Monday, August 6, 2012


Short question: do you guys like the template? This goes to the authors and the readers.

If you are an author, please tell me what you'd like and I'll see what I can do (and I'll possibly make you an admin for a day haha). ;)

If you're a reader, please tell me your preferences and I'll get back to you after asking the rest of The Story Club.



  1. I think we should center the template. If you ever need me to make something, I'd be happy too!

    1. I'm not quite sure how to do that. If you wanted to make a header thing, I think that would be awesome!! I'd kind of like to keep the theme of books, though, or something fantasy or equally cool. If I made you an admin to fix that, though, I'd probably put you back to normal author status after that because I think it's best just to have one admin right now (no offense at all). Thanks for responding so fast, Madeline!!

    2. I'd love to make a header! I could even do it today. :)
      Yeah, it would be sorta unfair to all the other authors to make me a admin for like forever. Welcome!

    3. That'd be great! I'll put you as an admin real quickly if ya want. ;) Bye!

    4. I did it, and then I revoked my admin rights and what not. So you don't need to worry about that, but you can check anyhow. :)


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