Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The cry of Humming Bird, part 1

It was cold outside as I walked the moonlit path.  I wrapped my shawl closer around me and looked up at the trees. 
Don't let your imagination run away with you, Rebecca.  You know that wouldn't be wise. I said to myself.  Somewhere in the woods a twig snapped.  I twisted my head around quickly and listened, hardly daring to breath.  A deer ran out of the woods and onto the path almost 4 yards away from me. 
"Hello there friend." I said softly and slowly.  "What are you running from?"

 As if to answer my question, the deer started running as fast as it could go and a wild cat jumped out and took its place right in front of me.
Hold still.  Don't move!  Please Lord, turn the wild cat away.  Please!  I started praying frantically.
The cat stepped closer, sniffed the air, then took another step toward me.  This is it!  What did papa tell me?!?!?!?  Was it that cat are scared of loud noises?  I beg you Lord please send the cat away!  The cat stepped closer.
"Don't run and he won't chase you..." My father’s voice drifted through my mind.  The cat stopped and growled.  He was getting ready to pounce.  I shut my eyes.  All of the sudden a blood curdling cry cut through the air.  The cat jumped and ran back into the woods. 
I didn't know what to do so I stayed put.  Then I started thinking.  Where did the cry come from?  Was it an animal or was it human?  What should I do??? 
The ferns shook and I heard foot steps.  I sliped into the shadow of the nearest tree and crouched there.  The foot steps came closer.  A girl stood on the path right in front of me. 
"Hello?  Is anybody out there?  I am a friend!  Please come out if you are hiding!  I am alone and frightened."  The girl said.  "Please come.  I need help!" Her voice had a tone of fear and urgancy.
I stepped out of the shadow. 
"Peace."  I said showing both of my hands out, "I also am a friend.  My name is Rebecca.  What do you need help with?"  The girl jumped slightly then said, "My name is Humming Bird.  And my father has been kidnaped."

I hope you liked this story! 
Madeline May


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