Friday, August 31, 2012

The Protecters

First of all, for those who are frustrated with all the posts:
Don't worry, once more people get into the grove of school it'll die down. :)

Second of all, I didn't finish the chapter in the post before, so it's going to be the end of the last one and the start of the second. ;) Sorry if that confuses you.

But it’s good not to dwell on that. Ha, I sound like a bitter old grandma. Let’s just get back to the story.
We were there in an instant. Within a blink of an eye, the roads transported us above ground. I stuck my arm out of the window, enjoying the warmth on the sun on my skin. ‘’Just because you have a cat suit doesn’t mean you need to act like one,’’ grouchy Chrissy said. ‘’Just because you are grouchy doesn’t mean you need to act like one,’’ I spat back, frowning. Chrissy was always like this, or at least around me. Once I heard her laughing with everybody else, but that was before I joined. She had tried to lose me when we were in Egypt, which plainly showed her dislike for me when I came back.
‘’Where are we going?’’ Jack asked, breaking me out of my trance. ‘’8th Avenue, West Wall, four blocks down, to the right. Barge into the gate, or get little miss catty to get it open for us,’’ Chrissy snarled, looking perfect in her Greek goddess outfit. ‘’No, that’ll be fine. I’m sure, if anybody can, I’ll get it open,’’ I say. Liam sighs and throws potato chips at us. ‘’Stop! Or feel the wrath of BATMAN!’’ He screams, closing his eyes. ‘’Oh, Gosh no,’’ Chrissy says sarcastically. She ducks under the curtain that is covering the girls’ room. The only time Chrissy and I have ever ‘’bonded’’ is when we decided to hide candy there {it’s a no-boys zone}.
The Blue Moon stops abruptly at an newly built house, still reeking with the smell of paint. ‘’Do your magic,’’ Jack says, pushing me out.
My senses tell me what to do first: climb the gate. Iron – it’ll hold me. Wicker – harder to find foot holes. Never the less, I tell myself, it’ll be easy. I climb determinedly up the wall; only once or twice to I falter.
The gate is high up, and it takes me a good half hour to even reach the half point. I place my foot in a foot hole, only to lose it. I am left, dangling, with only one hand on the gate. My muscles are screaming, and my mind is burning with a single thought:
I am going to fall.


‘’Here, grab this,’’ a husky, male voice says, sending a rope sliding. I clutch to it. ‘’Thanks, and um… who are you?’’ I mumble. Either he doesn’t hear, or he pretends not to. He drags me up, and I settle on the slender top of the gate like only a cat would. ‘’I never imagined robbers to look like cats,’’ he says in a quaint, quite voice. I felt like pushing him off. ‘’Never mind, only how do we get down?’’ I ask. ‘’Oh no, that would never do. Introductions first, if you don’t mind. I am Robert Downey Jr., the third,’’ he says, trying hard to bow.
If you’re wondering what I was wondering: Does Robert Downey Jr. time travel, too? No, we, or at least, I, were wrong. He had grayish blueish eyes, and dark black hair. But that supplies us with the question: How much of a jr. is Robert Downey Jr. {the famous one}? Never mind. Back to the story.
‘’I’m Queen Elizabeth, future queen of England. Let’s move on, shall we?’’ I say, not bothering to curtsy. ‘’Fine, but I believe girls shouldn’t make it obvious they haven’t had any schooling!’’ Robert says, waving his hands wildly in the air to prove his point. To his mistake. He plummets down to the ground, screaming ‘’I hide the money under the…’’ 

Apparently I'm not the only 'slightly' sarcastic one, after all. ;)

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