Thursday, August 30, 2012

Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate: Part Four: by Willow

Written by Willow and Assisted by Darrion

"Untie us, Will!" D yelled urgently.
 "I'm trying! It's tied too tightly!" I called back, insatiably frustrated. The stupid rope. It connected our ship to Taise's ship. Our ship was being towed behind theirs.
 "Then cut us loose!" Darren shouted. Why didn't I think of that before?
  "Right!" I cried. Sliding my slim, black sword out of it's sheath {attached to my back}, I started sawing at the thick rope holding our ship captive.
 Which is really hard to do in the poring rain. In the dark of night. On the sea. In a storm. What luck.
 "Hack faster!" D shrieked. "We're never gonna live if we don't disconnect!"
 "I'm trying!" I yelled back. "Ugh!"
 Twang. The rope broke. I lurched forwards, as the rope I had been sawing at I was also balancing on.
 Grasping the prow, I swung my legs back onto the top, gripping the wood hard. My fingernails would be ruined.
 The ship dipped sharply in the lurching waves, making a sharp turn to the left of it's former tower.
 I threw myself to the mast, and hugged it for dear life.
 Now you must understand, I {like Darren} usually have 'sea issues'. But surprisingly on this voyage, I'd hardly felt ill at all. Of course, on all former voyages, I paid no attention to the way you ran a ship. Why should I care?
 In the Star Wars Universe, all you need to know is how to wield a lightsaber, shoot a blaster, and how to fly a starship. I was pretty good with #1, getting better at #2, and was horrible at #3. I hate flying. Ugh.
 So of course, whenever I had the bad luck of getting carted around *Solondria in a *Sky Ship, I tried to stay inside. I had no such luck now.


By the time we had ridden out the storm, and the sun had peeked out over the glistening water, we had absolutely no idea what to do.
 Option #1 was to try to make some kind of distress signal to *The Valiant, the Codebearer's flagship, and getting out of here.
 Option #2 was to try and accomplish what we had come here for. To find a palintir. A palintir is also known as a Seeing Stone. In Middle-earth.
 Back when we had been in Middle-earth, *Aragorn had told us that all of the Seeing Stones were not accounted for.
 Then we heard of one here. And here we were.
 Option #3 was to go back and get Warren.
 "I propose we vote on our options." I shoved a now straight lock of hair behind my ear, and looked at the other's faces.
 D shrugged. "Sure."
 Darren nodded. "Fine with me."
 I tossed my hair over my shoulder. "Ok. We know our options. What shall we do?"
 "I know, we could go find the treasure that Teeza's looking for, then trade it for Warren!" D's face brightened.
 "How are we going to do that?" I asked in disgust. "We don't even know what this treasure thing is called!"
 D nudged Darren. "Darren does. He memorized the map. I heard what it's called to, 'The Treasure of Stones'."
 "Great. A treasure of stones? How's that gonna help Warren?" I rolled my eyes.
 "It's probably just called that, no biggie." D shrugged. "It's our best option. All in favor, say 'aye'."
 "Aye." Both Ds' voices rang together.
 "Oh fine. Aye." I joined in. "Let's get on with it then."
 "What should we do then?" Darren asked, about to start chewing a fingernail, but dropped his hand quickly.
 I twitched a smile. "Easy. Look through the 'pirate lore' storybooks. Look for anything with a 'stone treasure' in it. While two of us look through the books, the other one will steer the ship, kay?" The Ds nodded eagerly. "Okay, Darren. You first. Your dad is in the Navy right?"
 Darren nodded. "Yeah. But he's lost at sea..." Darren's voice trembled. I patted his back.
  "I'm sorry, Darren. I hope they find him soon." I felt sorry for Darren. Poor guy.
 To Be Continued...

{Hope you liked it!}

*Solondria: The Codebearer's Hunter Brown Series, their other world

*The Valiant: The Codebear's Flagship {we made it up}
*Aragorn: Lord of the Rings- Member of the Fellowship


  1. Awesome, Willow! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! =D I love it that I know exactly who Aragorn and everybody and everything is. :)

  2. So are these guys time travelers or something? I mean, Star Wars and Middle Earth and pirates...

    1. They aren't exactly. We're 'world travelers'. They get called to different worlds to help them out, and have awesome adventures. But they are primarily in the SW Universe, and operate out of that. And where this story takes place is a mostly water planet, with not much signal, so they can't call of text to anyone off-planet. Hope that helps!


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