Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Explanation of Pirates: by Willow

Warren is the Leader of the Chosen Four, and the eldest. He is the first gold ring-bearer. His job {for now} is to help with the battles, mostly on the ground, but sometimes the space battles. When he first entered that world, he found himself on Sparra, a seventeenth-century style planet, cut off from most of the galaxy. He joined the crew of Taise's father, then was taken in by the Jedi Order.

Willow {along with friend Cole} is a 'senator' for the Codebearers, in the Rebel Alliance. The 2nd gold ring-bearer, and the Prophet of the Four. She {and Darrion} first came into that world by a 'doorway' door {thru a doorway}. she was taken in by the Jedi, and made padawan of Obi-wan Kenobi.

Darren is the younger brother of Warren {2 years} and is the Teacher of the Four. He bears the first silver ring. He came into that world later, after his elder brother. He too was taken in by the Jedi, and was made padawan of Saesee Tiin.

Darrion is the Protector, and also the youngest of the Four. She bears the second silver ring. She entered into the galaxy about the same time as Willow, and, as with all the rest, was taken in by the Jedi. She became the padawan of Plo Koon, became an excellent pilot, and a capable mechanic. She prefers the battles where she can fight, not direct from a war room.

The planet that these teens find themselves on is called Sparra {spoh-ruh} and is basically 17th century Earth. Sparra has a very thick atmosphere, which makes it nearly impossible to send or receive communications off-planet. They haven't yet figured out how to build communicators, so they live rather, ahem, without technology.

 The four teens {the Chosen Four, but more on that later} came to this planet {Sparra} to seek a palentir, a seeing stone from the world of Middle-earth. The Four are from our world {Earth} but have been called into that world {the Star Wars Universe} by the Author {God}. They get caught by Taise, who's angry at Warren {read part two}. Hope that helps!

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