Monday, April 22, 2013

A Year Without Autumn


Today, I finished a super amazing book!  It is now my new favorite book.  It's sooooooooooo good!  It is called, A Year Without Autumn.  I highly recommend this book!  Here is the summary.

Twelve-year-old Jenni Green's family vacation has finally arrived-and her best friend in the world, Autumn, will be there, too.

But when Jenni takes an old elevator to Autumn's condo, everything has changed:  tragedy has struck Autumn's family, and everyone is a year older . . . . Jenni realizes that she needs to change the future by somehow fixing the past.

The author of the best-selling Emily Windsnap series spins a gripping tale about a girl who stumbles into the future-and must change it's course to save a friendship.

Description was found on the back of the book A Year Without Autumn.

I think this book is suitable for all ages, but whether your five or fourteen, I think you'll enjoy it just as much!  I totally recommend this book, so make sure to read it.  Have a nice day! =)


  1. Cool! I'll have to check it out! =D

  2. I love that book too! The author is amazing! :)


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