Thursday, August 2, 2012

Warrior Princess Chapter 2

Alright! I think it's my turn, so are you ready for....

Warrior Princess!

Chapter 2

            Neece was a guest at Lendra’s house for the next day. Lendra’s parents and siblings enjoyed Neece’s company, and they didn’t suspect that she was a princess. That evening, Neece took Lendra aside.

                “Lendra, do you trust the King?” she asked.

                Lendra wrinkled her forehead. “What do you mean? He’s the King. I know some people think He doesn’t exist, but I do.”

                Neece smiled. “Well, that’s good, but did you know that He made it so everyone could become a prince or princess? The King founded two orders, the Warrior Princesses and the Sons of Honor and Valiance.”

                Lendra’s mouth dropped open. “You mean I could become a princess?”

                Nodding, and smiling, Neece took Lendra’s hand. “Do you want to?”

                “Oh, my, yes!” Lendra nearly shouted. “Who wouldn’t? What do you need to do?”

                Neece looked at Lendra seriously. “You need to trust the King and the Prince. They have saved us from the Enemy, and you need to accept that. And then you need to go on a quest to make sure that you really want to be a princess.”

                Lendra could hardly make sense of the thoughts madly rushing through her brain. “Alright! I can do that, I think.”

                Neece smiled. “Then would you be my companion? I’m probably going on a quest soon, and I need a companion.”

                “You want me? To be your companion?”

                “Of course I do. When I was pretending to be a simpleton, you were kind to me. You have a kind heart, and are a valiant warrior. I want you to be my companion.”

                Lendra couldn’t hide the grin crawling over her face. “Yes! Yes I will be your companion! So what are we going to do?”

                Neece looked toward the west. “First…we need to go see the king.”


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm going to have it be Christian allegory, if you can't tell already. I need to work on this chapter a little bit more.

  2. Piano, I don't believe it was your turn to post again...... I'm not sure if it was, because I was gone and all....... could you maybe get back to me on that?? Thanks!

    1. Well, you were gone on Monday, so we skipped you, and then it was my turn again. I'm not sure who's turn it is now, because no one posted after Jess.

    2. Oh, OK. I was just a little bit confused...... =D

  3. I really like this, Piano Bookworm! I think I can see your allegory!

  4. Yes, saw it right away! =D Kind of reminds me of the Kingdom Series.

    1. =D! I sort of had those books in mind as I am writing this, it's neat that you can see it!


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