Wednesday, May 1, 2013

100 Pages!

I reached 100 pages of my second Snow White book yesterday! I was too lazy to post about it to you yesterday, though. As celebration, I'm going to give you some of my most recent and favorite part of the second book Snow White. It's creepy {not gruesome or gory or anything like that, but more of ''happily creepy'' if there is such a thing}. :D

‘’As you can see, you all have your wishes. And I have things to grant those wishes! You have what I want, information and secrets or ways to get those. And I’m prepared to pay grandly for them!’’ the imp shrieks with laughter and a third picture arrives. It is a beautiful, new, shining castle, so filled to the brim with gold and treasures that it’s falling out of the windows.
More than one of our guests are hesitating, words obviously waiting on their tongues to be said. Hesitantly, Lady Annajuliet raises one of her shaking hands. The imp gets a look on his face that would be very funny if not in this situation, a cross of surprise and playfulness. ‘’Yes, m’dear?’’ he shrieks loudly. ‘’What… what do you want to know?’’ Lady Annajuliet says with a shaking voice, putting her hand down. ‘’IT ALL!’’ He shrieks, doubling over in laughter. ‘’I want to know about them {he points to a couple}, I want to know about them {another couple is pointed to}, and I most certainly want to know about THEM!’’ he cackles, pointing at Andrew and I. He walks over to the edge of the table where Andrew and I are seated and leans sideways on it, resting his elbow on the table and his head on his hand. He’s facing me and separating us.
‘’Hmm? Hmm? Got anything juicy to tell me? Anything at all, I want to know it all!’’ he cackles crazily, the weirdest expression on his face of trying to be serious but laughing too much to be.
I stare at him, I stare at his vileness; and it all sickens me. ‘’Get away from me,’’ I say, evenly, staring into his eyes. I try not to make my voice quaver, to put all the command I can muster into my voice. ‘’Testy, aren’t we?!’’ he cries, springing back from the table like it burned him.
‘’I desire to know something,’’ Andrew says tersely through gritted teeth as the imp dances wildly around the table. ‘’And what would that be?’’ the imp asks, making his eyes wider and leaning in closer to Andrew so it seems he is curious.  ‘’If we are to be friends I must know your name. You know mine, so tell me your’s,’’ Andrew demands.
‘’I said I wanted to make friends, not make friends with you!’’ the imp laughs wildly. ‘’But,’’ he says, after seeming to consider it for a while, ‘’Give me something I’ll want and I’ll tell you my name.''

All of that part was my favorite, but it was much too long to put it all in here, so..... yeah. By the way, some of you might be curious about my first Snow White novel. It is on the internet but it's on a private blog. If you would like to read it I'd need your email to give you access on the private blog. You can email me here:
{a blog/internet email}
  to get access to it. :) 



  1. Awesome!!! That's really cool... I need to read your books!!!

    1. Thanks! Snow White is actually the only series/books I have on my private blog. Another start of a book is ''bugging'' me, though, and it's actually a really good plot. I think I might have to do it....


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