Sunday, April 21, 2013

Work With Your Heart

I write plain little nothings on a computer every day. It slowly adds together to a plain little nothing story. But I work with my heart. I love my story. That transforms the plain little nothings I write into something beautiful. Something deep and meaningful, something that begs to be added to.
Something that is not a waste of time, even though that will never be read by anybody but me. Something beautiful and amazing is created with each plain little nothing I write, even though it would only make sense for it to be a plain little nothing story, too.  Why not? Because I put my heart into it.


{Sorry for the short, odd and slightly meaningful post, but I'm feeling slightly meaningful right now. Probably because of the story. Talk about getting into character, huh? Huh? Huh, get it? ;) {I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, that was horrible. I'm sorry you read that.}}


  1. This is a neat little post, Madeline! Thanks! Haha, i get that...

    1. Thanks! Yeah, that joke was sorta dumb... ;D


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