Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I'm not finished, but...

I'm not finished with my current story, but I have one for you to read. :D It actually has something to do with my Snow White story. :D

The Elven Tales of Lore

Chapter One:

‘’Some say I am as old as time, but I dare think not. I was a young elf when you first meet me, at the inn. Now I am old and withered, with only tales of happiness and sorrow, and tales of things that should never have happened. New tales begin, with traces of me woven about them,’’ the old elf said. In his old red rocking chair, carved so beautifully {as only the elven folks could do}, he sits. Harold the Elf {now with the official title, ‘’the Elf’’}, looking not like what he once was. Now, his eyes being blind, they have turned a misty grayish-blue. His hair has turned into a pure white, with only a streak of blue to represent his rank among the elves. He is even thinner than we last saw him.
       Gently Harold the Elf stares unseeingly at the pictures of Alissa and Andrew, smiling together. ‘’Ah, what a joyous couple they were! It only took a while for them to see that they were, long before, woven for each other.’’ Turning to you {Harold the Elf can tell these things}, he says: ‘’let’s start with that ancient story of love and things in between, won’t we?’’
       Drawing a long, rasping breath, Harold The Elf begins.

Chapter 2:

‘’There once was a time where you could not decide your future. The Creator wove you a future, sometimes out of golden red thread, and sometimes as black as the night.
       ‘’Though He ever wanted to change the black thread to the golden red, he could not unless your future bid him so. But your future was already planned out, and there could be no changes. In some ways, it was perfect.
       ‘’But Alissa’s future had colors like non before. There has not yet been a future even near with the same colors. Black was heavily woven in, but the thread changed many colors, including, more than once, a bright, girlish pink for love. The Creator smiled as He wove this one, for He saw things yet to come, and they were pleasing to Him.
       ‘’Just at once Andrew’s thread was golden red. The Creator went upon this one as He did the others, but they changed quickly, just at the bridge of future that Andrew meet Alissa, and understood she would never love him. Then it turned heavily black for a while, but Andrew changed yet again. Though he knew there would be no hope Andrew set out to retrieve Alissa, and let her live the life she had hoped to live.
       ‘’But you see, there was a problem with the threads. They ran out before they were due to finish. This was magical thread, you see, and it could not be replenished, unless taken from a finished weave.
       ‘’The Creator, in aghast, tried to see if He could not find any weave to give up their thread, finishing the owner’s life more quickly.
       ‘’After having asked all weaves, the Creator sighed. Alissa and Andrew’s life would end there, with too many knots yet to sort out.
       ‘’But behold, a tiny weave, speaking of a future child’s birth and death soon after, volunteered. Using the weave’s threads, no child would ever be borne or ever even known of.
       ‘’Looking at the small weave and reading it’s future, the Creator sighed. This was to be the child of Alissa. But, so willing a weave {and the fact that the weave was needed for a better use} could not be wasted.’’
       ‘’The Creator could feel everything the weave was going through. Pulling it’s threads apart to become new threads, it hurt! The Creator did it as quickly as possible.’’
       ‘’The child’s future then on never existed, but He sighed, for he know what the child would have been and done. It would have been great things.
       ‘’But Alissa and Andrew’s lives were restored, and because of the thread left, more of their tale were woven. There was, of course, to be great pain they would have to bare {either physically, mentally, or both} where the weaves were supposed to finish before.
       ‘’But all in all, the Creator was satisfied. Time to turn to another weave. With a chuckle, the Creator knew he couldn’t wait until it was time to weave Andrew and Alissa’s children’s future.’’

I hope the love didn't disgust you too much. I tried to get that first story with over quickly. So, basically ''The Elven Tales of Lore'' is a bunch of magical stories, all supposedly taking place within Harold the Elf's long life {and before}. Some of them are connected with Alissa and Andrew's story, but some are just to get to know their world better. :)


  1. I like your writing style. It's good and makes you want to read more!!

    1. Thanks! It's actually not normally my writing tense {as I normally do it through a character}, but I thought the tense I used was appropriate for The Elven Tales Of Lore. :D
      The next chapter is better {mainly because of more characters}. :)

  2. Ok! Pretty much everyone uses first person. [on this blog I mean!] I've used it before, but personally I think that it is easier to use the third person. So are you kind of using the Lord of the Rings kind of elves? Right? These aren't the elves that go around helping Santa, right? ;) Kidding! Hope to read more soon!

    1. I think first person tense is just more popular now {my backing is that HG {Hunger Games} is first tense, and that has made a huge hit in the world, plus lots of best sellers are in that tense.}, so maybe that's why everybody uses it. :D
      Lord of the Rings elves, but without all the fighting. :)


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