Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I like Noelle Best {Sorry}

Hate to be blunt. But I say this with hopefully good reason:

 I like Noelle Best.

I don't mean to be picking favorites, but honestly. Nobody but the authors ever comment, except for Noelle. So Noelle? Count yourself my favorite.

Anyhow, I think fall has officially come. Why? For starters, ''my'' {yes, I own a grocery store. Did I mention? I'm also a giant hamster.} grocery store started selling apple cider. My mom bought some. I plan on drinking it all {I'm doing so now in a fancy wine glass. Quite enjoyable}.
But I'll stop my fall rant {for now...}. Enjoy some more of Glitches.

How did Cinnamon and I meet? Well, we were both outcasts. We both knew there was another world. We both remembered snatches of it. Together we were strong. She needs me {even if she doesn’t admit it}, and I need her.
       OK, maybe it wasn’t like that. It’s hard when you’re ‘’different’’. I tried telling others about what I remembered, but they laughed. One memorable teacher gave me the name of a hospital that ‘’helps kids like you’’. It was hard. Cinnamon could understand. It was like my life was a replay of her’s.
       ‘’We should get going,’’ I finally say. The sounds of tramping upstairs makes me nervous, but I always remind myself this is an old house. And it was a pretty one, too, before they killed it, I bitterly remind myself. ‘’Okay,’’ Cinnamon sniffles, looking up. ‘’Kate…’’ she says, her eyes growing large at whatever is behind me. I turn, expecting to be fooled. But I’m not. Instead, everything goes black, but not before I hear: ‘’You’ve been invited to dinner’’. 

Do thou not love it? Does it not bring sparkle to thy beautiful eyes? {sorry.}

Should I keep posting Glitches {I won't mind if you Internet scream at me for not posting any Protecters.}?



  1. I agree that Noelle's awesome. =D I think you should post both!! ;)

  2. Um, but if it's only you who think this, could you please not say 'we'? I'm not trying to be mean, but still...
    ~Willow :)

  3. U guys are so nice to each other! Yes....i mean it!

    Noelle : )

  4. Ok, this might be embarrassing for u....but were u talking about me?? Just wondeing.....if u weren't i totally understand! Just was wondering if it was another Noelle or not? Just wodnering ; ) ; )

    Noelle : )

    P.S. again, don't feel bad telling me if it is not me!!!!

    1. It was you. There isn't another Noelle whom comments. :)


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