Monday, October 22, 2012

Anna of Pink Stables

Nah, not really. ;)

I am, however, working on a new story. I plan on finishing Lies for Lives with NaNoMoWri; so I'm not working on that until November. But sadly.... I have a few days vacation {Disney, Florida, so I won't get much writing in}; so if you would like to guest post over at my main blog: Instantly British you can email me at
I'd love any guest posts {as long as they are okay for all ages of readers to read!}, so just shoot me a email by 11/31/12. Thanks. :)

Now onto the story I've been ''wasting'' time on. Here 'ya go:

A Lighter Shade

Chapter 1

Tears poured out of Destiny’s eyes by the bucketful. Destiny Hope Williams had received what was thought to be the worst news of her life.
       ‘’You’re going to live with your Grandmother while Dad and I work out some…. Problems. Only for a while. It’s alright. You have permission from us and Grammie to invite a friend to stay with you,’’ Destiny’s mother had said. Angel Williams was a very firm woman, and by no way would she let Destiny argue her way out of this one.
       ‘’Nobody will be allowed to go. It’s almost school,’’ Destiny exclaimed, staring out at their normally perfectly groomed lawn. She had seen that lawn many times before, but only today had she noticed the details. The little auburn cat that always soaked in the sun had a piece missing from its ear. The water fountain wasn’t working. The bird bath’s water hadn’t been changed for at least a month now, and it was very dirty. Weeds overpowered the garden and was forcing the flowers to peek out at odd angles through it’s barrier. One thing was noticed the most, however. No streaks of sun could be seen {and the little auburn cat was trying to find a new piece of sun to lay in}.
       But that didn’t scare Destiny. In a rainy place like Seattle, it was surprising when there was any sun.
       ‘’You’re going to live with her in England.’’ was the thing that scared Destiny out of her wits.

‘’Have any friends accepted?’’ Was the question Dad asked every afternoon Destiny got home from school. ‘’Nah,’’ Destiny answered. She climbed their long, winding stairs to the attic.
       The attic was Destiny’s special place. There she wrote, read, sang, did anything in privacy. Nobody invaded her dusty living territory.
       Nobody would want to, anyhow.
       A plain, cotton bed stood in a dusty corner. Destiny’s desk was stuck in anther dusty corner. The spiders invaded that part mostly, so everything else was okay. Odd, differently painted and shaped chairs stood solemnly around a tall, beautifully carved old table. Destiny’s mother said her grandfather handmade it.
       The window seat had old, flowery fabric covering it. That was the only area Destiny kept dust-free. She kept everything neatly above the window seat, and below it her book collection. At the window seat she sat and pondered. There was the best spot of her room, though everything seemed wonderful to Destiny.
       Just the way it was. Dusty. Old. Rather ugly in some suspects.
       But she liked it that way. Once a maid tried to clean it. Once.  

       Today she pondered England. England, the beautiful place. Full of rain and *One Direction’s faces. It seemed like a dream, full of fantasy. And rain. Not to mention One Direction’s faces.

I had to.... just had to... write a story about a girl moving to England. C'mon. My blog is called Instantly British! 

*Ha ha, yeah, just had to throw One Direction in there. Gotta love 'em. {Okay, you don't have to . But I am just applying the general fact that most of the girls in the world are half crazy {or more....} over them and insist that you must love them with threats and violence. I am saving you over here by nicely and threat/violence-free applying the fact that you should love them, or never openly in public state you hate them. ;)}  



  1. lol I'd never even heard of One Direction before blogging. :P

    1. Yeah. And now every blog you see {plus England} has their faces everywhere. That's not too bad, though.... ;)

  2. Comment for race. (Love the story, btw!)


    1. (thanks for the comment, not the story. It's Madeline's. =D)

  3. And thanks for the link to my blog! =D

    ♥ Purple Pixie

  4. Very good!
    It is very interesting story!
    i love it!


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