Sunday, June 23, 2013

Please Read

My eyes water as I lean against the oak tree.
It doesn't matter that they hurt me physically, kicks and punches matter only so much against words.
They still echo in my mind. ''You're stupid. Do you even know what 1+1 is?'' ''I know why your dad left. Cuz he saw your face!''
It still burned. Mom had told me that Dad died shortly after I was born, but I'd never told anybody. They didn't need to know.
I breathed heavily, and tried to think of happy things. Rainbow, ponies, cupcakes and sprinkles. But the pain from my wounds and the words still stuck in my mind wouldn't let me. A tear slipped down my cheek, and one by one they started falling freely.
Inside I exploded. ''You never knew my dad! Your filthy eyes weren't and aren't good enough to even see him!''
I stayed there, leaning against the oak in my dejected fashion long after midnight.
Nobody came to look for me.


I'm sure none of you enjoyed that story. 
This past week, something hit me hard. Bullying happens often. Physically and verbally. I had a chance to escape from this because of my sheltered, good life.
But the truth is, whether you see it or not, it does happen. Please help stop bullying. A person can be hurting so badly and you'd never even know. A smile, a kind word or standing up for a person can stop a suicide. 
Share this, please.


For the girl Maddie May talked about. You can read the full post on her blog. Please pray for her and victims of bullying around the world.


  1. That's so sad. I never experienced bullying, but my friend Olivia did when she was little. In fact, she (Olivia) has another friend who is bullied and she wrote a song about it that can be found on iTunes. It's called Masterpiece and is by Olivia Smith. Check it out!

  2. This is so inspiring. Thank you for posting this. I agree with every word that you said. I honestly and truly hate bullying and it needs to end.

  3. Oh, I hate bullying. It's so stupid. This is a good post, Madeline!

  4. Thanks for doing this post Madeline. I had never really thought of bullying as a reality until I met that girl. Now it's a nightmare :(
    I can imagine how many other horrible things happen to other people now.
    From all victims, thank you.

  5. Madeline,
    I'm Sarah. I just found your blog. I'm so glad I know that someone else likes to write as well:) I love the Archer story that you wrote. I would love to read part 6, if you were thinking on continuing it. You're welcome to visit my blog if you like.

    1. Hi Sarah!
      There are actually two Madelines who blog on here! I, unfortunately am not the one you're looking for.
      The Madeline who writes the Archer story goes by the name ''Maddie May''. I hope that helps!

      ~Madeline {Maddi}


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