Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I've Gotten Thus Far

{It's quite okay if you're thinking: Oh no, that creep is posting again.}

I haven't finished my story yet {I chose Lies for Lives}, but here's my current stats:

WORD pages: 34

Words: 10,604

Plot: finished, and thought-through {I normally just go with my books, but I decided I want this one to have a plan, not be a bowl full of spagatti}

Chapters {to be}:  15

Characters {no-harm telling y'all this, right?}:

Main character: Andrea Jonth
Supporting characters: Crimson Gray, Richard Sun, Lily Usk, Liam Jonth
Other characters: Alisha Hemn, Elilia Jackson, Eli Jackson, //Other council members are mentioned but not used//, Kaleb, Duncan Morr, Danielle Pillm, Christy, Mr. Jonth, Mrs. Jonth, Mr. Morr, Mrs. Morr, Mr. Sun, Mrs. Sun, Ashley Morr, David Jackson, Kate Gray, **** *******, Almanda, //homeless people seen/slight talking, not mentioned much// 

You may have noticed {ha. I get my own fancy script now!} one of the characters have their complete name blacked out. Can't tell you why. ;)

If you want to read the so far story I have shared, here ya go:



  1. You're not a creep. :P
    (ARE YOU?!?! hahahahaha JK) =D

    1. Hopefully I'm not! {people I know might say other wise... ;)}

    2. I highly--HIGHLY--doubt that you are. :) hahahahaha Well, I don't. :)

  2. I am sooo sorry! I accidently accepted your invite to post on the blog with my sister's account (Isabelle Renee) so, it was an accident. Could you please delete her and send me another invite? Thanks so much and i am soooo sorry! it was a mistake ; ) ; )

    Noelle : )

    1. Use the same email address, then?

    2. P.S. I already deleted the comment, anyway. :| So could you send it again anyway????? (I will delete it.)

    3. Never mind. :P Welcome aboard, Noelle!! :)


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