Saturday, September 8, 2012

Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate: Part Five

 Written by Willow and Assisted by Darrion

I awoke to someone knocking.
 "Hmmm..." Darren murmured.
 He was spread out comfortably on a small couch that had been built into the wall. His long legs dangling haphazardly over the edge.
 And on his chest, at least four books lay open, with various items sticking out and bookmarking a certain page.
 I glanced sleepily down at where I lay, and was surprised to see at least five books laying atop me, all with some type of bookmarks sticking out of them.
 I shoved two books aside and sat up.
 Further towards the door of the cabin, lay D, asleep of a pile of books. Her head lay atop of her folded arms.
 Another knock.
 Oh, no! I had forgotten. Someone {i.e. D} should had been steering the ship!
 As I shoved the coverlet aside, all of the books clattered to the wooden floor, making a loud clunking noise. Oops.
 But I didn't have time to think.
 Throwing the door open, I sprinted to the wheel, relieved to see no one in sight. Wait a minute...
Another knock.
"Pardon!" A voice came from beside the ship. Curious, I peered over the edge.
 An scruffy looking vagrant with eye be-shadowed eyes looked up cheerily at me. I stared.
 "Who are you?" I asked incredulously.
 Then I noticed his transportation. He was balancing on what was left of a mast of a very small boat. And most of it was underwater. O-kay. That's weird.
"What do you want?" I called down.
 "I'm in a bit of a tight spot, lass. So if you would assist me into your ship, I will gladly be of service to you." Said the vagrant.
 I nodded, still in surprise-shock, and grabbed up some rope and hurled it down towards him.
 In no more than a minute Mr. Vagrant had reached the deck and was standing before me.
 He had to be at least six feet tall. And he walked weird. He acted like he was modelling. A girl modelling.
 He extended his be-ringed hand to me. "Captain Jack Sparrow of the Black Pearl. And you are...?"
 I gingerly accepted his hand, which looked dirty. "Willow."
 "Just, Willow."
 "Ah. All right then. Who is your captain then?"
 "I'm first mate. Our captain was kidnapped."
 "By whom?"
 "Some girl named Taise."
 "Ah! I know her! Pretty little thing. Toughie, though. Red hair?"
 "Who are you?" That came from Darren, who had obviously awoken and was wondering who this 'Jack Sparrow' was.
 "Captain Jack Sparrow, at your service!" With a sweep of his hat, Sparrow stooped into a bow. Darren looked a bit stunned.
 "Uh, hi. I'm Darren. Darren Jones." Darren introduced himself politely.
 "It's his brother who was kidnapped." I stuck in. "His name was Warren."
 Sparrow looked interested. "Warren you say?"
 "Yeah, Warren Jones."
 "I knew him!"
 "How on earth could you know him?!"
 "Knew his father too."
 "Knew his what?"
 "His father."
 "My father?!"
 "Aye. Wait, your last name is Jones, too, mate?"
 "I'm Warren's younger brother."
 "Ah! That's why Warren Sr. left to go back to 'his world'."
 "He said he had to leave because he was having another son."
 "He said that?"
 "Sure did, mate. Your brother is a bright lad as well, my boy!"
 "Okay, how did you know Warren?"
 "Met him once."
 "On my ship, The Black Pearl."
 "I didn't know Warren was here before!"
 "Aye, mate. He was."
 "And you are?" That came from D, who had now awakened and was narrowing her eyes at Sparrow.
 "Captain Jack Sparrow." He seemed very friendly. Just weird.
 D strode up to him, so close she was almost cross-eyed looking into his eye-shadowed eyes. She narrowed her eyes.
 "Can you captain a ship, Sparrow?" Both Darren and I stared at D. She couldn't be thinking...
 "Of course I can, little lass! I'd be most happy to!"
 "Will you help us locate Warren, and save him?" D persisted.
 Sparrow considered the offer for a moment, then clapped his hands together. "Sure, why not! I love adventures!"
 "All right, then you have to help us find 'The Treasure of Stones'." D held up a book, open to a drawing of a cave with 'The Treasure of Stones' cared into the top of the entrance. Sparrow squinted at it, then nodded.
 "I'm in!"

To Be Continued...



  1. ''A chance to do the right thing.''

    ''Oh, I love those moments! I like to wave at them while they pass by.''

  2. hahahahahaha Willow!!!! =D I knew exactly that you were talking about Jack the second you said he was standing on the ship!!!!!!! (first movie comes to mind......) Oh, man, that was hilarious. :D


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