Saturday, August 4, 2012

Voice of An Angel, Part 2

I really don't know, since we got SOO messed up... but since Jess posted yesterday, I think it's my turn {which is odd, because I thought it was my turn on Thursday}.


It was two days after the talk with Mr. Mattern. Mr. Mattern, unfortunately was expecting an answer today. I walked slowly, very slowly to school. Even my little sister, Victoria, walked faster than me. And that was saying something. ''Wow. You're losing the race between you and a snail,'' Dalton Heim exaggerated. ''Drama queen,'' I grudged. ''Am not. Look. Snail right there. It's ahead of you, and it has been for the past 3 minutes,'' Dalton said. Dalton's my best friend... well, thankfully only one of them. It'd be odd to have only boy best friends. ''And now I am winning not only the race with the snail, but with you,'' I laughed as I ran ahead of Dalton, forgetting my troubles. ''AM NOT!'' Dalton hollered, catching up.

''If anybody is going to audition for the school's musical, you may have a hall pass to leave and go straight to the auditorium,'' Mr. Mark announced. A few people got up. While Mr. Mark was handing out hall passes, Dalton poked me in the shoulder. ''What,'' I whispered, staring straight ahead. NO TALKING IN CLASS was on the black board, reminding us all. ''I'll audition if you do,'' Dalton hissed. I imagined for a second what that would be like... I've never heard Dalton sing, so I couldn't place it just right. I got up, and coolly walked towards Mr. Mark. ''One hall pass, please, and I'm sure Dalton would like one, too,'' I cheerfully said and made my way to the door. I heard Dalton grudgingly ask for a hall pass. Of course, I thought, Dalton didn't think I'd do it.

''Class,'' drawled the drama teacher... Ms.... Mrs... actually, nobody knew her name. She is just called  Drama Teacher. ''Any ideas for the musical?'' ''HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!'' One girl screamed, waving her bejeweled ''TROY IS THE BEST'' purse in the air. ''No. Prissy, put your purse down,'' Ms. Willabe said, standing next to Drama Teacher. ''If we don't have any ideas...'' Drama Teacher said. ''Then this is what we will be doing!" Ms. Willabe announced, waving a small book high in the air. She took some hidden copies and passed them out. The book was:
Belle, a retelling of ''Beauty and the Beast'', by Cameron Dokey. The boys groaned, flipping through the pages. ''These are the characters we will have. Take the book and paper home, and practice to audition for any scene you want for one of the characters. You may audition for more than one part,'' Drama Teacher announced, passing out small yellow papers.

''You should be Belle,'' Victoria encouraged, pointing to the beautiful girl on the cover. ''Thanks,'' I said, halfheartedly. That was exactly what Dalton, Ms. Willabe, and Mr. Mattern had said. But what if I can't do it? What if I freak out and ruin the whole show?


  1. Cool! Can't wait to see what happens next! :)

  2. I love it!!!!! It reminds me of my Olivia story. :) I love plays!!!!

    1. Thanks. What is your Olivia story?

    2. It's on my blog Rubberboot Girl (under Olivia and Olivia 2). It's about an actress. :) You should go check it out!! I'd love it if you told me what you thought of it!! =D Later gator!

    3. Sure! I'll comment when I do. :)


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