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Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate: Part Three: by Willow

Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate: Part Three

Written Willow and Assisted by Darrion

 "Oof!" I landed painfully on my side on the damp wooden floor.
 Shaking my damp un-curling curls out of my face, I surveyed the cell. It looked just like I would have expected for a pirate's cell;
 Rusty bars, musty smell, etc. Gross. I thought, I'm probably getting a bajillion little germs just as I'm sitting here. I shuddered.
 "It stinks in here!" D's voice echoed through the cell. I rolled my eyes.
 Darren crossed his legs. "The smell is most likely being caused by water damage and mold." He informed her. D pulled her shirt up over her nose. "It smells like *Hutt slime." Her voice muffled from under her shirt.
 "No it does not. It smells musty. There's no way a Hutt could fit in here anyway." Darren pointed out.
 "Okay, new topic. Let's huddle." Darren and D scooted closer, until we sat in a tight circle.
 "So... how are we going to get out of here? They took our weapons. They even took my bow." I grunted.
 "Hey, where's Branches?" D asked, her face next to my ear.
 Now, before we go on, you must understand what and who Branches is. She looks very similar to Toothless from 'How to Train Your Dragon'. But about medium cat sized. The Author sent her to us to help us get out of situations like so. She makes a noise like 'brrraaaanch' when she attacks things, so D named her 'Branch'. And I changed it to 'Branches'. It sounds better.
 Pitter patter pitter patter. "Wait, do you girls hear that?" Darren cocked his head. Mimicking him, we both cocked our heads.
 Pitter patter pitter patter. "It sounds like Branches, guys! We're saved!" D hissed.
 Sure enough, a little black, scaly creature pitter pattered over to the cell bars.
 Her eyes gleamed softly in the light of the one lantern. It was almost completely dark outside by now. It had been about 4:30 pm when we'd gotten attacked, and now it was probably around 5:00.
 Branches cocked her head to the side, curious. The guard hadn't even noticed her. He was looking out the window. Some guard.
 Leaning in close, I whispered. "Branches, we need to get out of here! We need that guards' keys!"
 She nodded. Darren looked concerned. "Wait, what if the guard sees Branches or something. He needs to be asleep first."
 D and I exchanged looks. "We could sing something, I guess." I suggested.
 "Good!" Darren hissed. "Get on with it then, we don't have all night!"
 We cleared our throat quietly and began to sing softly together, "Far over, the misty mountains cold. Through dungeons deep, and caverns old. We must away, er break of day. To seek our pale, enchanted gold....." The guard's head began to nod, he slid to the floor, and began to snore softly.
 "Great!" Darren gave us a thumbs up.
 Branches padded softly over to the guard, and used her dragon-like teeth to gently lift said keys from said guard's belt, and bring them over to Darren's outstretched fingers.
 "Good girl, Branch!" I whispered.
 Darren tensely lifted the rusty keys to the lock. It creaked loudly, so I quickly took up the song again.
 "The pines were roaring, on the height. The winds were moaning, in the night. The fire was red, it flaming spread. The trees like torches, blazed with light...." The guard re-adjusted his position, and remained asleep.
 Darren then had to actually open said door, and it was no easy task.
 Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! The door proclaimed loudly. Groooooooaaannn! The door obviously had issues.
 D elbowed Darren in the ribs. "Shush! We can't blow this chance!" She hissed in his ear.
 "It's not my fault! The door's old!" Darren hissed back. I rolled my eyes. This could take forever.
  We tiptoed as quietly as we could out of the cell.
 After tying up the guard, and covering said guard with a blanket. To look like a sleeping prisoner. I amaze myself with my smartness sometimes.
 "Okay, who should fetch what?" I hissed to the double Ds {Darrion and Darrion} {and Branches}.

 "Darrion and I will rescue Warren. Willow, you find our weapons. Okay?" Darren directed.
 "Sure." I twitched a smile at D. "Ready to rock?"
 She smiled back. "Ready to roll."

