Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I sympathize with you, Evil Queen. Alissa should *totes* die.

At the NaNo Dare Machine, one of the dares are to write {create!} a chapter/scene in which the reader sympathizes with the villain.
Since my villain is lov-ER-ly evil, I decided to write that chapter before you got to know her. Enjoy.

Chapter 4:

‘’Life has crept on me,’’ the old queen realized as she looked into her fading face. The war against wrinkles had not been won, and her skin had started to sag. Pitifully she lifted what was once her cheek. 
       She heard the walk of the king. Strength and proud thoughts fell with every step he took.
       ‘’I can’t let him see me like this,’’ the queen muttered to herself. She walked into the old closet, with the thatched door. She plunged her face into the wide pot. ‘’There we go,’’ the queen said, approving of her now-lovely face. The years of old age were taken off her face, and her eyes burned as brightly as if she was still just a child.
       She smiled at herself, and to her satisfaction, no wrinkles appeared. ‘’Lovely,’’ she said to herself. ‘’How do you keep so young?’’ She giggled as if she was a child, and joined the waiting king outside.
       The king took note of how is lovely wife never seemed to age. Soon he would leave her far behind in the game of oldness. 

Doesn't that just want to make you wail? Maybe it's because I'm the author, but it made me! 


~Madeline :)

P.S. Would y'all like the NaNo updates? If not, I'll just post them on my blog. :) 

P.P.S Alissa is the re-named Snow White. She is the main character of the story. 

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