because we aren't perfect.


P.S. if you're wondering why I'm posting, check the side. You'll see. ;)

All photos via pinterest or google images (including used for designing & favicon) unless otherwise stated.