Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Give a Little Time To Think

give a little time to think,
we'll turn this around.
we'll play hide-and-seek,
and turn it around.
{~Ed Sheeran and I forgot the song}
I think this will probably be one of my more deep and meaningful posts. I haven't actually really started the post yet, so it could totally turn around. :P
In my writing, I really am turning things around. Once I finish the Second Snow White {as I've christened it}, which, actually, will be quite soon {yippie for those followers who are waiting for it. :D} , I'm writing the third SO differently.

1) It will be written in a different character's view.

2) That second character will be a person that, if in real life, would annoy me. She'll be flirty, flighty, un-mature, and just plain annoying. She will, thankfully, be maturing in the book. Whew. Also, it'll improve my writing. That's one plus, right?!

3) There will be some more *coughing awkwardly to delay* erm.... romance. Nothing inappropriate, but of course, but like the first Snow White is sorta what the book is built upon. 
For example, if Prince Andrew hadn't needed a wife there would be no book. 
In the same reasons, there would be third no book if there isn't some romance in it.
Also, if you are/were planning on reading it, I do intend to keep it on a low. Just before it was low-low. Now it's just low. {Ya get me?}

So, obviously, I don't think this was one of my deep, meaningful posts. Whatever.

Cheerios, loves! {a new British habit for me: calling people love}.


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