Sunday, August 12, 2012

Voice of an Angel, Part 3

I'm drinking Sleep-y Time Tea, and writing part of my short story. What could be better?


The next day was Saturday—thank goodness, because I don’t think I could bare another day of school. ‘’GIRLS!’’ Mom yelled up the stairs, ‘’time to go to church!’’ We go to church on Saturday, because there’s so much to do on Sundays.
          I could hear Dad grunting, getting up from his Saturday nap. ‘’Harry, are you ready?!’’ Mom called. Dad mumbled a reply. Victoria was jumping about the walls, and crawling under small spaces, looking for her shoes. Mom was pacing the floor, wishing we’d get ready quicker. The normal sounds. I sighed as I stretched, and quickly brushed my bed-hair. ‘’Victoria, your shoes are down here!’’ Mom yelled just as I walked out of my room, pointing to a pair of sparkly red ballet flats. ‘’Thaannnnkkks!’’ Victoria said, tumbling down the stairs, laughing. Mom and I sighed, but we quickly were laughing.
          ‘’Let us all pray, silently, for whatever we might pray for,’’ the pastor said, spreading his arms in a hugging motion. We all bowed our heads and prayed. ‘’Dear God,’’ I prayed, ‘’Please show me the person you want me to be in the musical. Please help me to overcome my fear of the ‘spotlight’.’’ To myself, I quietly quoted: ‘’What time I am afraid I will put my trust in Thee’’ in my head. ‘’And, Dear God,’’ I added as an afterthought, ‘’I’m sorry I talked in class.’’ Then we all stood up, and sang praise-songs.
          ‘’All those auditioning for Belle, place your name here, and then stand to the left,’’ Ms. Willabe announced. Almost all the girls got up. I got up, too, knowing that was what God wanted me to do. In small, fragile letters {just like I felt} I wrote my name on the paper. ‘’Oh, good for you,’’ Ms. Willabe said, smiling.
          Drama Teacher was calling girls, and having them audition one by one. ‘’Prissy Headman!”
          ‘’Alice George!’’
          ‘’Natalia Jenkins!’’
          Finally, it was my turn. ‘’Nicole Patterson!’’ ‘’Here,’’ I justified, waving my paper in the air. I climbed the daunting steps to the stage. ‘’I’m auditioning for Belle,’’ I heard snickers. Of course I was. I put my name down, after all! I scolded myself. ‘’And I’m doing scene seven, between April, Celeste, and Belle.’’ I started, and after I while, I heard both admiring sighs from some girls, and jealous puffs from others. ‘’Wonderful, Nicole. If you are not auditioning for any more parts, you may leave,’’ Drama Teacher said, her stern black face never changing. I only had one more part to go—Maman.
Finally, after the auditions for Beast, Celeste, April, Papa, and Marie Louise {which was pretty much all the characters}  had been seen it was time for the auditions for Maman.  ‘’You know how we do it, so if you want Maman put your name down and stand to the left,’’ Ms. Willabe said, looking horribly tired {Which wasn’t surprising, counting all the noise}. I placed my name down, looking at the letters carefully. Yes—it was true—my name was a little bolder on the paper. It wasn’t much, but it was a start.  
We were all crowed in the auditorium, waiting for Drama Teacher to arrive. Once she did, she would announce the parts. ‘’There she is!’’ Alice George screamed, pointing.
          ‘’The moment you have all been waiting for—the parts!’’ Drama Teacher announced, a real spark of enjoyment showing in our normally lifeless teacher. ‘’Papa—Joey. Maman—Alice.’’ My heart sunk a little. Not getting Maman practically bound me to a main character. ‘’Dominic—Dalton. Celeste—Prissy. Belle—‘’ I heard all the girls sharply breath in. ‘’Amanda.’’ My heart instantly fell to my stomach. You didn’t want Belle. A voice in my head reminds me. You told yourself you didn’t want Belle, another voice says, but were you sure? ‘’April—Nicole.’’ 

I pre-wrote this on Word, which is why the letters are so big. :)


  1. Who're the characters in the play?? I'm kind of confused....

    1. Well, the book their doing is really a real book! So, I'm not sure all the characters I want to add from the real book. But here are the ones currently:
      Maman {mama in French}
      Dominic {April's lover}
      Marie Louise

      Hope this helped! :)

    2. Question: who are these people?? Thanks for replying! =D

    3. I'll try to explain, but it'd be easier if you read the book. :)
      Mama {the mother}
      Papa {the father}
      Celeste {the oldest sister}
      April {second oldest}
      Grandpere {friend of Papa's, not really their grandfather}
      Dominic {Works for Papa, likes April}
      Marie Louise {the maid} :)

    4. Thanks so much, Madeline! =D So in the Disney production of Beauty and the Beast, there aren't any sisters and such. So what's April like?

    5. April is like a dream come true for any little girl who dreams of being a princess {complete with curly golden hair and such}. :D

    6. Cool! =D So then what is she in relation to Belle and how does she play into the story? So far, I'm glad that Nicole's April! =^)

    7. P.S. I took off the polls about myself because I thought it wasn't really fair to the rest of you. Any more poll ideas? I want to make sure to include everybody!

    8. Nope, no more poll ideas {from me, at least}! I'm glad Nicole is April, as well! :)

  2. You drink sleepytime tea! We do too!

    1. Because of that, I like you. :D

    2. P.S. Not that I didn't before. :p :)

  3. Lol. Awesome story! Now I want to go read Beauty and the Beast. (Never read it before.)


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