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Glitches {Thank y'all!}

Ok, it's decided! It's Glitches {I liked ''You Promised'' slightly better, but that's okay. :)}! I know I'm going off of the Protecters, but I got to a boring part. And it still needs to be done. So I've been working on Glitches more than I should be {I have 5 current stories}, but I thought I should give y'all some more. Hopefully I left you hanging.

One year ago
’You Promised’’

It didn’t happen like this. I swear. Everyday I lived without fear, only looking with pity at the poor souls who knew what would happen to them. But I was certain it wouldn’t happen to me. Because the man whom I never knew to tell a lie promised. But so much good that did. Would it all be easier for me to tell you? I suppose. It’s not a story which was weaved to tell, but humans weren’t made for lying. So here goes nothing:

       That man? He was my father. My protecter. The only family member I had left. My mother had been taken, and my sisters and brothers, too. But every month I was checked, they said I wasn’t ready. I was too fragile for ‘’that world’’.  When we watched my mother being taken away, he made a promise. ‘’Kate,’’ he said. ‘’I will never let you go. Remember that. Whatever happens, remember that.’’ Then he hugged me for a long time, and I felt like he would always keep that promise. He hid me, and things normal children need to grow strong he didn’t give me. ‘’They can’t take you if you aren’t healthy.’’ He never let me out. ‘’Playing will strengthen you,’’ he said, giving me a quick kiss and a chocolate. I had a thin and lean body frame, and perhaps that helped, also. I never grew much. I was short for my age, but Father always promised I’d be tall and beautiful like my mother one day. Well, it’s been 9 years, and nothing has happened. My hair is thick, but whether I liked it or not my eyes burn angerly. Nobody would want to play with me, anyhow. I seem to be the image of despicable.
       There’s a beast. One that’s slimy, and rather like an octopus. It lives above the main control room of the Computer House. It’ll wrap a leg around your head, and you will be shocked. It’ll shout out an order, either ‘’next month’’ or ‘’he’s/she’s ready’’. There has never been any other order, that we know of. But nobody knows much about the Computer House. It’s the sort of book you put in History books, not the places you’d want to go.
       I was always to thin, or too short. Or just plain ‘ole not ready. But then there was a day. Father said I was getting prettier. True, I did get a few curious glances, but once they saw my eyes all curiousness vanished. It had chuckled and said, ‘’she looks about ready.’’ It wrapped It’s leg around my head, and my body shuddered. I fell to the ground, shaking. I thought I heard the door open. But maybe not. I was certain this wouldn’t be the month. All the other girls my age were much bigger. ‘’She’s ready. She’ll do as a pretty one,’’ It’s voice sounded out. I was roughly grabbed, and taken blind-folded to another room. The next step of being taken is being transformed. Where ever you go, you go with a job if you’re old enough. Or you’re prepared for your future job. For example, if you’re a McDonald cashier, you’ll need to be pretty. The humans whom have betrayed us will study you and write down what you’ll be on their clipboards. Then they’ll knock you out, and robots will transform you. Whether it’s just a new hair color of a whole new transformation, you’ll never know until the end of the job.
       Let me tell you one thing: it’s painful. When you get less done, it’s not as painful. Sadly, the humans seemed fit to change all of me. My red hair was replaced with carmel hair, my nose smaller, instant redish color to my lips, and my eyes were a mix of green, blue, gray and brown. Then they walk you down a hall, and into a room. The floor is tilted, and it sucks you down into a black hole. You won’t remember anything after that. But the funny thing is, I remembered everything.

‘’KATE!’’ I heard screaming coming up the stairs. I glanced around my all-purple room. Before I thought about anything, I thought, I’ve got to make this more of an teenager room. Besides, I am 14. Then I gasped at myself. Wasn’t I in the Other World just yesterday? I looked at myself in the mirror. I had changed. Things like this didn’t happen over night. I was taller, prettier, and as big as a 14 year old girl should be. ‘’Kate!’’ Mom’s voice came again. But wait . . .  wasn’t Mom dead? I rushed downstairs, and practically flew into Mom’s arms. ‘’I missed you,’’ I sighed. ‘’That’s nice,’’ Mom said, not hearing what I had said. I laughed. Mom looked at me, then handed me a frozen waffle. ‘’Sorry, hon, I’ve got to go. Job appointment,’’ Mom said, kissing me on my forehead.
       I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Obviously something had changed. But I couldn’t remember what. Whatever I had remembered this morning, I could remember now. I spent all of English class thinking about it. ‘’Kate, if you refuse to listen to me, then I shall report you to the Principle!’’ My short, squeaky Effie-like {from the Hunger Games} squealed. She got up and started wagging a ruler at me. ‘’Now, what is Jane Austen’s most famous book!’’ Ms. Hurk asked, already turning away. ‘’Um… Emma?’’ I asked. ‘’WRONG!’’ Ms. Hurk squealed. She ran to the black board in her high heeled pumps. And so that was how I spent the rest of my year. Every day, listening to Ms. Hurk squealing on about something else. She never liked me. But perhaps that’s because she was a spy for one of them . . . wait, what was I talking about?

Six months ago…

An angry slash. In some ways, I could understand her. She was angry, obviously. The curtains were ripped off of their hooks, half of the wall paper ripped off, all the kitchen knives were gone, the books dropped out of their shelves and the book shelves dragged away, and practically anything of value was gone. ‘’I may have failed, but it doesn’t mean you can do this!’’ She looked like a punk rock star, with spiky dyed red hair, a spiked collar necklace, and ripped jeans with long black boots. ‘’You. Did you help them?’’ She asked angerly. ‘’C’mon, Cinnamon,’’ I say, slowly backing away. ‘’We weren’t supposed to turn out this way. They're angry. It’s okay,’’ I purr. ‘’It’s not!’’ Cinnamon bursts out. Cinnamon curls up with her knees to her chest, crying. It hurts me to see her like this. She has been strong, stronger than I, and it’s normally me when this happens. The families whom don’t know us take us in, and this is what happens. Every time. But it’s the cost for freedom. Only truly, how much of it do we have? 

This isn't the end of ''Six Months Ago...'', but it's all I got. I also don't want to pile you up with too much. How do you like it? :)


P.S. Just so you know, I may be posting the whole story on here, as well as the Protecters. That's why I gave it it's own label.


  1. I was again [slightly] confused about what just happened. First of all--so some girl was just in this world and then one day she got transformed and sucked into another? And what's the six months later? Great job so far, Madeline!!! Can't wait to read more!!!!! =D (and you're right--PicMonkey's awesome, haha) :)

    1. Yes. The six months later happened six months later. ;) She's telling her story until a point where it's happening to her. That's yet to come.

    2. Oh, so that Cinnamon thing is six months later? I wasn't sure if it was later or earlier, because it said "six months ago" not "six months later" or "six months earlier". :)

    3. Oh, thanks for that! I didn't realize it. Well, now I've got to fix it.... :)


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