Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate: Part Six {by Willow}

 Written by Willow and Assisted by Darrion

 Jack placed the compass into Darren's hand.
 "Here you go, mate. Now, try to want to find the stoney treasure as much as you can."
 Darren squeezed his eyes shut, and the compass' needle spun crazily. It came suddenly to a stop, pointing due East.
 "Sparrow! Darren! Wills!" D cried, thundering down the creaky wooden stairs. "Teeza's ship! It's close! I can see it through the fog!"
 "Oh no." I shoved her aside as I raced to the deck.
 In the distance, I could barely see a tiny three inch by five inch ship bobbing in the waves.
 "Yep, it's there all right." I called down the steps as I pattered down them once more. "Coming from the East too."
 Jack glanced at the compass, then snatched it up and handed it to D. "Why don't you try, lass?" He suggested.
 D smiled smugly as the needle spun. And spun. And spun. And spun.
 Jack plucked up the compass and cleared his throat. "Ahem, well. Maybe you should try?" He held it out to me.
 I shrugged. "Sure."
 Taking it, I stared intently at the little needle. It spun for only about a minute, then stopped.
 Darren leaned over my shoulder. "It's pointing North East." He reported.
 "Lovely, now let's head for that stoney treasure!" Jack smiled cheerily as he headed for the wheel.

"Lovely?" I grumbled. We had been sailing through a rough storm
for about a day. I was wet, cold, and hungry.
  All we had on board was some really nasty beef jerky type stuff, and some gross molding biscuits. I {of course} refused to eat any of the biscuits, and took one whiff of the meat and refused to eat that, too.
 So here I was. Sitting in the Crow's Nest. Freezing cold {probably getting hypothermia}, starving, looking for land.
 A pirate's life for me.
 I was just dreaming of some hot apple cider and pumpkin pie, when Jack yelled at me to switch with Darrion.
 D appeared from below decks, quite displeased with having to sit up in the Crow's Nest in the poring rain. I could hear her muttering to herself that this must be against the law somewhere or something.
 She sent a brown-eyed glare my way as she hoisted herself up the rope ladder, as if I was responsible for her 'torture'. I shrugged.
 Now that I was safely of some kind of solid-ish ground, I needed to calm down.
  Breathe. Breathe. Move your arms... I smoothly began a fighting/exercise routine that was designed to calm you down. It mostly involved dance-like moves and ninja-like flips.
 Okay, you need to flip here.... I arched my arms and pushed off the splintery deck, flipping my body into the air.
  Thunk. The ship hit something hard and stopped with a jerk. I, of course, was still in the air.
 "Oof!" I connected hard with the door of the Captain's Cabin. Rubbing my head, I sat up.
 "We've struck land!" Jack crowed cheerily, trotting down the stairs and past me without giving me so much as a backward glance. I curled my lip. Men.
 "Land?" Both D and Darren each stuck a head out of the below-decks door {D had obviously shirked on the Crow's Nest}.
 "Is the ship alright?" D scrambled past me and inspected the bow with an intense eye. "I heard a big thunk." Darren followed. "We could have ripped the hull apart!"
 I winced, rubbed my head again and stood up, placing both hands on my hips. "I'm okay too, thanks for asking." I rolled my eyes.
 Both Ds looked up vaguely, question marks on their faces.
 "Never mind. Where did we land, anyway?" I asked.
 Jack waved from the rock that he was perched on. "Over here! I found the island! Let us be off!" He waved a be-ringed hand. "Come along now, savvy's. We have a treasure to find!"
To be continued...
Also, here are some 'piratey' pictures for you {from Pinterest

{This is from the first movie-but works for the 4th part of this story:)}

{Cool, huh?}

{An intimidating bridge, to say the least}

{Pretty cool, am I right?}

{PS, I'm very sorry for taking soooo long-but I was super busy and didn't have a lot of time to do this story, but you can expect the next part pretty soon, I think!}


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