Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm going on ''Vacation''

vacation all i ever wanted, vacation had to get away! vacation meant to be spent alone.

[from some song on a WII game. Internet hug if you name it]

I admit, Storyteller is pretty awesome. She writes books zoom zoom zoom, and I haven't even finished a single book. This is a fact that makes my life sad. So because of that, I've decided to go on a ''vacation''. I won't be posting anymore stories on here until I get 1 current book of mine finished or at least halfway done. Right now, it's either going to be Lies for Lives {I need to edit some of that book. The reason she starts lying isn't very good. When I think of it, I'll update it. Suggestions?} or Jamie.

Since I'll be stopping {for now, please be sure that I am not quitting! Just taking a break}, I decided to leave you with a last bit of Glitches:

First they serve us a creamy soup. I am dressed in pale yellow silk, and I look flawless. Any acne, anything I gained in the other world is gone. Cinnamon is like that, too. Her hair is in lovely blonde curls. She doesn’t have anything on her—ears, anything—that reminds of her punk rock star look. Cinnamon seems to be conversing happily with a man. ‘’Finally, you’re awake! You just missed the best, most fluffy…’’ Cinnamon rants on and on about dinner rolls. I notice Cinnamon often takes a drink of some purple liquid. When she does she gets a startled look in her eyes, then calms down, more crazy than before. ‘’Who is that?’’ I ask Cinnamon. ‘’Oh, that’s Caleb. When you ran the car we were in into a zebra shop, he found us…’’ Cinnamon giggles. ‘’Isn’t this the best drink ever? It tastes romantic, sorta like a zebra…’’ I find myself taking a sip of the drink, and relaxing immediately. ‘’Yes, I think so, too’’ I start drowning. It tastes wonderful. Better than anything I’ve ever had before. The taste urges me to take another sip, every time. And every time I find myself sinking deeper into a pit of craziness. Then I push it away. ‘’I don’t feel so good,’’ I find myself saying, dizzily trying to move the table away. ‘’Nonsense! You must try the next dish! Server, bring us the noodles and sausages! And the apple salad!’’ Caleb joyously exclaims. ‘’No…’’ I sigh, giggling and patting my belly. ‘’Too full…’’ I feel like I’ve been shocked. ‘’You.’’ I say, staring wide eyed at Caleb. I can remember everything- Dad kissing me on the forehead, Mom being lead away- ‘’Your name isn’t Caleb, is it? Richard.’’ ‘’Fine,’’ Richard snarls, getting up and leaning towards me. ‘’Caleb was always a weak name. My name is strong. Just like me. And you, Kate, will make me even stronger.’’ He straightens up and looks at the guards whom suddenly appeared. ‘’Take her away. Tell me when she’s brain-dead enough to obey orders.’’ 

Yes, I really like the name Richard. And Robert Downey JR., plus Johnney Depp. Anyhow, I use the name Richard way too much. So sorry. :p


  1. I don't know the song from a Wii game, but I know that it's that song off the chipmunks chipwrecked... yeah I did watch that movie...... anyway...

    Thanks, Madeline. :) Well, I hope that you'll at least post PARTS of your stories, because they're so interesting!! I sure hope you finish or halfway finish one soon that you'll start posting again. I'll miss your posts so much. :(



    1. I watched it too. ;)

      I hope I do too! I've already gotten a lot finished, so I'm pretty happy. When you really put your mind to something, you can make it happen! :D


  2. You know, I just looked at "what we chat about", and we chat about a LOT of stuff!! :D

    1. I'm pretty sure I've added most of the sarcastic least needed ones. ;)


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