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Warrior Princess

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I know it's been forever since I posted. I made a few changes on my story, so I'm reposting Chapter 3, but I'm posting Chapter 4 also. Hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 3

                Lendra looked toward the city in front of her. She couldn’t believe her eyes, it was so huge! She shook her head in amazement. Growing up in a little mountain village, she had never seen anything like it. Neece stood beside her, smiling at her amazement. Lendra looked at Neece sideways.

                “This is your hometown?”

                A smile went over Neece’s face sort of sideways.

                “Well, now it is. I stay here when I’m not on a mission.”

                “And the King is here?”

                “Oh, yes. The King is wherever you need Him to be.” Neece looked at Lendra. “You didn’t know that?”

                Lendra shrugged. “Well, sort of. I feel like I don’t know very much about the King and the Prince.”

                Smiling encouragingly, Neece patted Lendra on the back. “Well, you’ll learn. I’ll teach you as we are together.”

                Lendra smiled. “Well then, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

                They started down into the city together.


                Soon they were surrounded by people, and Lendra was amazed at how Neece navigated the crowds. Eventually they came to a great building, and Lendra gaped in astonishment.

                “This is a huge palace! Does the King live here?” Lendra asked breathlessly.

                Neece smiled at Lendra’s exuberance. “Well, the King is here, but we can’t see Him. We will talk to the Prince, who will tell us of our quest.”

                Lendra nodded. “So are we going to go in and see what we need to do?”

                Neece cocked an eyebrow. “As soon as you’re ready.”

                “I’m ready! Let’s go!”


Chapter 4


                Lendra gasped. “This is… incredible! I can’t believe it!” Inside the palace, flying buttresses supported intricately designed walls as they soared up to amazing heights. Stained glass windows lit the interior with beautiful hues of red, green, yellow, blue, orange, and purple. Beautifully embroidered curtains closed off chambers from the main hall.

                Neece led Lendra to a curtain on the far side of the hall from the door. A winding staircase led to a smaller hall, where a servant came and bowed front of them.

                “You seek audience with the Prince?”

                Neece nodded. “I am Princess Bernice. I have found my companion, so now I need a quest.”

                The servant bowed again. “I will tell the Prince. You should be able to see Him in a few minutes, please to wait here.” He made a gesture toward the chairs along the sides of the hall. A few people sat here and there, but not many, and Neece and Lendra sat down comfortably.

                Soon the servant came back. “You are to see the Prince immediately. Please come with me.”

                They followed the butler up another staircase, through a long corridor filled with wall hangings, and up to a simple wooden door. Lendra frowned.

                “This is the Prince’s room? It doesn’t seem to be as grand as it should.”

                Bernice looked at Lendra reprovingly. “Lendra, the Prince does not aspire to grandeur. He will appear in all of his glory at the end, but for now He shows Himself to us as one of us.”

                Lendra nodded, but she didn’t really understand. If she were the ruler of the kingdom, she would want to be in the most regal robes possible, have the fanciest clothes, and own the most beautiful palaces. True, this was a beautiful palace, but the apartment they were being shown into now was very simply decorated—almost plain. As she was considering this, they went into the chamber. A tall man greeted them with a warm smile.

                “Ah, Princess Bernice! I see that you have brought your companion Lendra with you. How are you?”

                Lendra opened her eyes wide. How had he known her name? Beside her, Bernice bowed, motioning for Lendra to do the same.

                “We are very well, your Highness. As you know, I now have a companion, and we wish for you to give us a quest to do for you.”

                The man, (who Lendra realized was the Prince) smiled thoughtfully. “Ah, yes. You need a quest.” He rubbed his chin slowly, then smiled. “I have just the thing. I want you to go to the castle of Syntafa and free the prisoners that are held there. You will need to cross the Crawdon Mountains, because Castle Syntafa is in the south of Adainia.”

                Bernice nodded, her eyes wide. “You trust us with taking that castle? I am honored, my Lord.”

                The Prince nodded. “You will be able to do it with the King’s help.”

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