Friday, August 3, 2012

Part 2 of Jess's Story

"Hello, Clementine. My have you grown. You're the spitting image of your mother, may she rest in peace." Aunt Margaret said, looking me up and down.
"Hello, Aunt Margaret. Thank you kindly for letting me stay with you and Uncle David," I replied, politely.
"Yes, your welcome," she said, dismissively. "Now, is this all you brought?"
My aunt stared disapprovingly down at my single bag. Opening it, she rifled through my personal belongings, making me itch with annoyance.
"Now, I know you lived a very simple life out in the country, but I never imagined this simple."
With a huff, she closed the bag and looked me straight in the eye.
"We will have to go shopping. You live in New York City now. Things are different here. Now, I'm sure you'll want to meet your cousins and set up your new room, so let's get a move on."
And with that, she picked up my bag and started walking towards a waiting horse-drawn carriage. I had no choice but to follow her and hope for the best.

* * * * *

"Of, course, you'll want to know their names before you meet them," my aunt said, as we rode through the streets of New York City. I wasn't really listening to her; I was more focused on seeing as much of the city as possible.
"There's Samantha, who's sixteen."
I'd never seen anything like New York City before. People, animals, and automobiles crowded the streets.
"And there's Analisa, she's fourteen."
The city was dirty and polluted because of the steam from the many factories. There were also many immigrants, most poor, trying to start a new life here in New York City. Just like me.
"And Nancy, she's about your age."
Aunt Margaret was still rambling. Though it was helpful information, I was not in the mood for idle chatter.
"And then there's Georgia. She's seven and the youngest."
We were now making our way into a lovely neighborhood. The yards were well kept and the houses were at least three stories high. I had known that my aunt and uncle were rich, but I never imagined it like this! The carriage stopped in front of house number seventy and I followed my aunt up the front stairs. Before opening the door, she turned to me and said, "Welcome to your new home, Clementine."



  1. Wow this blog is SO cool! I love writing, I write fantasy. I love how you guys are taking turns posting stories-- I am very excited about this blog <3 alex

    1. Alexandra Marie (or do you like to be called Alex because that's how you signed your post?): welcome! I'm the admin of this blog. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy our stories in the future and keep on coming back! Would you like to be an author yourself?


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