Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Archer: Part 4 - Adelwyn

Part 4

Etta sat perched on my shoulder chattering about a crow who tried stealing his winter stash.
I was standing over a pot of vegetable soup I was making for dinner.
My uncle had been gone for two days and I was missing his company.  We live far enough away from the nearest little town that no one misses us.

I heard a knock on my door and stood up strait.  There was immediate silence.
Who or what could that be?  I thought, a little nervous.  I went quietly to the door, still holding my soup ladle.
I opened it, and there stood a tall young man; wheat colored hair, grey eyes.  I stared at him.
“I know you.”  I said blankly.  In my mind there was a whirl of confusion, recognition, heart break, disbelief and bewilderment.
“And I know you, your highness.” He bowed.  He shot me a crooked smile.
“WHAT?” I squealed and took a step back.  Etta squeaked in my ear.  Then a name hit me like a thunder clap.  “Gordon.”  I whispered softly, surprising myself.
He was staring at me.
“Gordon?” I said loud enough for him to hear.
He looked surprised.  “You remember me?”
“No!”  I was starting to feel panicky.  “Who are you?  What are you doing here?  What do you want with me?  Why did you call me highness?!?!  HOW COME I KNOW YOUR NAME!?!?”
My voice rose higher in pitch.  My heart was racing, my head was throbbing  I was suddenly dizzy, faces of people I didn’t know crammed into my head with sickening speed, their voices ringing out at the same time creating a blast of confusion and sound.
I covered my ears with my hands the ladle falling with a deafening crash, and Etta’s startled squeak when he jumped off my arm.
“Stop!”  I yelled at myself.
Then I did something I never thought I would do.
I fainted.

I woke up with a cry.  I was lying on a bench that was up against a wall.  I sat up.
I put my aching head in my hands.  “What happened?”  I asked myself.
“You fainted.”
“Ah!”  I shrieked.  I hadn’t noticed the person stirring the soup I had been making.  “What are you doing here!?!?!” Then I remembered what had happened.
“Shhh.  Calm down!  You hit your head on the ground pretty hard when you fainted and that knocked you out cold.  I brought you inside.”  Gordon turned and faced me.   Something was on his shoulder.
“Etta!”  I exclaimed. I looked at the man hard.  “What is he doing?  He never makes friends with a complete stranger!”
“Toolo nan whan,” He said, his gray eyes flashing. “Kae ton rak.”
I opened my eyes wide. “Nonan.  How do you know this?  I have never met anyone other than my Uncle who could speak in Klorinan.”
“Every one of the royal house can speak it, milady.” He said.
“Again you speak of the royal family.”  I stood.  “You must be hungry.  That soup should be done.”  I got 2 bowls and spoons.  I put the steaming bowls on the table.  “Come, sit.  You must tell me everything.”

“So, I have a brother, you are my cousin and I am a long lost princess?  That seems pretty farfetched.”  I looked up at Gordon.
“Yeah I know.”  He frowned.
“I didn’t say I didn’t believe you.  I know it’s true.”
“So you’ll come with me?”  His eyes brightened and he smiled.
“Yes.”  I smiled back.



  1. Love it! Can't wait for more! That was SO exciting! =D


    1. :D
      I'm glad you like it! I love writing it!


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