Friday, April 12, 2013

Archer: Part 3 - Elendor

Hey!  I'm back with the nest part!


“Your Highness?” 
I started.  I realized I had been dozing.  I sat up strait and shook my head.
“Yes, Sir Lionel?”  I asked, brushing hair off my forehead.
“Nothing your highness, I was just going to say you should get some sleep.  You haven’t had a full nights rest in who knows how long.”  Answered the kindly old gentle-knight with a chuckle.
I grinned sleepily.  “Thank you sir.  I might take your advice.”
“You are working hard for you kingdom.  Your father would be proud.”  He smiled. 
I smiled back.  I glanced around the stone chamber and at the large oak table.  I realized how tired I was.
“Very well,” I said, standing up.  “I will bid you goodnight.” 
Sir Lionel stood also and took hold of my arm.  “I wish your father could have seen the wonderful King you have become.” He said gruffly, bowing low.
“You have saved my life from my earliest days, Sir Lionel.  You do not have to bow to me.  If not for you, I would be dead long since. It is I who should bow to you.”  I pulled him up till he stood strait then kneeled before him.
“No sir!  You are my king!  I owe you every allegiance.”  He cried in surprise. “Please, stand!”
I looked up into his imploring face.  I stood them gave him a hug.  “If I could have another father,” I whispered, “It would be you.”

I walked out onto the balcony outside my room.  I stared restlessly out at the Keittian Ocean. 
My thoughts flickered to my earliest memories of a tall man and a beautiful woman smiling down at me, the woman holding my tiny baby sister, and at my sisters 1st birthday, the smiling faces gathered around us.
There are many faces I recognize, the most vibrant images where of cousin Gordon and Sir Lionel.  He stowed us aboard a ship headed to Keitt.  He was there to help us and comfort us.  He was one of the many people who taught us.
I smiled at a memory of Sir Lionel teaching us how to sword fight.  It was cloudy that day.  We had started practice out in the range and was soon pouring rain.  We ended up in a mud ball fight.  We were all caked in mud.  I’m afraid that it was sir Lionel who had the worst of it.  The mud dried very quickly to his hair and beard once we were inside.  He had to wash his hair more than once to get the grit out.

I walked back into my room, over to the wash basin.  I looked at my reflection in the water.  I stared, the water seemed to shimmer, and then I saw Gordon ridding through a field in Gwindola. 
He was smiling, enjoying his freedom.
Just as Gordon was gifted with tracking and knowing, I was gifted with wisdom and oversight.  I can see people even if we are separated.  I don’t need a mirror or a pool of water to see clearly, unlike those who work with evil.
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.  The image of Gordon flickered then faded away.  I rubbed my eyes.  Opening them, I thought of the meeting between Gordon and my sister. 
I wish I could be there.  I wish I could have gone and told her myself.

I hope you liked it!


  1. Awesome!!! So exciting! Can't wait till Gordon and the princess meet! Keep writing! =D


    1. I'll keep writing! I can't wait until they meet either.... Haha:)


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