Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Archer: Part 5 - Gordon

I'm soooo sorry it took me so long to get this posted!  I hope you enjoy it!

Part 5


After eating, we discussed travel plans.

"Do you have a horse?  I know you have at least one."

Adelwyn nodded her head.  "In a way, yes.  But he won't let me saddle him."

I gave her a questioning look.

"There is an old silver horse that uncle let free a few years ago.  He wanders the woods but never strays far from here."

"Will he come if you call?"

She nodded again.  "Follow me."

Adelwyn stood and went to the door.  She opened it and stepped out.

She gave a strange call like "ah ye ah" then waited.

I heard a rumbling sound then a huge horse leaped into view.

"Old!  You said old grey!  This is the most beautiful beast I have ever seen!" I exclaimed.

The horse was very powerful and kept charging toward where my cousin stood.

I was about to pull her out of animals path, when the horse suddenly slowed and stopped directly in front of her.

The horse put his huge head on Adelwyns shoulder and let it rest there a moment before lifting it and nuzzling her pockets.

"Ato waksh nan lakto, Denn!" Adelwyn laughed.  "Meet my cousin." She pointed to me.

I was a little nervous.  Denn stared at me.  His eyes were blue.  I had never heard of a horse with eyes that color here. Then realization stuck me.

I put my hand out for him to smell.  

He put his nose to it and pressed in.  

I looked into his eyes.  He knew me.

His eyes were the only thing that are old about him.

The deep blue held wisdom and age were his form did not.

"He is beautiful." I told my cousin.  

"Aeyortha na wais lotog felda."  I greeted Denn.

He whinnied a hello back then backed up.

"Adelwyn, my horse Galthro can carry extra supplies.  I can show you how to make a sling to carry clothes.  We have no  right to burden this noble creature.  Can you ride bareback?"

Adelwyn was thoughtful.  "Noble?  I know Denn was many things before a free horse.  But I thought that he was just adventurous.  Was he actually ridden in battles and wars?"

I nodded.

"Denn why never did you tell me?" Adelwyn asked him.

The steed looked at me hard.

Adelwyn stared at me too.

I fidgeted and shuffled me feet.

"You know something. Don't you?" She grabbed my arm.

"Adelwyn, he was your fathers war horse."

She gasped.


  1. Great! Can't wait for more!!! =D

    1. Thanks! I was thinking of Tangled and then I was like, "I need a horse!" Cause I just love Maximus so much:)


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