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Archer: Part 1 - Adelwyn

I'm so sorry for not posting in FOREVER! (like seriously, I haven't written since The Cry of Humming Bird :P {I am going to try and finish that by the way....})
I'm going to try to get my newest story down until it's done.  So on with the first part of the story!

Title:  Archer
Main Characters:  Adelwyn (girl), *Gordon (boy) and Elendor (boy)
(*Gordon and Elendor aren't mentioned in this part!)
Kingdom(s): Gwindola (this is where Adelwyn lives.) and *Keitt
(*Keitt is only mentioned...)

Part 1:


I walked through the forest, making my way back home.  I had my bow in my hand and an arrow on the string.  
I fingered the feather fletching.  I heard the tree next to me creak.  I heard a sound and whirled around, ready to shoot if it was trouble.
"Etta! Aey lono mylana endos drabach?"  I whispered.  
I smiled and lowered my bow.  It was Etta, one of my squirrel friends; Ett meaning Speed and just add a to make it Speedy.  
Etta (or Speedy) bounded over and ran up my cloak.  He perched on my shoulder and chattered in my ear. 
I had asked him in ancient Klorinan why he was here instead of the Eastern wood, his usual occupation.
Klorinan was a language that all animals understood, and if you knew that language, you could have yourself a very interesting conversation.
As it turns out, my Uncle Iack had sent him to find me.  
My uncle told him that I needed to be home to receive his instructions, as he was getting ready to leave on urgent business.  
His work calls him away quite suddenly and often.  
Even though I've lived with him for my whole life of 15 years, I was never allowed to know his job.  I never questioned it, but I that doesn't mean I was any less curious than any other person in my situation.
I hurried along the well worn-path.  
"Etta!  Tell Iack I'll be there quickly."  I said in Klorinan.  Etta chattered his okays and goodbyes as I slowed to let him down.  He scurried up a nearby tree and leaped from branch to branch ahead of me.  
I wanted to stop and rest because I had been walking all day.  But I didn't.  It had to be very important for him to send Etta to get me.  
Any other time he would have just left left a note on the table saying he'd be back in a day.  But this time, It meant he would be gone for a week or two.
Its crazy. I thought.  Why do I have to be gone for this kind of thing?
My uncle had told me this morning he was going to take me on a trip to Keitt, the neighboring country, this week.  He had sent me to town to get food and clothes for traveling.

"Uncle!  I'm home!"  I shouted as soon as I could see our gates. I raced up the path to our front door.
"Addie!  Your home!  I was afraid I would miss you!"  My uncle ran to meet me outside our door.  He gave me a hug.  "Addie, I have some bad news-"
"I know uncle, I can guess... You'll be gone for a while and we have to post-pone our trip?"
My uncle laughed a deep belly laugh, the kind that makes you smile and your heart happy.  "That's my girl!  Sharp as a whip and prettier than the summer sky!" 
I smiled.
Uncle Iack put his hand on my shoulder and walked me into the house, got me out a chair (where I gratefully sat), set a plate of delicious venison stew in front of me and spent the last hour and a half telling me everything I needed to do while he was away.
And now?  I watch him gallop away and quickly vanish from sight.

I hope you enjoyed the 1st part of Archer!    I personally enjoy Adelwyn (I know...  I'm the only one who knows everything about her...) and I hope you do too once you get to meet all the characters!



  1. Ooooh, keep writing!
    Maddie you're a great writer I can't wait to see more of your works!

    P.S. I just started reading this blog not that long ago so I'm kinda behind on a few of these guys stories but I'm glad I got the beginning on yours!

    1. Haha:-D I'm glad you like it! Yeah... I get behind on stories too...

  2. This is great, Maddie! Can't wait for more!

  3. Great story so far! I enjoyed reading it!



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