Monday, December 31, 2012

The first chapter of a new series

Chapter One

I knew there was a dragon here. I could smell him. You can always tell when it's a dragon, because they smell like rotten eggs and... well... dog #2. (If you don't know what that is, please don't ask me to explain.)

I ran across the courtyard and launched myself over the wall, landing stealthily like a cat on all fours before taking off running across the cobbles and rushing up the stairs to the outer wall. I was glad that Gideon wasn't here, because otherwise he'd be telling me how stupid I looked.

I heard guards rushing through the castles, looking for "the invisible intruder!" that that fat old lady who called herself Lady Ulmidady had called me--right after I'd stolen her collection of dragon eggs, of course.

Which was why I was getting nervous about the dragon smell. There shouldn't be a smell!! I only had eggs! Right? I glanced down at my leather pouch. It looked like oozing egg mush on the bottom outside of it. I groaned. Great. I probably had a baby dragon inside of my pouch that was probably going to burst me into flame any second.

I jumped off the wall and landed without a sound in the water of the moat. I let myself sink to the bottom, staying still so that the creatures in the water wouldn't be disturbed. My feet touched the ground, and I started to move through the water towards what looked like a dark hole. What was it really?

It was a portal, of course.

Something squeaked, and I looked up.

My eyes grew wide in horror.

A baby dragon was swimming towards the surface!


  1. Like! Sounds like a good one! And yes.....please don't tell me what dog #2 is. ;)


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