I poked my head out of the opening in the deck floor and into cool salt smelling air. It was quite dark. And foggy too. And it was raining. Perfect.
  Quietly drawing my petite self out of the opening, I snuck across the wet, freshly waxed deck.
 Hearing some voices, I ducked quickly behind a barrel. "So, what do you think of the new prisoners?" Pirate #1 asked Pirate #2.
 Pirate #2 shrugged. "They have some nice weapons. This bow just won't break!" Pirate #1 rolled his eyes.
 "Yeah, right. Here, lemme try." Pirate #1 snatched my *Via bow from Pirate #2.
 Pirate #1 then took said bow and tried to crack it over his knee. I rolled my eyes. I'd tried that enough times that I knew exactly what would happen next.
 "Yow!" Pirate #1 cried, letting the bow clatter to the deck. "That thing's harder than a rock!" He moaned, rubbing his leg.
 "Told ya!" Pirate #2 yelled triumphantly.
 I then had an idea.
 Using the *Author's Force, I formed the mist into human shapes. They looked like ghosts. Double Perfect.
 Sending and forming more 'ghosts' towards the pirates, I added my own voice to the mix.
 "What are you doing with those weapons?" I used my spookiest voice. It was a bit windy too, which added to the creepiness.
 "Gah!" Pirate #1 pointed in fear at the misty figures. "Ghosts!" Pirate #2 cried. "What do you think they want?"
 "Drop those weapons, now!" I commanded.
 Both Pirates #1 and #2 dropped all of our weapons, and stood there, terrified.
 "Now go!" I shrieked, sounding pretty scary.
 "Aieeeee!" Cried the pirates, racing below decks as fast as they could.
 I quickly collected our weapons, then waited for the signal.

 D pulled herself up on the balcony behind the captain's cabin with Darren right on her heels.
 They could both see through the window where Warren sat, tied to a chair, facing them. Taise faced Warren, her back to them. The room was lit by softly glowing candles and lanterns.
 "At least she can't see us." D hissed to D.
 The ship gave a sharp lurch.
 Darren nodded weakly. He had sea issues.
 "Well, do you have it?" Taise's loud voice demanded. Warren shook his head.
 "My compass isn't his compass. They're two different objects." Warren tried to explain.
 "Yeah, that's what you all say." Taise lifted Warren's compass from his belt. She turned it over. Then opened it.
 "It's not pointing North." She looked up slyly at Warren. "I'll bet this leads right to the Treasure of Stones."
 D strained to see which direction the needle was turning. It pointed straight at Warren.
 Taise then pulled a map out of a drawer in her desk. Placing the compass on it, she watched it intently.
 "Hmmmm.... it must be here! I've been to this bay before..." Her voice trailed off. "I'll be back, Warren. Don't try anything." She glared at him for a split second, then turned and left.
 Darren peered curiously at the map, murmuring to himself.
 D picked up Branches. "Claw, please." One of Branches' sharp claws protruded out from her paw. "Perfect." D grinned.
 Then using Branches' claw, she cut a small hole near the door handle on the inside.
 Warren looked relieved. "I thought you would never come!" He whispered. D smiled.
 "Come on! We gotta leave before Teeza finds us in here!" She motioned towards the now open door.
 "What. Are You. Doing. Here." Taise voice broke the moment of silence.
 It raised several yell-notches. "Get them!" She shrieked at her minions.
 D had untied Warren, and made for the door but wasn't quick enough. Several pirates reached them before they could leave.
 Warren made a quick decision. "Go! Find the palintir! Now!" Then he turned and tackled the oncoming pirates.
 Darren dragged D away, shoving her onto the rope to their ship, being towed behind.
 Branches let out her 'braaaaannnnch' sound. It was the signal.

I sighed. Good *Grievous. How long does it take to get Warren out and have Branches 'branch'?
 Then I heard it. The signal. I grabbed up the weapons and made for the back.
 "What's going on?" I shrieked.
 D and Darren were hanging off the rope towing our ship.
 "Come on Will!" D yelled.
 I raced over, and grasped the rope, sliding down the length of it, almost knocking D off.
 "Where's Warren?" I asked at top lung.
 "He's distracting 'em!" D yelled back.
 "Just cause!"

To Be Continued...

*Grieveous: A evil Separatist general in The Clone Wars

*Hutt: Jabba the Hutt: Star Wars
*The Author: God

{Sorry this is so late, I had to fix it up}

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