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Archer: Part 2 - Gordon

Part 2

The King looked at me.  “It’s time, Gordon.  She needs to know and you need to get her.”
I shook my head in agreement.  “Where does she live?”  I asked.   I had been in this meeting for most of the afternoon and I was getting restless.
“She lives on the east side of Gwindola, past the Eastern Wood.  Her uncle will not be home.  They live in a big cabin next to a river.”  Answered King Elendor, “But knowing you however, you probably know exactly where I’m talking about.”  He added with a smile.
I shook my head yes.  I was gifted with a tracking insight.  Why did I have this gift?  I often wondered.  The answer always remained hidden. 
“Very well then,” Elendor said standing, “You leave at dawn tomorrow.”
I stood and bowed. “Yes my liege.” 
I turned to walk out of the room when the King walked over and put his hand on my shoulder. 
“Sir Gordon?”
“Yes highness?”
He looked me deep in the eyes.  “Stay well cousin.”  He grinned and gave me a hug.  “You be good to her.”  He commanded with a laugh.  “Try not to scare her to bad.”
I laughed back.  “Sure El, I’ll be as careful as possible.”
We stood there a moment. 
As cousins, we looked almost the same.  Only I had wheat colored hair while he had black.  We had the same silver eyes, same build and same height; he had the rounder face of the two of us.  He is only one hour older than I am.
I hadn’t seen Elendor the rest of the day.  Mostly because of the packing I had to do.  The other part of it was he was busy being a King commanding an army to win his kingdom back.

I was gone early the next morning.  As I made my way along the seemingly endless paths, I looked at the mountain I was passing.  Tall, strong, green and alive - all in all a beautiful site. 
I loved the country.  You could breathe easy here.  There was no place more beautiful than Gwindola.  
I considered how much danger I am in while going on this mission. 
I’m working for a King who is supposed to be dead.
He way supposedly killed off two years ago by the imposter, “King - I should be saying ‘Court Jester’- Roegad.”
Elendor wasn’t killed, but he was severely injured.  He was injured so badly we did indeed fear that he would die.  Elendor is tough though, like his father - the late king Orrden.
Uncle Orrden was murdered 14 years ago by Roegad when Elendor and I where only 6. 
My father Idelid and King Orrden where best friends:  They grew up together, played together, trained together and even died together.  They became brothers when my father married Orrden’s sister, Laynaette. 

There was a princess too.  She was only one year old when our fathers died.  
The Queen, my aunt Hanrell, hid her away right after the King and my father died. 
Everyone was told that the princess had died from a fever, while her mother’s younger brother smuggled and hid her in the country. 
I am looking for that princess.  
Elendor has always been careful to be sure of where his long lost sister was without drawing attention to her, because he knew someday we would need her to help rebuild his Kingdom.

Soon after that, the Queen died of a broken heart.  
Elendor and I had been taken and hidden away by those who loved the royal family.

This must be the place.  I thought.  I just rode up to a cozy looking cabin.
I dismounted the rusty colored horse I had been riding.  I went to the door and knocked.
I’m waiting for it to open.

Hope you enjoyed it!



  1. Oh my goodness, hurry up and write more!!! Don't leave us hanging!!! ;) It's great!!!

    1. Haha! Okay:D I'm writing the next part now:D


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