Friday, December 21, 2012

I finished it.

That's right. I finished it. BOOM. {;D} {READ IT HERE}

Now that I'm finished with Into the Forest, here's how my book life is going to go for what I can see of it:

finish Lies of Lives

finish the 1.5 book of the series Snow White {the first is Into the Forest}, The Elven Tales of Lore

write and finish the second Snow White book, still unnamed

and there we have it. And yes, there is a book between the first book and the second book in the series. Because that's how I roll.



P.S. Guys, obviously Noah wanted Jessie's sandwich. ;D


‘’Wasn’t that story just fascinating? I enjoyed it much,’’ Harold the Elf said. Hearing little ‘’pit-padding’’ feet, Harold the Elf turned to the sound.
       ‘’Sir Harold the Elf, it is I,’’ a small, childish voice says. Harold the Elf chuckled {he had not been given the title ‘’Sir’’ ever in his long life}.
       ‘’And who is ‘’I’’?’’ ‘’Sir’’ Harold the Elf asked. ‘’Jimmy,’’ the small voice yet again said. ‘’Ah, young Jimmy, yet to be given the title of ‘’the Elf’’,’’ Harold the Elf chuckled. ‘’Climb up to my lap and I’ll tell you a story,’’ Harold the Elf offered. Eagerly Jimmy climbed onto his great great grandfather’s lap. ‘’New?’’ Jimmy asked. ‘’New,’’ Harold the Elf confirmed.
       Now, before I dare go any farther with Harold the Elf’s The Elven Tales of Lore, I should first describe Jimmy’s looks and his connection to Harold the Elf {though Harold the Elf is willing to tell anybody his exciting tales}.
       Jimmy is a very young elf. He has straight, short brownish-golden blonde hair {that glitters in the sun like real gold, thieves have been reported trying to steal his hair more than once}. One of his eye’s ‘tis a misty blue {from his mother’s side, who, as you will see farther below, is family with Harold the Elf}; and the other a clear, metallic gray. Jimmy, only of the age of fourteen yerms {seven years of age for you human folk}, is rather small for his age. He makes up for it with his contagious laughter, and bright wit {completed with a bit of sass}.
       Enough about Jimmy, though a wonderful elven child he is. Let’s start on his roots.

Marilla Cram – Isacc Jonf
Harold {the Elf} Jonf – Amelia Goth
                          Allan Jonf, – Kathrine Kelmers
            Harold Jonf {junior}, – Janie Kelmers
                                             Kelly Jonf, - Jon Galme
                   Amber May Jonf – Sir Kiggly Benners
                                               Sarah Benners – Kaleb Quirm
                                                               Gamley Quirm
                                                              Minney May Quirm
                                                                  Jimmy Quirm
                                            Issac Benners {the 2nd} {remaned unmarried}

{Elves on the very left-i-est side more children of Harold the Elf Jonf and Amelia Goth :}

Jinger Jonf, - Gladden Kelmers
                 Lilly {the 2nd} Kelmers
                 Amelia {the 2nd}  Kelmers
                 Ginny Kelmers
                 Ronald Harold Kelmers {later to be given the title of ‘’sir’’}
                 Jonathan Kelmers {later to be given the title of ‘’The Majesty Elf’’} – Jennifer Pins
                                                                                                                              Quarter Kelmer
                                                                                                                               Chariety Kelmer
                                                                                                                                 Anna Lee Ginny Kelmer
                                                                                                         Willy Kelmer – Christina Limbers
                                                                                               Ginny Kelmers {second} – Nilly Limbers
                                                                                                                                     Jimmy Limbers
                                                                                                                                     Nellie Limbers

Albert Jonf,
Lilly Jonf,

As you see, Jimmy has a very long ancestry on his mother’s side. I’m afraid I didn’t mention a lot of who married who, and the children. I was running out of room too fast, you see.
       Due to that fact I’ll give you the basics on Jimmy’s father’s side.

       There’s three generations of dukes, two of kings, all five of princesses and knights, and the last two peasant girls. Very many merry children, who grew up and married other grown-up merry children, and had merry children. The line goes on.

       And so here is Jimmy {he must have walked an awful distance to get to Harold the Elf’s house}, waiting for a new tale.
       ‘’Well, there once was a king, a village, and an exotically pretty--,’’ Harold the Elf starts. Just then a cry comes from outside the door.
       ‘’That must be Nellie,’’ Jimmy said, scrambling off of Harold the Elf’s lap and running to the door. Jimmy opened it. ‘’Why, Nellie, you must have followed me!’’ Jimmy said, not in much shock. He carried his little sister to Harold the Elf’s lap. ‘’Tell Nellie and me a tale?’’ Jimmy begged. Laughing, Harold the Elf agreed. He picked up Nellie and Jimmy and settled them both on his lap.
       Jimmy gave Nellie his dirty thumb to suck.

‘’There once was a land,’’ Harold the Elf started again…

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