Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Strangely Cryptic Jake Schmitz

OK, so you guys are going to think this is really boring, please just don't rate it meanly! The chapter had to be written. *sigh*


The Strangely Cryptic Jake Schmitz

I really have no idea why he told us it was going to be a ride to remember. Because we just went the speed limit and there wasn’t anything amazing about the ride. Maybe it was just something he said every time he got into the car. You know, like some kind of password thingy. Who knows.
        Jake, as far as I could tell, was a really old guy with a gray grizzled beard and wore old clothes with a whole bunch of oil stains on them (at least, I hoped they were oil stains). He drove a beat up old pickup and saved kids from the school bullies. I didn’t think he could get weirder.
         “Mr. Schmitz,” started Logan, leaning forward and looking at our strange rescuer, “I just wanted to say thanks for saying us.” He hesitated, and then burst out, “But how on earth did you know we needed help and how on earth did you know when to come and save us?!”
        “Settle down, Logan,” the old man advised, “and just call me Jake. I can’t abide being called ‘Mr. Schmitz’ like some old guy.” Sorry, dude, but you’re an old guy.
        “Oh, OK, Jake.” Logan cleared his throat. “But how did you know?”
        “New topic,” declared Jake. “Now, who were those kids? They looked like plain trouble to me.”
       “Their names are Sam, Hunter, and Calvin,” Logan provided. “They’re the bullies of our school. They were chasing us because Jessie stood up to them.” Logan’s face was in a grin. “She was awesome.”
      “Hmm, thanks,” I snorted sarcastically.
      “Well, sounds like you can take care of yourself, little lady,” smiled Jake.
      “It’s Jessie,” I corrected.
      Jake frowned. “When your parents came to visit me, I distinctly remembered that your mom referred to her daughter Jess and your dad called you Jessica. How strange.” He paused. “And yet now you’re calling yourself Jessie?”
       “It was my idea,” Logan grinned.
       “Well, Jessie’s probably my favorite, anyway,” he shrugged. “Other than Jess. I rather like Jess.”
       “I just needed something different,” I shrugged. “Surely you know what I mean, Jake.”
      Jake’s eyes misted slightly. “Yes. Yes, I do, Jessie. More than you know.”
      Ooo-kay…Jake was being strangely cryptic as his eyes misted, as Flynn Rider from Tangled would say. Logan nudged me, and I was about to punch him back when I realized he wanted me to look out the window. We’d arrived in Rain Heights.
      “Thanks, Jake, for the ride,” I said quickly. “Could you just drop me off here?”
      “You sure you don’t want to be dropped off at the gas station?” Jake questioned with a frown.
         “Oh, no, right here’s fine,” I answered. “I like walking.”
        “Me, too,” agreed Logan.
        “OK, then.” Jake screeched the truck to a halt. The second it stopped, I threw open the door and hopped out.
      “Bye, kids!” Jake waved and roared off.
       “You know,” I started to Logan, “I think there’s something more about that guy.”
     “What do you mean?” questioned Logan.
     “Oh…never mind.” I shook my head. “Come on.”


  1. So, is each post u do a story? Love it ; ) Love ur blog : )

    Noelle : )

    1. We just post when we have time! Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Willow!!! =D I definitely love yours!!!!!!!!!! :)


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