Friday, September 7, 2012

Prologue to ''You Promised''/Glitches

First of all, read the prologue then tell me if it should be ''You Promised'' or Glitches. Second of all, The Protecters aren't doing much currently. They seem to be stuck in place. ;)


‘’I think she’s going to find out, the Glitches are coming… no, not the normal ones. The worst ones, Master,’’ a short, skinny boy of only 12 said. You couldn’t see it, but you knew it was there. Waiting for you. To pounce. To devour. A bit of slime drops down and lands on the girl’s shoulder. She’s careful not to shudder. It chuckles. ‘’Send her in deeper, then, I don’t care if she doesn’t come out,’’ it says, still laughing.

       ‘’She’s breaking connection. Send her in deeper. It’s orders,’’ a cool, female voice says. They all start typing furiously. The people between any age of 7-79. They stare at the screens, never taking their eyes off. ‘’It has been done, by It’s orders,’’ they all chant, and begin to type normally.
       Between these times, though, the carmel-haired girl is screaming. ‘’No, take me back! You told me this wouldn’t happen! You told me I wouldn’t disappear!’’ Her last drowning words were: ‘’you promised.’’

       The very words which could destroy a nation of perfectly programmed humans. 

What do you think? If it was a published and sold book, would you want to buy it/ read it just by reading the prologue? I don't care if you're a reader, guest, or an author, I want to know!! {That includes:

elf, pixies, Santa Claus,  tissue boxes, and chairs {did you know chairs kill more people than sharks do every year?!}



  1. I would almost be scared to buy the book...but I probably would check it out at the library.

    It ought to be called the glitches.

  2. Kinda scary sounding, but like, addictingly scary. The Glitches sounds about right, I think.

  3. I was [a little] confused by it at first. I don't really buy books, just get them out at the library!! But if it was at the library, I WOULD DEFINITELY WANT TO CONTINUE. It's got that kind of scariness that just makes you want to make sure that the main character like lives through the whole book!! It's the kind of beginning that draws you in. Great job, Madeline!! =D

    1. That's what I mostly do, but I like having it there if I wanted to read it. If I wanted to read anything I don't own, I would have to wait until the library had it ready for me. :)

  4. It should definitely be called The Glitches.


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