Friday, March 22, 2013

Maria Hudson-Rebel Spy 2

Ok, so I know I just posted the day before yesterday, but I just couldn't resist doing another. =D

Chapter Two: In The Right

Later that night, the dinner guests all gone, I slipped tiredly up to my room. Moonlight streamed in through the window, and it was so bright I decided not to light a candle. I gazed at my reflection in the mirror. Dark brown hair, flashing blue eyes, and few freckles here and there. That was me. I grinned at myself. I had pulled the dinner off! I had been a charming hostess. My dress had held up splendidly and, miraculously, my hair had stayed in the comb. I got ready for bed quickly and slid beneath the covers, then lay there, reflecting on my day. I sighed. Tired though I was I couldn't sleep. I closed my eyes and folded my hands. There had been one blight in my day. As a young lady, now 18, I was eligible. As in of age to marry. Father had always teased me when I was a little girl about how the suitors would come a calling and he'd get out the rifle. I had always remembered the way he said, "Shoot the first one and the word will spread!" Mother had laughed heartily, and with them. But that was a long time ago, and suddenly I had started realizing how complicated life was. And the one blight in the day? A suitor. At dinner. One of my father's friend's sons. He was alright, I suppose, but I wasn't looking for this. Life just sprung up on me. I had resolved to help America, and for now she was my cause.
     Suddenly I sat bolt upright in my bed. I had forgotten to pray! I laid back down and started. "Father, thank You for this day. It was great. Thanks that the package was delivered and all that. And LORD, You know what's on my mind. Father, I don't know what to do! I just......." my thoughts trailed off. Then suddenly, like a whispering in my ear, it came to me. "Of course! Arranged marriage! You're my Father, and I'm your daughter. You will pick out the perfect one! And if there isn't one, well that's fine with me! And since you're a King that means I'm a princess, which means I will marry a prince-another one of Your children! Awesome!" There was a tap on my door. I clapped my hands to my mouth. My thoughts had been spilling out so fast that I had SAID THEM OUT LOUD! How embarrassing!!!!! My door opened a crack. "You alright, Miz Marii?"
     "Yes, ma'am," I answered the cook. "I'm fine. Sorry about that."
     "Das alright honey." She closed the door. I collapsed back on my bed. Oh how awful! I was tempted to cry but remembered what my grandfather had once told me. "A sense of humor begins when you can laugh at yourself." I giggled. What a day!
      That's when the pebble bounced off my window. I stopped and listened. Another pebble. Then another. Then a pause and two more. I groaned but bounced out of bed as fast as I could. I grabbed an old calico dress from beneath my bed and pulled it on, brushing by hair back into a braid. Why, tonight of all nights, did the Revolution call? I opened my window and dropped silently to the ground. I felt down beneath the mulberry bush that stood beneath my window. There is was. Another packet. I checked to make sure that no one was watching, then quickly scanned it.

British dropped anchor. Be ready.

So it had come. The British had landed. I didn't know what it would mean. I didn't know what this would start, nor the part I would play. But I knew one thing. We were in the right. And with that in mind I climbed back into bed and fell asleep.


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  1. Sorry to be commenting so late but I just read this:D I think it's hilarious that the mom said "Shoot one and the word will spread." My dad teases me and does quote that a lot! It made me laugh at how much this family sounds like mine:D
    Keep writing!!!!



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