Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wiki Pages // New Header

Hey y'all!
I had the change the header, because I felt mean leaving Hadassah's name as 'Unknown'. :) How do you like it? Due to issues I had to change some things.

Also, Storyteller and I have come up with a marvelous idea!
Their like our own wikipedia pages. I made mine above when I changed the header, so you can view it above for example. Basically you put a few pictures of yourself up {or something else if you aren't allowed}, and some info about you, and perhaps some blogs for readers to follow! Storyteller will have to make you an admin, and there are some certain rules you need to follow:

No going on the settings page. They have all of the authors' emails up there, which you CANNOT give out. Storyteller will make you back to a normal author.
Just because we want nice followers on this blog, you probably shouldn't post bad words or bad pictures of yourself {in-a-pro-pro pictures, I mean} on your wiki page. We don't want some weird creepy {fat, middle-aged} men stalking us. This is for the sake of us all!
Don't abuse  your admin power, such as no editing other's words/works of art! I'm pretty sure that could get you kicked {we'd miss your wonderful stories!}. :( 

If there is anything else, Storyteller will probably tell you when she/he {?} adds you.
P.S. Storyteller, if you want me to take any of the rules off or change something, please tell me! Even though we all write on here, it's really your blog! {or feel free to change my words :)}


  1. Ok Storyteller, I'm done! Please take me OFF! {being an admin is stressful! It's like 'don't mess up. All of TSC will kill you if you do!' ;)}

  2. Great job, Madeline! It's perfect. You're now off admin status, too.

  3. Um, what is this wiki pages thing? Could you make that a little more clear? I'm not a computer person, but I don't want anyone finding out who I am! Hadassah isn't even my real name! [I guess I should have mentioned that before. Sorry!]

  4. You don't have to use your real name, or a real photo of yourself. For example, you could post a picture of your pet, or a flower, or something like that, and then a little about yourself. Like anything, really. If you can't do that, then you could post interesting facts about your favorite band, or something.
    Of course, it's not required to have a wiki page.
    Wiki Pages are explaining about ourselves, so the readers can get to know any author they want better. :)

    1. Thanks! I'm not sure if I'll do one yet.....I'll think about it! =D

  5. Fun! Oh pick me, pick me! Jk.... I want to do a wiki page<3 That would be fun:-D

  6. Thanks! Since I can't make you an admin, ask Storyteller, okay? :)

  7. Storyteller could you make me an admin?????

    1. Sure, Maddie! But you'll have to be quick! And no going on Settings page.

  8. Erf, so for not commenting before on this! I'm not sure how often Storyteller is on this blog, so you might need to comment on one of her main blogs. ;)


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